The Genesis G90, the brand’s next flagship vehicle, has been revealed and is offered as a sedan or a long-wheelbase variant. Following a redesign in 2018, the G90 is the first major model change in three years, and it represents the most exquisite manifestation of the brand’s premium design character.

Elegance and technology is what Genesis in banking on

With improved assistance features that make driving simpler, as well as a number of innovative technology that adds value to passengers’ trips, the model presents a daring new path that luxury automobiles should explore.

The G90 has the most exquisite external and interior styling in the Genesis range. The G90’s driving standards provide the best in terms of comfort mobility, as well as a slew of innovative innovations aimed at improving the driving and passenger experience.

Class and distinction for the exterior design

The G90’s front end has a redesigned Crest Grille and elegant Two-Line headlights inspired by the brand’s logo. With its Placed Architecture design, which consists of two G-Matrix patterns layered on top of one another to produce a three-dimensional impression, the Crest Grille at the front elevates the model’s opulent image.

The Genesis’ Two-Line headlights, which are positioned on both sides of the grille, are the narrowest ever seen on a Genesis vehicle. Intercrossing the lenses of the DRLs (Daytime Running Lights), the turn signal, the high beams, and the MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology-powered low beams allowed for the headlamps’ thin form.

2022 Genesis G90: elegance and technology worthy of a luxury flagshipLow beams, in particular, use ultraprecise technology and 200 micro-optic lenses per module. The resultant lenses are smaller than those used in traditional projection lamps, yet they provide the same amount of light, enhancing the G90’s high-tech picture.

The Parabolic Line design begins at the hood and glides flawlessly down the bottom of the window to the trunk when seen from the side. The Athletic Power Lines on the fenders surrounding the wheels have once again been used to accentuate the vehicle’s elegant and voluminous shape, showcasing its power and dynamism.

Thick C-pillars harmonize the DLOs that surround the first and second rows of the car. This gives second-row occupants a sense of openness while yet providing seclusion, completing the sedan’s best-in-class appearance.

The Two-Line rear combination lights are lengthened with the trunk, providing the model a powerful and well-balanced image, with the Genesis writing symbol neatly positioned between them, as fundamental parts of the Genesis design language.

To complete the clean, opulent image of the G90’s rear appearance, functional items like the license plate, different sensors, and the reverse lights have been reduced.

Inside, the Genesis G90 keyword is comfort, whether you’re driving, or being driven

The inside of the G90 is meant to please both clients who drive themselves and those who are chauffeured.

The driver’s seat embodies Genesis’ interior design theme of the Beauty of White Space, blending the sensation of high-tech equipment with modern technology with the luxury touches associated with analog senses.

Slim air vents, paired with the wing-like forms and the next-generation infotainment system – the connected car Integrated Cockpit (ccIC) – merge the cluster and navigation into a panoramic display, reinforcing the vehicle’s high-tech appeal.

To portray luxury analog sensibilities, the central console uses glass and metal materials with care. Furthermore, the electronic dial-type Shift-By-Wire (SBW) component and a dial-type Central Control Panel (CCP) component are distinguished to allow drivers to discern between them while driving. When the driver goes into reverse, the SBW vibrates, which avoids misoperation.

The two panoramic sunroofs over the first and second seats may also be operated independently. In addition, the mood lighting on the left and right ends of the sunroofs are connected to other mood lamps in the car, giving the vehicle a luxurious feel.

2022 Genesis G90: elegance and technology worthy of a luxury flagshipThe G90’s rear seats are made of the best quality materials, ensuring that the luxury sedan provides comfort and convenience to its occupants. For passenger comfort, the left and right seats in the second row may be reclined individually.

Customers will also have a unique experience with the G90’s cleverly designed storage places, such as a separate tray for magazines and books in the second row’s C-pillar region.

The G90’s center fascia, backs of the front-row seats, and door trims have all been updated with new garnishes made feasible by new processing technologies. The usage of Newspaper Crown Wood and Newspaper Stripe Wood in the G90 reflects Genesis’ vision of sustainable luxury.

The material is manufactured using a revolutionary approach that reduces its environmental effect by repurposing wastepaper from everyday life, such as newspapers.

The metal inlay garnish, which is used for the first time in a Genesis car, is based on the traditional Korean’sanggam’ (or ‘inlay’) craftsmanship style. By inlaying the Two Lines and G-matrix design onto actual metal, ash wood, and forged carbon surfaces, the garnish heightens the sensation of richness.

A smooth, quiet, first-class ride

The G90 is powered by a 3.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with an eight-speed automated gearbox that produces 380 horsepower (PS) and 54.0 kgfm of torque.

With a Dual Fuel Injection system injecting the optimal amount of fuel to meet driving conditions and a Water Cooled Type Intercooler improving acceleration responsiveness by quickly lowering the temperature of air inflow in the engine, the 3.5 turbo engine achieves a combined fuel efficiency of 9.3 km/l (figures based on 5 seater model in 2WD with 19-inch tires).

The G90 has several cooling methods, including an undercover guide hole, dust cover hole, and wheel guard cooling vanes, to maintain its powerful engine power and torque while providing effective cooling of the brake discs.

It also has a new “Chauffeur” Brake Mode, which allows drivers to modulate braking force. It’s one of three built-in braking modes that drivers may choose from depending on their preferences and driving situations.

2022 Genesis G90: elegance and technology worthy of a luxury flagshipThe G90 is equipped with innovative suspension technology that provides a smoother ride and improved handling. It also has a standard function called Preview-Electronic Control Suspension (Preview-ECS), which enhances suspension control by using a front camera and data from the navigation system to detect road conditions and give a smooth ride in any driving situation.

The G90 also has Multi Chamber air suspension, which changes the air pressure in the air springs for improved driving stability. Depending on the driving circumstances, three options are available. When traveling at high speeds, the air suspension system lowers the vehicle’s height to decrease wind resistance, resulting in improved fuel economy and a more stable driving experience.

The function raises the vehicle to protect the undercarriage and reduce road vibrations while driving in rough or uneven conditions. In addition, regardless of increases in weight from passengers or baggage, the vehicle’s height may remain constant. This provides for a more pleasant ride while maintaining reliable vehicle control.

The G90 also has a technology that adjusts the air suspension to the road conditions, making it easier for drivers to traverse speed bumps, ramps, and bumpy highways. This technology uses information from a front camera and the navigation system to recognize the surroundings in front of the car and manage the damping and height of the suspension, ensuring a pleasant ride for consumers.

If the car senses a bump in the road ahead, it raises the front wheels 10 mm and adjusts the Preview-Electronic Control Suspension 100 meters before impact (Preview-ECS). This minimizes the amount of shock received by passengers, resulting in fewer jolts.

In addition, while driving down a steep slope, the automobile may use sensors to raise the front wheels. This offers a more robust suspension to protect the undercarriage from damage caused by contact between the level road and the undercarriage after the incline.

When driving on bumpy roads, the function raises the vehicle by 25 mm at both ends, front and rear, to keep the undercarriage from contacting the road surface and provide a more stable driving experience.

2022 Genesis G90: elegance and technology worthy of a luxury flagshipThe G90’s Rear Wheel Steering (RWS) directs the rear wheels to a maximum of four degrees in low-speed counter-phase (moving them in the opposite direction of the front wheels) and two degrees in high-speed in-phase (moving them in the same direction as the front wheels) (moving them in the same direction as the front wheels).

This makes handling in tight areas simpler with fewer adjustments, and the G90’s turning radius is comparable to that of a medium sedan. At medium and high speeds, it also increases cornering stability and helps the vehicle to make nimble movements while changing lanes or avoiding obstructions.

The G90 has Genesis’ quietest ride ever, giving the interior tranquility that premium sedan drivers demand. It comes included with the brand’s most sophisticated noise canceling ANC-R (Active Noise Control-Road) technology, which detects noise from the road surface and cancels it out with opposite phase noises sent via the speakers.

As a consequence, the G90’s ride is quieter, which improves the driving experience.

Genesis has tested and evaluated the sound sensitivity of each seat in the car and customized its sound-canceling appropriately to guarantee that every seat in the vehicle enjoys the same level of silence and pleasure.

To strengthen the automobile’s body, certain portions of the system are strengthened with specific materials, and different sound-absorbing materials were employed across important areas of the car.

Meanwhile, laminated glass was utilized throughout the vehicle, including the quarter glass on the second-row doors, allowing the G90 to attain optimum silence.

2022 Genesis G90: elegance and technology worthy of a luxury flagshipHighly engaging personal experience

The G90 has a number of features that emphasize the vehicle’s sensitivity, elevating it from a basic mode of transportation to a personal place that can be customized. Indeed, Genesis is showcasing its vision for the future of mobility with the G90.

Virtual Venue, Mood Curator, and an Armrest Touch System are just a few of the smart elements that Genesis has included in the car. ‘Virtual Venue’ is a 3D-surround sound capability that is virtual.

It uses settings like ‘Boston Symphony Hall’ or ‘Bang & Olufsen Home’ to mimic the sound characteristics of different venues that are optimal for specific sorts of music, and it delivers that sound with an amazing Bang & Olufsen 23-speaker system. Virtual Venue uses an in-car microphone to monitor the interior and synthesize signals that imitate the sound field characteristics of the chosen area.

The device then reduces and stabilizes in-car noise based on the vehicle’s speed while providing music via its 23 speakers.

Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) is also included in the G90, which improves sound quality by using an electric pop-up tweeter on the left and right sides of the crash pad, as well as headlining speakers in the center of the ceiling between the first and second rows, to provide a 3D sound experience.

Mood Curator allows passengers to manage aspects such as mood lights, the music system, the olfactory system, massage chairs, and electric curtains all at once, raising their spirits. Each of the car’s four mood settings may be modified for a high degree of customization.

The G90 is also the first Genesis vehicle to include a fragrance system that disperses pleasant fragrances throughout the cabin. The Driver’s Awakening, The Great Outdoors, and My Favorite Place are three distinct fragrances available in changeable cartridges. The top half of the glove box may hold a maximum of two cartridges.

The infotainment system, rear-seat touch control, and ventilation panel may all be used to modify the scent kind and strength. Scents are pre-selected for each Mood Curator mode, but they may also be changed manually.

Genesis has equipped the G90 with ‘ergo-relaxing’ seats to improve the comfort of both drivers and passengers. Each seat has ten air cells on the seatback and two on the cushion, allowing for four different types of body massage: entire body, waist, pelvis, and upper body, with three different massage length and strength choices.

Furthermore, the G90 pulls air from the side bolsters (waist supports) for seamless transitions as passengers enter and depart the vehicle, and returns to its normal position after boarding. The side bolsters are automatically inflated to improve lateral support when the drive mode is set to Sport Mode or while travelling at a high speed (130 km/h).

The G90 has a number of additional amenities for second-row VIP passengers to guarantee pleasant travel. The driver’s seat headrest has a speaker that emits guide/warning noises that only the driver can hear, insulating the passengers in the back seats from needless noise.

The newly added leg supports and footrests in the VIP seat, positioned on the right side of the second row, enable heating/ventilation (air intake system) functions, enabling customers to relax in a more comfortable posture.

Depending on the seat mode, the 10.2-inch electric rear-seat touch screen monitors at the back of the first-row seats may automatically alter their angles. By attaching Bluetooth headsets to the left and right displays, they also enable passengers to access media separately.

The 8-inch Armrest Touch Screen (ATS) on the second row’s central armrest allows for touch-type integrated operation. Passengers can modify the lighting, temperature control modes, seat adjustment, massage settings, and curtain position. The touch-screen display gives clear instructions and explanations, along with pictures and animations that are appropriate for each button function.

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