The 2022 Lexus ES series, as the brand’s best-selling sedan, offers our visitors a best-of-all-world blend of evocative design, exciting performance, and human-centered workmanship.

For 2022, the ES Family gets a new multimedia system, new safety and performance features, a new external design, and new exterior and interior colors. This year, the ES family grows even more with the debut of the first-ever ES 300h F SPORT, which combines great fuel efficiency with an athletic appearance.

The ES Family continues to provide Lexus visitors with a wide range of options to suit their various interests and lifestyles.

For 2022, the Lexus ES 350 and ES 250 AWD will have a base MSRP of $40,800. The ES 300h will start at $41,900, while the first-ever ES 300h F SPORT will start at $45,450 on showroom floors throughout the US.

2022 Lexus ES: top selling luxury sedan focuses on safetyA car built around the driver

The interiors of all Lexus vehicles are intended to combine a driver-centric cockpit with roomy and pleasant passenger accommodations. The LC coupe debuted this idea, which was perfected in the flagship LS sedan before being enlarged to the seventh-generation Lexus ES.

“Seat in Control,” as Lexus puts it, is a simple notion that states that all the controls you need are within reach, and all the information you need is in plain sight from the time you get in. With human-centered upgrades to the Lexus Multimedia System and optional Navigation System, the 2022 ES embraces ongoing progress in classic Lexus flair.

The basic 8.0-inch color multimedia display and the optional 12.3-inch color multimedia display have been shifted forward 4.3 inches and now provide touch-screen capabilities in addition to the remote touch interface for easy driver and front passenger engagement.

A simplified instrument panel design that embraces seamless cabin integration is also included in the 2022 interior revisions.

The 2022 Lexus ES is all about safety

Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Lexus Safety System+ 2.5 (LSS+ 2.5) are now standard on all trim levels of the 2022 ES, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to safety. LSS+ 2.5, which is already one of the most advanced systems of its type, adds new features to LSS+ 2.0, enhancing driver and passenger safety.

2022 Lexus ES: top selling luxury sedan focuses on safetyFor starters, the Pre-Collision System (PCS), which comprises Frontal Collision Warning (FCW), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Pedestrian Detection, and Bicyclist Detection, has been enhanced to increase the reaction range of the lens camera and millimeter-wave radar components.

Intersection Turning Assist is part of a new upgrade to the PCS on LSS+ 2.5. At junctions, the system is meant to identify an incoming vehicle while making a left-hand turn, or a pedestrian when making both left and right-hand turns, under particular situations, and to activate normal PCS capabilities if necessary.

Emergency Steering Assist (ESA) is another new PCS feature that is aimed to improve vehicle stability and aid minimize lane departure when the driver cues an emergency evasive steering action.

All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) is meant to execute vehicle-to-vehicle distance controls down to 0 mph and can restart from a stop when triggered above 30 mph. A new function in DRCC allows for the seamless passing of slower cars.

When traveling behind a vehicle that is moving slower than the preset speed, the system will deliver an initial acceleration boost to prepare for lane changes; and if the driver changes lanes, the car will continue to accelerate until it achieves the original preset driving speed.

Curve Speed Reduction has been added to LSS 2.5+, which may automatically lower vehicle speed through specific kinds of bends if necessary.

Lane Departure Indication with Steering Assist (LDA w/ SA) is a system that uses steering wheel vibrations or an audio element to alert the driver if it detects an unintended lane departure at speeds greater than 32 miles per hour. It may also make minor adjustments to assist the driver stay in the indicated lane.

Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) is meant to deliver a modest steering force to aid the driver to navigate to the center of the lane using visible lane markings or a preceding vehicle when DRCC is configured and active. LTA provides a visible warning as well as an auditory alert or steering wheel vibration to the driver.

2022 Lexus ES: top selling luxury sedan focuses on safetyThe lane identification performance, which enables LTA, has been improved in the new ES, with increased line and road edge detection, lateral G performance, and improved control and stability following lane shift. LTA gets better course recognition with LSS+ 2.5, and it can detect the movements of other cars in adjacent lanes for better lane centering.

Intelligent High Beams, which detects approaching or preceding cars and automatically shifts between high and low beam headlights to improve visibility, are another carryover feature. When data is available, Road Sign Assist (RSA) acquires specific road sign information using a camera and navigation maps and presents it on the multi-information display (MID).

Significant design updates

On all levels save the ES F SPORT, the 2022 Lexus ES gets several external design modifications, including a revised grille pattern. With a sequence of concentric “L” patterns radiating from the front Lexus symbol and completed in a new Graphite paint, the new mesh pattern underlines the vehicle’s exquisite appearance.

This revised grille design gives the ES a new face while maintaining its provocative beauty. Standard bi-LED headlights have been modified to tie the frontend look together.

The 2022 Lexus ES comes with a variety of wheel styles that complement the external appearance. The new standard 17-inch wheel has thicker spoke ends stacked in dual v-spoke formations with a Dark Metallic and machined finish to give it a dynamic look. A bigger 18-inch wheel is offered with the Premium Package on the Base trim and is standard on the Luxury trim.

2022 Lexus ES: top selling luxury sedan focuses on safetyFor a sleek and classy style, this redesigned wheel offers a split-10-spoke design with a two-tone Dark machined finish. On Luxury and Ultra Luxury levels, an extra 18-inch five-spoke alloy noise reduction wheel with a high-gloss surface is offered.

Exclusive 19-inch split-five-spoke alloy wheels with a new Gloss Black finish are available on ES F SPORT variants, enhancing the model’s dynamic look.

Ultimate performance and aggressive design with the F Sport package

The seventh-generation Lexus ES, which was based on the GA-K platform, featured a more dynamic external appearance and the first-ever ES F SPORT. Since its debut, it has attracted a younger, more varied consumer who is drawn to race-inspired aesthetics and F SPORT control developed on the track.

With a redesigned grade strategy that separates aesthetic and performance additions, the ES F SPORT will give luxury sedan aficionados more options in 2022. F SPORT trim will continue to be available on the Lexus ES 250 AWD and ES 350, and a new Lexus ES 300h F SPORT grade will be available in 2022.

2022 Lexus ES: top selling luxury sedan focuses on safetyExclusive F SPORT badging, mesh grille with black surround, trunk lid spoiler, distinctive 19-inch wheels with new Black treatment, steering wheel, front seats, pedals, shift lever and knob, and instruments with detachable display ring will all be included on these cars.

The 2022 Lexus ES 350 F SPORT will sport an all-new Dynamic Handling Package (DHP) that comprises Sport+ and Custom Drive modes, Intuitive Parking Assist, and Adaptive Variable Suspension for consumers searching for more performance (AVS).

The AVS system on the ES 350 F SPORT with DHP has 650 levels of adjustment, allowing for the best ride quality and control. Sensors that detect both linear and vertical g loads, vehicle speed, steering angle, yaw rate, and master cylinder pressure, as well as information from the engine control computer and skid control computer, are used to make adjustments.

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