In 2022, Lexus RX 350L and RX 450hL will debut new exterior colors, as well as the opportunity to add fog lights as a stand-alone option, while still providing passengers with the world’s first touchscreen multimedia display. The RXL models will continue to ooze contemporary elegance both inside and out.

Lexus remains committed to comfort, safety, and innovation

Inside, a 12.3-inch touchscreen is offered, which works in conjunction with the remote touchpad to provide dynamic voice and navigation capability. The Lexus Multimedia System features innovative in-dash technologies, such as Apple CarPlay connection for your iPhone, to make life easier for users.

A great ride, as always

Customers will continue to enjoy better driving dynamics in the Lexus RXL crossover. Although both the front and rear stabilizer bars are hollow to save weight, their bigger diameters and stronger bushings aid in reducing body roll and improving steering responsiveness.

The shock absorbers are designed to operate with stronger roll bars, and the updated dampers include a new friction control component that helps limit high-frequency vibrations for a smoother ride.

2022 Lexus RX: more technology, improved safety and hybrid performanceA strong suspension design decreases road noise and vibration, further improving the responsiveness of the Lexus RXL in 2022. Even during corners, active corner braking prevents understeering by braking in the inner tire and improving vehicle handling stability.

The 2022 Lexus RX series offers unparalleled connectivity

Across the RX series, the newest smartphone car integrations and virtual assistants are standard. Guests may use the RXL’s standard 8-inch or optional 12.3-inch touchscreen dashboard display to access the same familiar interface of their selected technology.

The premium linked technology package includes a three-year Lexus Remote trial that allows you to start the engine remotely using chosen smart devices. Furthermore, the RXL has six USB connections, allowing both the driver and passengers to keep their smart gadgets charged and ready to use.

Drivers may utilize Android Auto to access and use their phones on the RXL’s touchscreen display. It’s meant to keep you focused on the road by having bigger touch targets, a streamlined layout, and easy-to-use voice operations with Google Assistant.

Users will be able to listen to music from applications like Spotify or send messages using standard apps like WhatsApp after they have been linked. They may also use Google Maps to navigate using the UI.

2022 Lexus RX: more technology, improved safety and hybrid performanceDrivers may utilize Google Assistant with Android Auto to get things done fast and effortlessly, resulting in a seamless, smooth, and pleasurable driving experience. Calendar, device use, activities, and habits are used to tailor information.

Guests may utilize the Lexus RXL’s touchscreen display to connect their iPhone to Apple CarPlay. When their iPhone is linked, they can use Siri to get directions, make phone calls, and send and receive messages. They can also have access to third-party applications like Spotify, as well as preferred apps like Apple Maps, Podcasts, and Audiobooks.

Guests may access their favorite service and play music, check the news, operate smart home gadgets, and more via in-car interfaces with speech services like Amazon Alexa.

Guests may better use space to protect their personal goods while still engaging with the Lexus Multimedia System thanks to the provision of a specific location to put cellphones towards the front of the center console.

The Lexus Multimedia System touchscreen controls the radio and temperature systems, as well as showing what’s behind the car through the rear camera. Guests will be able to pick between an 8-inch conventional display and a 12.3-inch split-screen multimedia display with excellent quality.

The voice-recognition technology on 2022 Lexus RXL crossovers with the optional 12.3-inch multimedia system can understand millions more words than traditional Lexus systems, thanks to Dynamic Voice Command. Dynamic Voice Control improves accuracy, streamlines address input, and expands the number of points of interest that may be searched.

Engineered to keep you safe

In addition to the Lexus Safety Connect and Service Connect trials supplied with the car, the Lexus Safety System+ 2.0 is standard equipment in the 2022 Lexus RXL’s suite of sophisticated safety features.

2022 Lexus RX: more technology, improved safety and hybrid performanceThis adds daytime bike detection and low-light pedestrian detection, as well as Road Sign Assist (RSA) and Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), to the list of situations in which the RXL is meant to offer further safety to the driver and passengers.

Bicyclist identification throughout the day is part of an improved Pre-Collision System (PCS). The Pre-Collision System, which was originally meant to identify a previous car or pedestrian, now includes the capability of detecting a prior bike as well.

By enhancing the camera’s sensitivity and dynamic range, the PCS can now identify a preceding pedestrian in certain low-light scenarios.

When used in conjunction with the All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, the Road Sign Assist (RSA) system displays selected road sign information in the instrument panel, while the Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) system detects lane markings to determine lane position and place the vehicle in the center of the lane.

In rare circumstances, LTA may also follow the vehicle ahead of it if road markings are not identified.

Drivers may change lanes with confidence thanks to the Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert. The basic Blind Spot Monitor is intended to identify and alert you of approaching or parked cars in adjacent lanes. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert may provide further peace of mind while backing out of a parking place by alerting the driver to cars coming from either side.

2022 Lexus RX: more technology, improved safety and hybrid performanceFeel hybrid performance with the 450hL

More than a decade ago, Lexus released the world’s first premium hybrid car, a gas/electric variant of the RX luxury utility vehicle. With 308 combined system horsepower for strong performance and a manufacturer-estimated 29 combined mpg rating for the 2022 RX 450hL, the RX 450hL continues to serve as a potent reminder of the brand’s hybrid supremacy.

For excellent acceleration and passing performance, the Lexus Hybrid Drive system combines the D4-S fuel injection 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine with two high-torque electric drive motor-generators. The all-weather drive system uses a second, independent electric motor to drive the rear wheels as required, rather than transfer gears and a driveshaft, to help maintain optimum traction.

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