The Mitsubishi Outlander all-new PHEV (plug-in electric vehicle) model combines the company’s experience in electrification and all-wheel control technology with a newly built platform and a suite of cutting-edge technologies.

New levels of EV features

The all-new PHEV Mitsubishi flagship shares the strong ride, generous interior spaces, and wide-ranging features of an SUV, adding smooth yet powerful acceleration, proficient all-wheel control technology, and the environmentally-conscious efficiency unique to an electric vehicle, all based on the product concept of “I-Fu-Do-Do” or authentic and majestic in Japanese.

Mitsubishi has totally overhauled the Outlander’s PHEV components, expanding EV driving range and improving acceleration, to further boost its attractiveness as an EV.

The new Mitsubishi Outlander can continue driving in the EV setting and avoid having to start the engine for longer, even when stepping hard on the accelerator, thanks to a 40 percent increase in the output of the front and rear motors and the drive battery, delivering the smooth, powerful, and rewarding motor-based driving of the high-output twin-motor 4WD.

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: the new hybrid off-road delightSwitching to a high capacity drive battery with an overall capacity of 20 kilowatts (kWh) and increasing the equivalent all-electric range to 87 kilometers (km, in WLTC mode) ensured sufficient driving range even when using features like the A/C, while also lessening charging frequency. When combining EV and hybrid driving, a boost in gas tank volume has also increased the overall attainable range of the Mitsubishi Outlander.

The front motor’s power drive unit now has a booster feature that increases driving force by boosting the front motor’s voltage supply while also lowering energy consumption by increasing the generator’s efficiency. By combining the rear motor and the control unit, enough floor space was freed up to add a third row of seats, allowing for a seven-passenger seating arrangement.

The control unit’s location on the exterior of the passenger compartment has also helped to reduce high-frequency noise, resulting in improved soundproofing.

With the addition of a new unique pedal operating mode, you may now accelerate and decelerate by just using the gas pedal. When decelerating, the accelerator pedal alone may provide enough braking power without the need to move to the brake pedal, allowing drivers to focus on steering and have more peace of mind on slick terrain such as icy surfaces, as well as reducing strain caused by switching pedals.

Security and comfort are key for the new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The Super-All Wheel Control (S-AWC) integrated vehicle dynamics control system now includes a new brake Active Yaw Control (AYC) functionality for the back axle, which is based on a twin-motor 4WD technology with one drive motor in front and another in the back.

This enables the system to transfer driving power to the front and rear wheels efficiently based on road and driving circumstances, while torque vectoring is also available for the front and rear wheels by controlling the brakes on the left and right wheels.

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: the new hybrid off-road delightThis allows for a more balanced distribution of maximum performance on all four tires, resulting in handling that is true to the driver’s purpose and great operational stability.

Depending on the road surface and driving behavior, seven drive modes are available. Normal is the default option, which is designed for everyday driving on asphalt roads. On dry paved terrain, Tarmac mode gives a quick accelerating response and excellent turning capability.

On unpaved or wet paved roads, Gravel mode offers balanced operability and road handling abilities, while Snow mode provides steady vehicle performance on snowy and other slick trails. Mud mode controls tire slippage based on vehicle velocity for superior road handling on muddy roads and deep snow ditches, as well as greater escape capabilities when stranded.

Power mode, which provides forceful acceleration when required, and Eco mode, which promotes economic and ecologically responsible driving, are two modes that may be utilized depending on driving style. These seven driving modes provide a safe and fun driving experience, as well as peace of mind.

The RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body design’s newly engineered platform and very rigid structure provide a high degree of safety and steering stability. Mitsubishi employed a hot stamping technique on ultra-high tensile strength steel sheets to considerably increase front body stiffness and torsional rigidity, which led to improved steering stability.

These sheets, which are integrated around the passenger cabin, go beyond traditional steel sheet reinforcement to provide an extremely robust passenger compartment with little deformation.

The addition of the most recent versions of Mitsubishi’s active safety technologies, which identify collision hazards with various sensors for improved driving, reduces collision risks while providing safety and tranquility.

The all-new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV comes standard with MI-PILOT single-lane highway driving assistance technology. Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist are integrated into the control system to help the driver maintain a safe distance between cars while staying in the middle of the lane.

It also recognizes speed restriction signs and changes the programmed speed appropriately. MI-PILOT with Navi-link uses map data to automatically modify vehicle speed as required on expressways, taking into account bends, forks, and other factors.

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: the new hybrid off-road delightUtility and class inside and out

The Japanese manufacturer produced the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander using its new design concept, Bold Stride, which conveys a strong, fixating presence with a firm stance and reliability for drivers to venture into uncharted territories, based on the bold expressions of utility with which Mitsubishi has built its SUVs over the years.

The company has updated the Dynamic Shield for a new generation, resulting in a front-end design that has a feeling of power. The massive 20-inch wheels, as well as the muscular fender flares that house them, combine with D-pillars inspired by aircraft vertical tails and a floating roof to generate an impression of strong but crisp road performance when seen from the side.

The all-new Mitsubishi Outlander’s rear end includes a hexagonal tailgate design that evokes the aesthetic of legendary off-road heritage vehicles, and the horizontally themed taillights that extend to both corners produce a styling that emphasizes wideness and stability. 10 body colors are available for the new Mitsubishi Outlander.

Inside, the horizontally carved instrument cluster displays solidity and a sense of space while making it simple to interpret the car’s location while driving. The center console is intended to exude a wide, high-class aura. All around the inside is finely textured soft cushioning that is delightful to the touch, with stitching added for a high-quality feel.

The displays and gauges are meant to be reassuringly simple to view, while the selectors, dials, and switches are designed to give a confident grasp and operation, resulting in quality feel that appeals to the senses, based on the Mitsubishi Touch approach.

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