The 2022 Paris Motor Show debuts on October 17th as the only international of the year, in Europe. This year, the show will be held together with Equip Auto, a prominent event for the automotive aftermarket and services industry, under the umbrella of Paris Automotive Week. The French brands have prepared a parade of design performances for their home show.

The significant changes influencing automobile design are echoed at the Paris Motor Show. Renault will debut the Mégane E-Tech while Peugeot will offer a 408 with a new fastback style. Hopium will present its concept for the top-of-the-line hydrogen car, while Dacia will introduce its new visual identity across the board.

2022 Paris Motor Show: exciting focus on design for home brands

Hopium Machina Vision concept

For the French brand Hopium, Félix Goudard, who has previously worked for Porsche, Tesla, and Lucid, has signed the return of the premium luxury sedan. Aimed at a special market, the Machina Vision, which will be shown at the Paris Motor Show, promises to revisit the large sedan in a highly fluid, sporty, and stylish manner.

Its imposing grille, which optimizes the cooling of the fuel-cell system, and its light signature, which is inspired by waves on the surface of the ocean, help to establish its identity.

For the car to last the test of time and maintain its spark, as well as to provide transparency and traceability, all interior materials utilized must be of the greatest quality. In order to have a less environmental effect, these materials were purchased from Europe.

2022 Paris Motor Show: exciting focus on design for home brandsThe front’s pillar-to-pillar display offers a digital informational environment that is available to the driver and passengers. In a wave-like action, it may change into a full or downsized layout as requested. The haptic console provides a novel sensory interface link.

Passengers in the rear may relax in the uncompromised internal spaciousness and take in the unrivaled sky view.

Renault group’s Megane E-tech and Dacia

At the Paris Motor Show, Renault will unveil its models for reclaiming the C sector, including the all-new Megane E Tech Electric, whose designs, while maintaining some history, revitalize the SUV category. The brand-new electric platform’s unheard-of dimensions have offered designers the chance to create a sporty car with a restrained footprint.

The Megane E Tech was designed under Gilles Vidal’s supervision, a former designer of Peugeot.

2022 Paris Motor Show: exciting focus on design for home brandsWith regard to Dacia, the new visual identity is the center of attention. The full range will be shown for the first time at the Paris Motor Show in a brand-new, cohesive manner.

2022 Paris Motor Show witnesses all-new Peugeot 408

The Peugeot 408, which deftly combines the codes of the SUV, sedan, and coupé, is the work of Peugeot’s Design Director, Matthias Hossann.

“Tastes change very quickly today, and customers are looking for new sensations while maintaining a certain volume. The 408 is the result of a reflection on the classic sedan but also on the SUV”.

This new vehicle, with its eye-catching fastback styling, is the outcome of research conducted in 2015 on the development and future of sedans and SUVs. The 408 was created concurrently with the 308 and has benefitted from careful styling work.

2022 Paris Motor Show: exciting focus on design for home brands

“The aesthetic work consisted of retaining the high seating position of an SUV while working on a new form of dynamism. Thanks to new modular platforms and remarkable work on the stamping, the 408’s style has been finely chiseled.”

The style effort is a narrative of both intensive cooperations with the engineers and pure design. To improve aerodynamics while also suggesting dynamism and perfecting the junction between the roof and the tailgate.

All this between 17 and 23 October

The Paris Motor Show 2022, the only international event of the year in Europe, will reaffirm the importance of the car in future transportation between the 17th and 23rd of October.

The Paris Motor Show in 2022 will include the complete auto-mobility ecosystem, including energy firms, start-ups, producers of electric terminals, and creative participants in the energy transition and traffic safety.

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