The all-new 2023 Nissan Ariya, the brand’s first all-electric crossover SUV, debuts in 2023 and boasts strong acceleration and smooth, quiet operation. With a range of up to 300 miles for the Venture+ model, Ariya is the ideal companion for everyday commutes and road trips.

The latest milestone in the Nissan NEXT project

The Nissan NEXT global transformation plan’s cornerstone, the Ariya, is the first production model to embody the company’s new electrified brand identity, paving the way for a new automotive age in which electrification, streamlined platform packaging, and seamless vehicle technology are the norm.

Its sophisticated driving-assistance technologies, concierge-like support, and seamless connection boost on-road confidence and provide a welcome atmosphere for both the driver and the passengers.

Initially, four 2023 Nissan Ariya electric SUV models are available, each with an advanced liquid-cooled 87 kWh Lithium-Ion battery, CCS quick charge port, available ProPILOT Assist 2.03, wireless Apple CarPlay, and wired Android Auto, a premium interior with a lounge-like feel, and Nissan Safety Shield 360. At a later point, more versions, including those with a 63 kWh Lithium-Ion battery, will be released.

2023 Nissan Ariya: an exciting new EV from the Nissan NEXT electrification programA new direction of design for Nissan

The 2023 Nissan Ariya is the brand’s ultimate manifestation of elegance and technology, with each aesthetic and functionally complementing the other. Its all-electric vehicle architecture eliminated basic limits and enabled designers to experiment with existing components in new ways.

The style of the Ariya reflects a fundamental shift in Nissan’s design philosophy. This new concept is founded on “Timeless Japanese Futurism,” which is defined by a uniquely Japanese approach expressed in a simple-yet-powerfully contemporary manner.

The essential themes of sleek, sexy, and seamless were used by designers to express how an electric SUV combined with improved driving skills may give a fresh viewpoint on design, function, and the ownership experience.

The 2023 Nissan Ariya’s front end seems to be smooth, graceful, and youthful. A shield — a reinvented grille for the EV age – stands out. The shield has a 3-D traditional Japanese Kumiko design immediately under the smooth surface that protects sensors for driver assistance features without interfering with functioning.

The 20 LEDs that makeup Nissan’s new brand emblem are prominently positioned in the middle of the aerodynamic shield, flashing with sharp clarity.

When the Ariya is ready for operation, the bottom half of the shield is framed by modest illumination that lights together with the logo. Nissan’s iconic V-motion design is reinvented with thin LED headlights built with four 20-millimeter mini-projectors.

Ariya’s back end is also impressive, with a sharply sloping C-pillar that merges in seamlessly with the rear deck. The rear combination lights’ one-piece light blade has been designed to provide a blackout effect while parked and a steady red illumination when in operation, day or night.

Ariya’s tremendous EV capabilities are signaled by rear fender flares and a high-mounted rear wing.

Ariya is available in six two-tone exterior paint schemes, each with a black roof, as well as three eye-catching full-body colors. Akatsuki, a one-of-a-kind exterior Copper, and Black two-tone color combination captures the moment just before dawn when the sun heralds the start of a new day.

2023 Nissan Ariya: an exciting new EV from the Nissan NEXT electrification programOpen space and minimalist design on the inside for the 2023 Nissan Ariya

The Ariya has a large interior thanks to the benefits afforded by the company’s all-new EV platform. Because of the compact nature of the powertrain components, Nissan’s engineers were able to install the climate control system under the hood (in place of a traditional gasoline engine), allowing the designers to use the entire length of the cabin without traditional obstructions like a transmission tunnel.

The slim-profile Zero Gravity seats and the flat, open floor – made possible by the battery’s position at the bottom of the chassis – result in plenty of legroom and easy interaction between front- and rear-seat passengers. The quiet interior is the consequence of the EV powertrain and the extensive use of sound-absorbing materials, letting passengers relax and enjoy the lounge-like atmosphere.

The simple instrument panel on the Nissan Ariya merges in with the cabin’s design and goes into the doors. It is devoid of the typical buttons and switches seen in automobiles. The primary temperature control features are built into the wooden center dash in the form of capacitive haptic switches that vibrate when touched, giving them the same sensation as mechanical switches.

There is an optional unique center storage box and fold-out tray tucked under the center of the instrument panel. The clever slide-out table design converts the cabin area into a mobile office or on-the-go picnic table, ensuring you get the most out of your time parked.

Passengers in the back seat have plenty of headroom and legroom, and the level cabin floor makes it easy to cross their legs and rest. The same level of refinement and comfort can be found in the backroom, thanks to the use of accents and embellishments.

The slim front seats are positioned to hide the B-pillar, giving passengers a panoramic view outward.

2023 Nissan Ariya: an exciting new EV from the Nissan NEXT electrification programStriking EV performance for every situation

Ariya is the ultimate expression of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, Nissan’s vision to improve the appeal of its vehicles and achieve its ultimate goal of a future with zero tailpipe emissions and virtually zero vehicle fatalities.

Built on an all-new Alliance-developed EV platform, Ariya is the ultimate expression of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, Nissan’s vision to further improve the appeal of its vehicles and achieve its ultimate goal of a future with zero tailpipe emissions and virtually zero vehicle fatalities.

The all-electric powertrain in the Nissan Ariya is an example of seamless integration of sophisticated EV technologies, with great power delivery, charging capabilities, and a long-range. Ariya is intended to fulfill the driving demands of a broad spectrum of clients, with four primary models available, including two-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive variants.

Both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive Ariya models have a useable battery capacity of 63 kWh or 87 kWh, making them perfect for urban commuters and first-time EV buyers searching for quality and style in their next-generation electric SUV.

Nissan’s most sophisticated all-wheel control technology, e-4ORCE, is included in the twin electric motor, all-wheel-drive Ariya vehicles. Nissan’s 100 percent electric motor drive technology is represented by the “e” in e-4ORCE. “4ORCE” (pronounced force) denotes the vehicle’s physical strength and energy, with “4” denoting all-wheel drive.

The spiritual progeny of the Nissan GT-ATTESA R’s E-TS torque split system and the intelligent all-wheel-drive systems featured in Nissan’s array of crossovers and SUVs, e-4ORCE is the spiritual offspring of Nissan’s long heritage of building memorable all-terrain vehicles and sports cars.

2023 Nissan Ariya: an exciting new EV from the Nissan NEXT electrification programe-4ORCE improves driver confidence by tracking the guided driving line across practically any road surface by precisely controlling engine output and braking performance for smoothness and stability.

In addition to improving front and rear torque distribution, the system uses separate brake control at each of the four wheels to maximize each wheel’s cornering force. With minimum steering modifications, this results in cornering that accurately follows driver inputs.

Low center of gravity for excellent handling

Ariya’s all-new EV platform has been tuned to give superb handling, in keeping with Nissan’s tradition of making fun-to-drive, exhilarating automobiles. The battery pack is located under the vehicle’s center of gravity, ensuring a low center of gravity and near-equal front and rear weight distribution.

The Ariya’s level floor and excellent structural stability are due to the battery pack’s flat design and integrated cross-members in the battery box. Suspension components are tuned to take advantage of this, resulting in steady handling and a smooth ride while also reducing vibrations and noise in the cabin.

The suspension package in the back, which includes the multi-link system and rear electric motor (if available), achieves a remarkable blend of ride comfort, handling, and performance.

The vehicle’s highly rigid body structure and super responsive rack-and-pinion steering system provide crisp turn-in response, while the battery positioned under the floor in the middle of the vehicle allows for a near 50:50 front/rear weight distribution, which helps the Nissan Ariya behave predictably through virtually all types of corners.

2023 Nissan Ariya: an exciting new EV from the Nissan NEXT electrification programLoaded with driver assistance systems

The Ariya electric SUV provides passengers with the latest Nissan innovations, including the next-generation ProPILOT Assist advanced driver assistance system, ensuring high levels of comfort and confidence.

ProPILOT Assist is a hands-on assistance technology that helps drivers remain centered in their lane, negotiate stop-and-go highway traffic, and maintain a predetermined vehicle speed and distance to the car ahead, and is available on the Nissan LEAF, Altima, Pathfinder, Rogue, and Rogue Sport.

Nissan’s driver assistance technology, ProPILOT Assist 2.0, is the most recent edition. It builds on ProPILOT Assist by enabling attentive drivers to take their hands off the wheel in specific situations, reducing driver effort in single-lane highway traffic3. ProPILOT Assist 2.0 additionally helps with multi-lane highway driving activities including lane changes, passing, and leaving the highway.

ProPILOT Assist 2.0 detects the route type, direction, and speed restrictions using the navigation system and high-definition 3-D map data, and may change vehicle speed appropriately for a relaxing and pleasurable trip. When employing the hands-off mode, a Driver Monitoring System placed on the steering column ensures that the driver is focused on the road ahead.

ProPILOT Assist 2.0 uses the vast 3-D map data to assist keep the car centered in the lane with enhanced precision while driving in hands-on mode.

ProPILOT Park is available for the first time in the United States with the new Ariya. When triggered, ProPILOT Park takes control of the steering, acceleration brakes, and gear change to maneuver the car into a parking spot4.

Nissan Safety Shield 360, a package of six active safety technologies that include Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Blind Spot Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning, High Beam Assist, and Rear Automatic Braking, comes standard on the Nissan Ariya.

The 2023 Nissan Ariya electric SUV deliveries will begin this autumn in the U.S., with front-wheel-drive vehicles initially, and all-wheel-drive variants following in late fall.

2023 Nissan Ariya: an exciting new EV from the Nissan NEXT electrification program

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