The Lincoln Nautilus enters 2024 with a comprehensive redesign that sets new standards in the midsize luxury SUV segment. This all-new model combines advanced technology, a reimagined interior, and a suite of signature features to enhance both the driving and passenger experience, making every journey a sanctuary of luxury and tranquility.

Redesigned 2024 Lincoln NautilusLincoln has long been synonymous with outstanding design and craftsmanship. With the 2024 Nautilus, Lincoln redefines the concept of automotive sanctuary, aiming to create an unparalleled cabin experience. Dianne Craig, the President of Lincoln, emphasizes that the redesigned Nautilus is a testament to the brand’s vision for the future, offering a compelling blend of luxury, connectivity, and performance that appeals to a global clientele.

Evolution of Design: Exterior and Interior Enhancements

The all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus introduces a bold step forward in design, both externally and internally, establishing a new benchmark in the midsize luxury SUV category. The vehicle combines elegance, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail to enhance the overall driving and passenger experience.

Exterior Design: A Bold, Commanding Presence

The exterior of the Nautilus has been meticulously crafted to convey strength and grace. The vehicle’s evolved face is highlighted by a new signature grille that gives the Nautilus a bold, commanding look. This redesign bridges the classic with the contemporary, enhancing the SUV’s road presence.

The integration of all-new LED headlamps and taillamps is a significant upgrade, with the available H2 Pixel Headlamps and new LED taillamps featuring dynamic animation.

These lighting elements are designed to connect visually with the available lit Lincoln Star and the signature front light bar, creating a cohesive and elegant appearance that guides the way forward with clarity and style. This approach not only enhances visibility but also reinforces Lincoln’s commitment to a distinct lighting vision for the future.

Interior Design: Tranquility Meets Technology

Inside the Nautilus, Lincoln has reimagined the concept of a tranquil automotive sanctuary. The interior space is designed to maximize comfort and serenity, incorporating new ambient lighting and crystal-inspired details throughout the vehicle. These elements are inspired by the captivating play of light on water, reminiscent of sunlight reflecting off serene waters, enhancing the feeling of calm and tranquility.

At the heart of this serene interior is a flowing, horizontal instrument panel that integrates seamlessly into a 48-inch panoramic display, the largest in its class. This expansive display introduces unprecedented levels of connectivity and personalization, allowing drivers to customize their information display to keep their eyes focused on the road.

Redesigned 2024 Lincoln NautilusThe dashboard’s design and functionality demonstrate a shift towards a more dynamic, digital user experience, tailored to the needs of Lincoln’s younger, global customers.

The Nautilus also introduces a novel approach to the driver’s interaction with the vehicle through its new flat-top steering wheel design. This innovative feature allows clients to see over the wheel rather than through it, enhancing the sense of spaciousness and freedom within the cabin. This design choice contributes to a more open, airy feel, providing an unobstructed view of the road and the beautiful instrument panel.

A Symphony of Light and Material

The cabin’s ambiance is further enriched by the thoughtful application of luxurious materials and sophisticated design touches. The use of ambient lighting enhances the atmosphere, casting a gentle glow that complements the crystal-inspired accents found on the piano key shifter, instrument panel toggles, and audio knob.

These shimmering details capture the essence of luxury and create a connection to the natural beauty and tranquility of reflective water surfaces.

The vehicle’s doors feature a new Lincoln Embrace sequence that begins at the center of the new display and flows out into the front and rear door panels, welcoming passengers into a space that feels personal and serene. This sequence, combined with the rest of the interior’s design, ensures that passengers feel a sense of belonging and calm from the moment they enter the vehicle.

Combining Luxury with Functionality

The Lincoln Nautilus is not just about luxury and aesthetics; it also offers practical enhancements that improve usability and comfort. The second-row seating area has been designed with an emphasis on spaciousness, offering legroom that ranks among the most generous in its class. This ensures that all passengers, not just those in the front, can relax and enjoy the journey with ample space.

Redesigned 2024 Lincoln NautilusIn summary of the design aspects, the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus’s evolved exterior and reimagined interior set new standards in luxury SUV design. With its compelling combination of bold aesthetics, innovative technology, and a focus on tranquility and comfort, the Nautilus is designed to satisfy the discerning tastes of Lincoln’s global clients, making every journey a luxurious escape.

Innovative Technology for a Connected Experience

At the heart of the Nautilus’s interior is the Lincoln Digital Experience, which transforms the cabin into a personalized digital oasis. The 11.1-inch center-stack touchscreen extends into the main 48-inch display, allowing drivers to customize their interface and keep important information in view. This setup supports a safer driving experience by minimizing the need to look away from the road.

Clients can connect to a wide array of apps and services from Google, Amazon, and more, accessible via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Voice control is enhanced with options for Google Assistant or Alexa, enabling intuitive control over vehicle settings, navigation, and media without lifting a finger. Additionally, the integration of Google Maps ensures real-time traffic updates and dynamic routing.

For entertainment and productivity, the Nautilus offers the Vivaldi Browser and forthcoming Chrome Beta, alongside video streaming options for parked moments. The introduction of video conferencing apps enhances connectivity, allowing for seamless work and communication on the go.

Enhanced Performance and Driving Dynamics

The Nautilus isn’t just about luxury and technology; it’s also engineered to deliver an engaging driving experience. Available with a standard 2.0-liter turbocharged engine or an optional hybrid powertrain, the Lincoln Nautilus caters to diverse driving preferences. The standard engine produces 250 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque, while the hybrid variant offers a combined 310 horsepower for a more potent performance.

Redesigned 2024 Lincoln NautilusFuel efficiency is a key strength, with the hybrid model achieving an impressive EPA-estimated 30 mpg combined. Driving dynamics are refined with an adaptive suspension system and a suite of sensors that monitor motion and environmental conditions, adjusting the ride accordingly.

Advanced Safety and Autonomous Features

The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus is not just a paragon of luxury and design; it is also at the forefront of safety and autonomous driving technologies. The latest Nautilus model incorporates an advanced suite of safety features and driver-assist technologies that set new standards for the midsize luxury SUV segment, ensuring that safety is as integral to the Lincoln experience as comfort and style.

Comprehensive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The Nautilus boasts the most extensive set of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in its class. These features are designed to enhance driver awareness, prevent accidents, and provide a safer driving experience. The comprehensive suite of ADAS includes technologies that monitor the vehicle’s surroundings and assist in avoiding potential hazards through alerts and automatic interventions.

Key components of the Nautilus’s ADAS include:

  • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking: This system detects potential collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians in front of the vehicle. If a collision is imminent and the driver has not taken corrective action, the system can automatically apply the brakes, reducing the severity of the impact or avoiding the collision altogether.
  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS): BLIS alerts the driver to vehicles in their blind spot during lane changes or when reversing. This feature is crucial for safe maneuvering in busy traffic, enhancing the driver’s situational awareness and confidence.
  • Lane Keeping System: This feature helps prevent unintentional lane drift by monitoring road lane markings. If the system detects that the vehicle is veering out of its lane without a turn signal activated, it will gently steer the vehicle back into the lane or alert the driver with a vibration in the steering wheel.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: This system enhances the standard cruise control by automatically adjusting the vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. This feature is particularly useful in varying traffic conditions, allowing for a more relaxed and safer driving experience.
  • Lincoln BlueCruise: Hands-Free Highway Driving

One of the most notable features in the 2024 Nautilus is the Lincoln BlueCruise technology, a hands-free highway driving system that allows for a more relaxed and safe driving experience on prequalified sections of divided highways. This technology is a significant step towards fully autonomous driving, providing drivers with the following capabilities:

  • Hands-Free Driving: BlueCruise allows the Nautilus to take over steering, accelerating, and braking functions while traveling on over 130,000 miles of pre-mapped highways in North America. This system uses advanced cameras and radar sensors to maintain the vehicle’s position in the lane and manage speed according to traffic flow, all without driver input on the steering wheel.
  • Lane Change Assist: This feature complements the hands-free driving experience by enabling the Nautilus to change lanes on its own. When the driver taps the turn signal, the system will automatically check for an open spot in the desired lane and, if safe, will move the vehicle into that lane.
  • In-Lane Repositioning: To enhance passenger comfort and provide a sense of spaciousness, BlueCruise can subtly adjust the vehicle’s position within its lane. This feature moves the Nautilus away from larger vehicles like trucks that are traveling in adjacent lanes, reducing the feeling of being boxed in and improving the overall driving experience.

Elevating Safety and Convenience

With more than 303,000 Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with BlueCruise technology on the road, Lincoln drivers have collectively covered over 164 million miles in hands-free mode. This extensive real-world use demonstrates the reliability and user-friendly nature of the system, making the Nautilus one of the safest and most advanced vehicles in its class.

Redesigned 2024 Lincoln NautilusThe inclusion of these advanced safety and autonomous features in the Nautilus is part of Lincoln’s commitment to enhancing driver and passenger safety while ensuring that travel remains a luxurious and enjoyable experience.

With these technologies, the Nautilus helps to reduce the stress of driving, particularly over long distances or in challenging traffic conditions, allowing drivers and passengers to arrive at their destinations refreshed and relaxed.

Luxurious Touches for Personalized Comfort

The Nautilus’s interior is a masterpiece of luxury, with options for personalization that include new interior color themes such as Black Onyx with Medium Light Space Gray, Smoked Truffle, and Black Onyx with Allura Blue. The available Jet Appearance Package adds a sleek, dynamic touch with two-tone paint and high gloss black wheels.

For ultimate luxury, the Lincoln Black Label theme introduces the Redwood option, inspired by the warm hues of redwood forests. This theme complements the popular Chalet theme, offering a rich, immersive environment.

Sound and Scent: A Multisensory Experience

The Nautilus enhances the sensory experience with the Lincoln Digital Scent feature, offering in-cabin scents like Mystic Forest and Ozonic Azure. New scents such as Cloud Balsam and Serene Seashore are also available, adding another layer of customization.

The available Revel Ultima 3D Audio System with 28 speakers surrounds occupants with high-fidelity sound, paired with 24-Way Perfect Position Seats to create a concert-like atmosphere.

Lincoln Nautilus Pricing and Availability

The all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus is now available in North America, starting at an MSRP of $50,415. This model is not just a vehicle; it’s a statement of luxury, technology, and thoughtful design that aims to make every journey a rejuvenating experience.

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