Aston Martin EVs jump to another level. In a game-changing move, Aston Martin, the world-renowned luxury automobile brand, has forged a strategic supply agreement with the Lucid Group, signaling a revolutionary shift in its trajectory towards electric vehicles (EVs).

This substantial leap forwards in Aston Martin’s pursuit of electrification ensures that the automaker’s legacy of creating ultra-luxury, high-performance vehicles continues to thrive in the electric era.

An Industry First: Aston Martin Unveils Plans for New Electric Vehicle Portfolio

In a bold strategic initiative, Aston Martin is preparing to launch a whole new portfolio of ultra-luxury, high-performance electric vehicles. These will encompass a range of styles, including electrified hypercars, sports cars, grand tourers (GTs), and SUVs, all built on a novel, modular Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) platform.

Aston Martin EV LucidThe collaboration with Lucid Group, renowned for its ground-breaking electric powertrain and battery systems, will see Aston Martin adopting industry-leading technologies to power its ambitious high-performance electrification strategy. This partnership sets the stage for Aston Martin’s electrification agenda, redefining what we can expect from the luxury automotive sector.

From Sports Cars to SUVs: Aston Martin Sets Its Electric Goals

Aston Martin’s BEV platform is designed to underpin a variety of vehicle types. Whether it’s the agility and power of hypercars, the style and speed of sports cars, the elegance and luxury of GTs, or the performance and versatility of SUVs, Aston Martin intends to cover the entire spectrum. The first model from this impressive lineup is expected to hit the market in 2025.

Before this, however, Aston Martin has its eyes set on the launch of its first plug-in hybrid, the Valhalla, a mid-engined supercar, in 2024. By 2026, Aston Martin plans to offer an electrified powertrain option for all its new models, with the long-term goal of having its core range fully electrified by 2030.

The Power of Partnership: Lucid Group Fuels Aston Martin’s Electric Dreams

In their strategic alliance, Lucid Group will supply Aston Martin with select powertrain components for its initial and future BEV models. As a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced electric powertrains and battery systems, Lucid’s cutting-edge technology will be instrumental in the development of Aston Martin’s in-house BEV platform.

Aston Martin Valhalla: the astonishing future of 007 carsThis partnership brings together two titans of the automotive industry, combining Aston Martin’s legacy of luxury and performance with Lucid Group’s pioneering electric vehicle technology. The synergy is set to redefine the ultra-luxury electric vehicle landscape.

Driving Towards Sustainability: Aston Martin’s Green Initiative

This new direction is part of Aston Martin’s broader “Racing. Green.” sustainability strategy. The British automaker plans to invest over £2 billion in advanced technologies over the next five years, marking a significant transition from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to BEV technology.

This sustainability strategy is more than just a shift towards cleaner energy. It’s an affirmation of Aston Martin’s commitment to future-proofing its brand and offering consumers an eco-friendly, yet uncompromisingly luxurious and high-performance driving experience.

The Mercedes-Benz Connection: A Continued Alliance

Mercedes-Benz AG, another key player in Aston Martin’s electrification strategy, will continue to provide the British automaker with access to an array of world-class technologies. This includes powertrain and electric/electronic architectures for current and future generation Aston Martin vehicles, covering internal combustion engine, hybrid, and electric vehicles.

A Commitment to Innovation: Aston Martin’s In-House Developments

At the heart of Aston Martin’s electrification strategy is the work being carried out by Roberto Fedeli and his teams. As Chief Technology Officer, Fedeli is focused on creating a bespoke BEV platform suitable for all future Aston Martin products.

The goal is not just to incorporate cutting-edge technologies but to create a unique Aston Martin experience. The aim is to build upon the brand’s reputation for thrilling performance and intense driving experience, characteristics that their customer base has come to expect and adore.

Harnessing Formula One Expertise: Aston Martin Performance Technologies

In its pursuit of electrification, Aston Martin is leveraging the knowledge and methodologies used in Formula One. Aston Martin Performance Technologies (AMPT), the consulting arm of the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One team, is working in sync with the brand’s road car programs.

Aston Martin EV LucidThe expertise of the Formula One team enables Aston Martin to solve problems quickly, accelerate the pace of development, increase efficiency, and amplify performance. This underlines how seriously Aston Martin is taking its transition to electric.

A Vision for the Future Aston Martin EVs

The partnership with Lucid Group is a testament to Aston Martin’s commitment to building a sustainable future. The ambitious electrification strategy, the focus on sustainable luxury, and high-performance vehicles paint an exciting picture of the future.

This momentous shift towards electrification reflects Aston Martin’s willingness to innovate and adapt. By embracing the latest technologies, Aston Martin is future-proofing its brand, ensuring that it continues to deliver unrivaled luxury and high-performance vehicles to discerning customers worldwide.

The electrification journey is just beginning for Aston Martin. But with its ambitious plans, strategic partnerships, and dedicated in-house developments, it is setting the stage for an exciting new era in the automotive industry. Aston Martin’s future is not just Racing. Green. It’s electric.

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