The Aston Martin V12 Vantage has proudly reflected the British brand’s love for performance for the last fifteen years. Successive generations of these amazing automobiles have developed a legendary bloodline. With this unique lineage coming to an end, Aston Martin presents the new V12 Vantage, the quickest and most dynamically accomplished.

A fierce end for an incredible tradition

The new Aston Martin V12 VantageThis last edition of the V12 Vantage marks the conclusion of a historic period in a fitting manner, with manufacturing tightly restricted to 333 examples worldwide.

This incredible vehicle combines scorching straight-line speed and dazzling handling with magnificent aesthetics and coveted exclusivity to create the ultimate embodiment of extreme performance and driver-focused thrills: an immensely compelling offer.

Aston Martin has witnessed extraordinary demand for the future icon since the V12 Vantage was announced in December last year, with all vehicles sold ahead of delivery and an overcrowded register of interest anxiously waiting in the wings.

Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer, Tobias Moers, said of the V12 Vantage: “Every great sportscar brand has a hero car. For Aston Martin in more recent years that car has been the V12 Vantage. Right from the moment the first V12 Vantage RS Concept was shown back in 2007 our customers and fans around the world fell in love with the idea of fitting our biggest engine into our smallest and most sporting model.

The recipe has been refined over the years with great success, but the essence has remained the same. Now it is time to bring this bloodline to a close, fittingly with the most spectacular example yet – the fastest, most powerful and most dynamically capable V12 Vantage ever. A celebration of its forebears and an embodiment of Aston Martin’s intensifying focus on driving dynamics, it ensures the V12 Vantage goes out on the highest of highs”.

Performance in every detail

Every Aston Martin has a heart, but none more so than this, the quickest and most powerful Vantage ever made. The quad-cam 60-degree 5.2-liter V12 combines an addictive blend of outstanding low and mid-range muscularity with blistering top-end power, producing 700PS at 6500 rpm and 753Nm of torque from barely 1800rpm to 6000rpm.

With a peak speed of 200 miles per hour, the V12 Vantage accelerates from 0 to 60 in only 3.4 seconds. The V12 Vantage features a power-to-weight ratio of 390PS-per-ton, a 20 percent improvement over the V8 Vantage.

Carbon fiber front bumper, clamshell bonnet, front fenders, and side sills, composite rear bumper and deck lid, lightweight batteries, and a distinctive center-mounted twin-exit exhaust system are among the weight-saving features.

The new Aston Martin V12 VantageThis new exhaust system, designed to give the V12 Vantage a voice to match its aesthetics and performance, is comprised of lightweight 1mm stainless steel, saving 7.2kg over the previous system.

The power is sent to the rear wheels through a ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox and a mechanical Limited-Slip Differential (LSD). With learnings from the V12 Speedster and Vantage F1 Edition vehicles, the V12 Vantage gets a unique gearbox calibration to improve shift speeds and driver involvement.

This software has been particularly designed to provide a degree of shift refinement and usefulness not seen in dual-clutch gears. The adaptive software in the gearbox is intended to detect the circumstances in which the vehicle is running, as well as the demands made by the driver, to guarantee that the car is in precisely the correct gear at the right moment, giving a genuinely connected driving experience.

The V12 Vantage comes equipped with a Carbon Ceramic Braking (CCB) system for stopping power that’s more than up to the task – Front discs are 410mm x 38mm with 6-piston calipers, while rear discs are 360mm x 32mm with 4-piston calipers.

These CCB discs provide increased braking performance and a significant reduction in unsprung mass while maintaining consistent braking performance at high temperatures and resisting brake fade at temperatures up to 800 degrees, allowing the V12 Vantage to reach its full performance potential while providing the driver with maximum confidence and precise control.

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage looks as good as it drives

The V12 Vantage is most dramatic when seen from the front. While stunning from any angle, it is most dramatic when viewed from the front. A full-width front splitter perfectly complements the new front bumper design, generating more downforce and aerodynamic balance while also improving the ground-skimming posture.

The front grille has been expanded by 25% to allow more air to pass into the engine cooling radiators. A distinctive ‘horse shoe’ style engine vent has also been fitted into the bonnet, increasing cooling and mirroring the aesthetic character of Aston Martin’s stunning Vantage GT12, a road-going homage to the famous V12 Vantage GT3 racer.

The new Aston Martin V12 VantageA new sculpted single-piece sill, inspired by racing and evocative of past V12 Vantage models, extends the forceful design throughout the side profile.

A redesigned and innovative rear bumper with an integrated diffuser maintains front-to-back aerodynamic balance. The lightweight center-mounted dual tailpipe exhaust system is the centerpiece of this innovative design.

The dynamic rear wing, which contributes to a maximum downforce of 204kg at peak speed and further accentuates the V12 Vantage’s distinctive visual impact, completes the nose-to-tail metamorphosis.

The option to remove the rear wing for a more modest look and a sleeker shape is available. However, considerable work to the underbody in any design assures aerodynamic balance, offering high-speed stability and maximum performance.

The V12 Vantage comes with an open back cargo area that also displays the new rear suspension strut brace, enhancing the driving experience with the distinctive V12 audio.

Carbon fiber and dynamic layout on the inside

The new Aston Martin V12 VantageThe V12 Vantage’s interior keeps the immediately recognizable layout of the present Vantage while also emphasizing its halo status with a Sports Plus Seat dressed in full semi-aniline leather with a standard ‘Wings’ patchwork and perforation pattern.

As an option, a new carbon fiber performance seat with exposed twill carbon fiber shell and manual 6-way adjustment is offered, providing a supportive seat design for increased driving dynamics as well as a unique design character. This is a proprietary Aston Martin design inspired by racing that has been optimized to reduce 7.3kg while maintaining comfort.

Every V12 Vantage may be uniquely customized via Aston Martin’s bespoke customization program, Q by Aston Martin, to further enhance the striking style both outside and inside. Customers may design a real one-of-a-kind specification by choosing from a selection of unique alternatives.

Marco Mattiacci, Aston Martin Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer, adds: “At Aston Martin we build cars, but we sell dreams. That is the magic of this brand. Only a select number of customers around the world can buy the V12 Vantage, yet like all our iconic models, its significance extends far beyond its exclusivity. What’s more, such is the level of bespoke personalisation available via Q by Aston Martin even a car as rare as the V12 Vantage can be made to a specification completely unique to its owner”.

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