The BMW iX M60 blends a constantly sustainable vehicle idea with the design of a contemporary SAV and exhilarating dynamic driving qualities. In this manner, it represents the best of the BMW i, BMW X, and BMW M worlds.

Best of BMW i, X, and M

The new BMW iX M60 embodies a new concept of sophisticated luxury, high performance, and premium character with its technology features, which include autonomous driving, operation, and connection.

The BMW iX M60 sprints from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in under 3.8 seconds. The M-specific electric drive’s ferocious power output continues consistently into high load levels, resulting in an almost continuous rise in speed up to the electronically regulated maximum speed of 250 km/h.

According to the WLTP test cycle, the BMW iX M60 has a range of up to 566 kilometers.

The introduction of the BMW iX M60 represents a watershed moment in BMW M GmbH’s 50-year existence. It, together with the BMW i4 M50, represents the BMW M brand’s entry into the electric performance vehicle sector.

The BMW iX M60: the first purely electric M has euphorically arrivedThe electric all-wheel drive’s extreme power and precise control, combined with the highly responsive actuator-based wheel slip limitation and a suspension system that includes, among other things, an M-tuned dual-axle air suspension with automatic level control, ensure the hallmark BMW M driving experience, agility, and precision.

Athletic and balanced in true M style

The BMW iX vehicle concept is an excellent foundation for an all-electric SAV with outstanding performance capabilities. The suspension set-up, as well as the body construction and design approach, are all targeted at combining exceptional ride comfort with dynamic handling qualities.

The carbon cage with carbon fiber reinforced plastic in the roof, side, and rear parts, as well as the aluminum spaceframe idea, are a clever blend of components that combine enhanced stiffness with reduced weight. BMW M GmbH has a long history of using CFRP to decrease weight.

The BMW M3 CSL, which was debuted in 2003, used the lightweight high-tech material to remarkable effect in combining engine performance and weight. As a result, BMW M GmbH was the first to deploy CFRP in large-scale automobile manufacturing.

A standard carbon-fiber roof and other CFRP components are part of the clever lightweight construction approach in many contemporary BMW M GmbH high-performance sports vehicles.

The BMW iX M60’s performance, economy, and range are further aided by its improved aerodynamic qualities, which result in a drag coefficient of 0.26 in Sport Mode. The high-voltage battery is housed deep under the vehicle’s underbody, reducing the vehicle’s center of gravity and ensuring nimble handling and evenly distributed axle loads.

The BMW iX M60: the first purely electric M has euphorically arrivedAs a result, the BMW iX M60’s performance features include not just fascinatingly spontaneous acceleration, but also superb cornering dynamics and handling that can be precisely controlled at all times, even in extremely dynamic conditions.

At all speeds, the BMW iX M60’s superbly balanced driving qualities give it a confident and light-footed sensation. It may also be pushed to its physical limitations, providing clear feedback to the driver in the BMW M manner.

The BMW iX M60 is constructed on a new modular system that represents the future cornerstone of BMW cars

The BMW iX M60 blends M performance with the BMW Group’s new future modular system’s extraordinarily sophisticated technology in the areas of autonomous driving, operation, connection, and digital services. This results in a premium mobility experience that is unrivaled in the marketplace.

This is aided by the fully redesigned interior architecture, which creates an extraordinarily generous sense of space.

The BMW iX M60, like the other model versions, comes standard with the most comprehensive range of driver aid systems ever provided by BMW, as well as other innovations.

A new generation of sensors, a new software stack, and a powerful processing platform also provides a lot of promise for continually improving autonomous driving and parking tasks – with level 3 capability in the near future.

The current edition of the iDrive display and control technology allows for natural conversation between the driver and the car.

It is based on the new BMW Operating System 8 and was created with a strong emphasis on the touch function of the new BMW Curved Display and voice communication with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, which has been greatly expanded. Over-the-air installation of new and better vehicle functionalities is possible with Remote Software Upgrades.

The BMW iX M60: the first purely electric M has euphorically arrivedWith the cloud-based BMW Maps system and Augmented Reality Video on the Control Display, you can plan your journey quickly and precisely, with ideal traffic information. The BMW iX is also a pioneer in data transfer utilizing the 5G mobile phone standard, as well as in the integration of a personal mobile phone account into the car through the Personal eSIM.

Innovation and space on the inside

The cabin is roomy, high-quality, and creatively built, allowing the driver to focus on driving while also giving travel comfort and the joy of advanced luxury. Driving enjoyment is enhanced with multifunction seats with integrated headrests, the big BMW Curved Display, the hexagonal steering wheel, and the anthracite-colored roof liner.

The removal of the center tunnel provides more legroom, as well as storage and a center console meant to seem like a high-end piece of furniture. Natural leather seats, instrument panel, center console, and door trim surfaces, as well as Gold Bronze surfaces and controls, are available as options.

An M logo appears on the left-hand area of the information display, regardless of the set display layout or engaged My Mode.

The BMW iX M60’s exclusivity is further enhanced by the car’s very high level of standard equipment.

The BMW iX M60: the first purely electric M has euphorically arrivedBMW Live Cockpit Professional and BMW Natural Interaction, which allows functions to be controlled using voice and body language, the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, Comfort Access, Active Seat Ventilation for the driver and front passenger, and the Heat Comfort Package are among the features.

Supreme sustainability in concept and materials

BMW i recognizes and defines forward-thinking premium mobility as the responsible use of resources across the whole value chain and the greatest reduction of CO2 footprint over the full product life cycle. This comprehensive approach is used in the development of the BMW iX M60, as well as across the supply chain and in manufacturing.

The BMW i brand represents environmental and social sustainability.

The BMW Group obtains the cobalt and lithium needed for high-voltage batteries from regulated sources in Australia and Morocco and delivers it to the battery cell producers. The usage of rare earth metals in the rotors of the drives may be avoided thanks to the design concept of electric motors.

In addition, the corporation buys aluminum that is made using power generated by solar energy facilities.

The cars, as well as the battery cells, are made entirely of green power. The BMW iX M60’s resource-efficient manufacture is aided by a high amount of secondary aluminum and recycled plastic.

The inside is made up of FSC-certified wood, olive tree leaf extract-tanned leather, and other natural materials. Recycled fishing nets are used as a raw material for floor coverings and carpets, among other things.

The global market launch for the BMW iX M60 will begin in June 2022.

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