Castrol EV fluids to be used in BYD’s flagship model. One of China’s foremost producers of electric cars (BEVs), BYD, and Castrol have agreed to a new, three-year strategic partnership arrangement. With a goal of selling one million BEVs by 2022, BYD sold about 600,000 BEVs in 2021 and is aggressively marketing exports to over 60 nations.

Building on existing partnerships

BYD will use Castrol EV fluids following a 2022 official agreementCastrol ON superior EV fluids will be used by BYD (China) in their expanding line of electric cars. The deal is a continuation of the 2021 first-fill and service-fill supply agreements.

In accordance with the most recent agreement and in light of testing, BYD (China) will formally advise using Castrol ON EV Transmission Fluid in its Han premium flagship vehicle. With more than 150,000 units sold since its premiere in 2020, the mid-size electric sedan, one of the most well-liked plug-in vehicles in China, has a range of up to 376 miles (605 km).

The advantages of Castrol ON products will be emphasized via joint marketing initiatives between the two businesses in China, the world’s biggest EV market.

Castrol ON products will be promoted by BYD (China) in its online shops, after-sales facilities, and via its dealer network in China. In a series of service initiatives intended to educate vehicle owners about the advantages of using EV-specific lubricants, both firms will sell the goods using co-branded assets.

In January 2021, BYD (China) became the first international carmaker to introduce Castrol ON EV products across its aftersales activities.

In accordance with the partnership agreement, BYD (China) will also encourage its China Rally Championship-affiliated New Energy Vehicle (NEV) racing squad to utilize Castrol ON EV Transmission Fluid (CRC). Castrol ON products provides the effectiveness, durability, and performance required to triumph on difficult rally stages.

BYD will use Castrol EV fluids following a 2022 official agreement

An agreement for the future

“Castrol and BYD (China) have a long-standing relationship, and this is an important milestone in the development of Castrol’s new energy business in China. This strategic cooperation with BYD (China) will help us pursue EV opportunities in both first-fill and service-fill, underpinning Castrol’s leading position in the China EV market,” said Mike Zhang, Vice President Castrol China.


“This strategic collaboration agreement is an important milestone in the deployment of our advanced range of Castrol ON EV fluids. As the world continues to transition towards electric mobility and a sustainable future, it’s essential automakers such as BYD and their customers have access to high-quality fluids that enhance the performance and durability of their EVs,” added Sumeet Wadhwa, Electric Vehicle and Growth Unit Marketing Director Castrol.


“BYD (China) was the first to introduce Castrol ON EV Fluids for the after-service business in January 2021 and we now officially recommend the use of Castrol ON EV Transmission Fluid for our luxury flagship sedan, Han. As we announce the end of production of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, we believe this partnership with Castrol will go towards helping us accelerate EV adoption across the world,” said Zikai Gao, Managing Director, BYD Global After-sales Division.

In order to assist EVs in going further, charging more quickly, and lasting longer, Castrol offers ON line of EV Transmission Fluids, EV Thermal Fluids, and EV Greases. Advanced EV transmission fluids boost efficiency while providing improved drivetrain protection.

Castrol’s EV Greases are essential for maintaining maximum efficiency and prolonging the life of vehicle components. Castrol EV Thermal Fluids help keep batteries cooler, even in harsh temperatures, enabling ultra-fast charging.

BYD will use Castrol EV fluids following a 2022 official agreement

Castrol EV fluids are already present in motorsports

Electric vehicles are evolving fast and the best place to pioneer new products and technologies is in motorsport.

This is supported by Castrol’s tight working connections with its partners in the automotive and component manufacturing industries, including the Jaguar TCS Racing Formula E Team, which is pleased to welcome Castrol, one of the top lubricants companies in the world, as a new partner.

Building on a long and fruitful racing cooperation, the team is utilizing Castrol’s cutting-edge EV fluids inside the Jaguar. Jaguar TCS Racing and Castrol have seen exceptional success in motorsports throughout the years, winning the renowned Le Mans 24 Hours and the 24 Hours of Daytona.

By using Castrol’s EV Fluids, Jaguar and Castrol will be able to work together, learn from their successes on the track, and further develop cutting-edge technology and EV fluids for the highly regarded Jaguar I-PACE and next Jaguar road cars.

A greener strategy for 2030

One of the top lubricant brands in the world, Castrol, has a long history of innovation and supporting the aspirations of trailblazers. For more than a century, Castrol has created lubricants and greases that have been at the core of innumerable technical achievements on land, in the air, on the water, and in space thanks to the company’s passion for performance and belief in the value of collaboration.

Castrol has created a new plan today that outlines goals for 2030 to eliminate waste, cut carbon emissions, and enhance lives. The automotive, maritime, industrial, and energy industries are served by Castrol, which is a member of the BP group.

Castrol aims to provide premium quality and cutting-edge technology, which has helped its branded goods gain recognition for innovation and performance on a worldwide scale.

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