The Ferrari 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A are devoted to a small group of collectors and fans who are passionate about the noblest of Ferrari traditions: absolute maximum performance. The application of cutting-edge technology ideas to the engine, vehicle dynamics, and aerodynamics has pushed the envelope to new heights.

In true Ferrari tradition: V12 all the way

812 Competizione and 812 Competizione are two different types of 812 Competizione. A sport is developed from the multi-award-winning engine that powers the 812 Superfast and is the most thrilling V12 on the automotive scene. The result is an 830 hp naturally aspirated engine that combines tremendous power with exhilarating delivery and the characteristic Ferrari V12 noise.

Several sections of the engine, which has the same 6.5-liter displacement as the V12 in the 812 Superfast, have been considerably re-engineered to attain a new record red line while optimizing the fluid dynamics of the intake system and combustion, as well as decreasing internal friction.

Maximum revs have risen to 9,500 rpm, which, combined with a rising crescendo of torque delivery, creates a sensation of progressive and limitless power and acceleration. The painstaking reworking of major engine components such as the con-rods, pistons, crankshaft, and distribution yielded this outcome.

The titanium con-rods are 40% lighter than steel equivalents while maintaining the same mechanical resistance; on the other hand, the piston pins have been coated with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating to minimize friction and improve performance, fuel economy, and wear.

These improvements are paired with a rebalanced crankshaft that is also 3% lighter than the previous model.

Ferrari 812 Competizione: a set of incredible collectibles from MaranelloThe distribution and cylinder heads, which have both been totally overhauled, are the most important upgrades. The valve stems are now controlled by DLC-coated steel sliding finger followers, which were created particularly for this engine to produce a greater lift profile and are taken on Ferrari’s F1 expertise.

The intake system was redesigned to ensure that the engine breathes correctly across the entire rev range: the manifold and plenum are now more compact, reducing the overall length of the tracts and delivering more power at high revs, while a system of variable geometry inlet tracts optimizes the torque curve at all engine speeds.

This allows the length of the intake tract assembly to be continually adjusted in response to the firing sequence in order to maximize the cylinder’s dynamic charge. As a consequence, the engine revs at a high rate all the way to the cutoff, with no drop down as it approaches the red line.

A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is standard on both the 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A, boosting the latter’s performance to new heights and giving the V12 a fresh changeover sensation. The control tactics were calibrated, which resulted in a 5% reduction in shift times.

Despite keeping the same gear ratios as the 812 Superfast, the new car’s shifts are significantly more dynamic, due to the new V12’s additional 500 rpm in maximum revs.

Performance enhancement with state-of-the-art aerodynamics

The increased engine power and maximum rpm of the 812 Competizione have resulted in an increase in heat to be dispersed. The effectiveness of the cooling flow management has been increased to meet these new needs without increasing the size and weight of the radiating masses.

While the engine air intakes of the 812 Superfast are located on each side of the huge central grille, the 812 Competizione has an integrated design with a single air duct.

This enabled the intake for the engine radiators to be extended as far as the chassis would allow, lowering not just weight but also losses to the intake plenum and hence the combustion chamber, improving overall performance.

Ferrari 812 Competizione: a set of incredible collectibles from MaranelloUtilizing both the vents on the bonnet on each side of the central ‘blade’ and the louvers in the wings, the hot air flowing off the radiator was better evacuated.

Because these locations are extremely effective at cooling, the designers were able to optimize and lower the apertures on the underbody, all to the advantage of the front aerodynamics’ efficiency. All of this adds up to a 10% increase in engine fluid cooling efficiency over the 812 Superfast.

Even when the 812 Competizione A is driven in open mode, the contour of the engine vents on either side of the hood blade is designed to ensure proper flow management: the hot air flow lines are deviated away from the cockpit and channeled along the flanks until they ultimately merge with the car’s wake.

Ferrari 812 Competizione duo design package

The 812 Competizione has a distinct personality that, in terms of dimensions and formal balance, distinguishes it from the 812 Superfast. The Ferrari Stylistic Centre was able to give the automobile a whole new meaning thanks to the mechanical changes made, by selecting styling themes that enhanced the car’s architectural design, sculptural shapes, and athletic mission.

The bonnet of the 812 Competizione includes a transverse groove in which the carbon-fiber blade rests, which is one of the model’s most prominent characteristics. This proved to be a unique approach to concealing engine compartment air vents while simultaneously expanding their surface area.

The adoption of this transverse piece over the louvers found on certain earlier Ferrari sports cars ensures the bonnet appears cleaner and more sculptural from a design standpoint. This motif also serves as a three-dimensional representation of the notion of livery, evoking the trademark stripe across the bonnet seen on certain old racing Ferraris.

Because of the altered front-end aerodynamics, the designers were able to give the vehicle a more aggressive personality, matching its limited-edition special status. With a very large front grille flanked by two distinct and noticeable side brake intakes, the car’s nose displays all of its intimidating power.

Ferrari 812 Competizione: a set of incredible collectibles from MaranelloThe carbon-fiber splitter emphasizes the car’s wide, squat stance, implying excellent road-holding.

The replacement of the rear screen with an all-aluminum surface is the most apparent part of the 812 Competizione’s design. The upper-surface vortex generators, which improve the car’s aerodynamic efficiency, also generate a backbone effect that emphasizes the car’s sculptural elements.

This theme, along with the carbon-fiber blade that runs over the bonnet, alters the overall sense of the vehicle’s volume: the car seems smaller than the 812 Superfast, emphasizing its strong, fastback appearance.

The lack of a rear screen also gives a textural consistency between the roof and the spoiler, allowing owners to further personalize the car with a single continuous graphic livery that spans the length of the vehicle.

Even the rear spoiler has grown in size. It’s taller, but the design treatment utilized on the tail makes it seem extremely broad, nearly horizontal, giving the back end more stance.

The extremities of this aerodynamic appendage cross the line of the rear wings, emphasizing their muscular aspect and evoking classic Ferraris like the 330 P3/P4. The crests’ rear bodywork is fluted, emphasizing the three-dimensionality and individuality of the car’s flanks and shapes.

The car’s taillight clusters give it a more aggressive and provocative appearance. They slot neatly into a slit immediately below the spoiler and help to give the back end a horizontal impression. The rear bumper is notably sculptural, with a scoop at wheel height including two large air vents.

Three aerodynamic slots have been developed along the outer bumper surface behind the wheels, producing an immediately recognizable aesthetic detail that mimics the form of the rear screen’s vortex generators.

Inspiration from the 812 Superfast: the cockpit

Ferrari 812 Competizione: a set of incredible collectibles from MaranelloThe 812 Competizione’s interior architecture is identical to that of the 812 Superfast, with the same overall specifications and primary dash and door panel interfaces, as well as the latter’s trademark “diapason” design. To emphasize the cockpit’s sportiness, the door panel has been lightened both officially and in terms of real weight.

The pocket for the door panel protrudes from the mainframe, almost as if it were a floating piece. This gives the cabin a feeling of lightness as well as formal and textural coherence. Only a little appendage connected to the door handle serves as an armrest, but it also functions as a dynamic muscle on the panel.

The traditional gear-gate concept is given a contemporary twist right in the center of the cockpit, creating a connection between Ferrari’s history and future. It’s the first time it’s been seen on a V12 vehicle, and it perfectly captures the essence of the 812 Competizione as well as the marque’s history.

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