Ferrari Purosangue debuted in the marvelously dramatic settings of the Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico, the first-ever four-door, four-seater vehicle in the performance brand’s 75-year history, to the eager expectation of the worldwide automotive community.

The highlights of the Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari Purosangue: the unique and thrillingBecause of its performance levels and comfort, the Purosangue is unique in its class. It is the only vehicle with these dimensions to include a naturally aspirated, mid-front-mounted V12.

The most recognizable engine from Maranello makes its debut in this brand-new configuration to guarantee that the vehicle releases more power than any other in the sector (725 hp) and that the most captivating Ferrari engine symphony is produced. Additionally, it can generate 80% torque even at low rpm for consistently enjoyable driving.

Other highlights we need to mention are the class-leading performance statistics (0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds and 0 to 200 km/h in 10.6 seconds). Comfort-focused features that come as standard, include the Burmester audio system, although it also comes with many available extras, such as the brand-new Alcantara upholstery made from certified recycled polyester.

An engine like no other and a transmission to match it

The engine of the Ferrari Purosangue, code-named F140IA, maintains the 65° angle between its cylinder banks, 6.5-liter capacity, dry sump, and high-pressure direct injection that made the Prancing Horse‘s most recent 12-cylinders so successful.

However, it was created to provide the most torque at low rpm while retaining the linear, limitless power characteristic of Ferrari’s naturally aspirated V12 engines. At only 2100 rpm, 80% of the maximum torque is available, and at 6250 rpm, it reaches its high of 716 Nm. A true sports car’s throttle responsiveness and a maximum power of 725 hp are obtained at 7750 rpm.

Ferrari Purosangue: the unique and thrillingThe cylinder heads are drawn from the 812 Competizione, but the intake, timing, and exhaust systems have all been totally rebuilt. The improvement of mechanical and combustion efficiency received a great deal of focus while using calibration techniques from Formula 1.

As a consequence, the most powerful engine Ferrari has ever created for a four-seater vehicle is also the most potent in its class and the only one able to produce that immediately recognizable Ferrari V12 sound.

The 8-speed, oil-bath dual-clutch transmission’s architecture was optimized by the use of a dry sump and a noticeably smaller clutch assembly, resulting in a 15 mm reduction in the Ferrari SUV’s installed height and a corresponding reduction in the center of gravity. With a 35% increase in performance, the new clutch can transfer up to 1200 Nm of dynamic torque during gear changes.

New-generation actuation hydraulics have made clutch fill times quicker, which has resulted in shorter overall gear change times as compared to the old 7-speed DCT.

The spacings are shorter and much more progressive with new gear ratios, and a longer top ratio is oriented for higher efficiency on highways. Downshifts have been tuned for smooth shifting, with a focus on driving enjoyment and highlighting the sound of the new V12 engine.

Ferrari original dynamics and driving experience

The Ferrari SUV’s dynamic performance was developed with the goal of building a vehicle that would be totally unheard of on the global stage: a design that would deliver usability and comfort standards that would place it at the pinnacle of the market in addition to delivering signature Ferrari vehicle dynamics and performance on par with the rest of the range.

The Ferrari active suspension system made possible by Multimatic’s True Active Spool Valve (TASV) System is a global first and is featured in the Purosangue. This revolutionary suspension design provides several benefits over competing products by integrating hydraulic damping through a high-precision spool valve with electric motor actuation into a single, seamlessly integrated system.

Ferrari Purosangue: the unique and thrillingThe electric motor makes it possible for the body and wheels to be actively controlled at higher frequencies and with more force authority than previous adaptive or semi-active systems.

The speed at which the TASV 48-volt motor actuators exert force in the direction of the damper’s stroke is one benefit of Ferrari’s active suspension system. Ferrari co-developed the three-phase, high-power density brushless electric motor for this use. Utilizing “slotless” stator winding technology, the motor’s radial dimensions are kept to a minimum and its power density is increased.

A twin-lead ball screw that is mechanically attached directly to the hydraulic damper piston rod transmits the motor force in a revolutionary fashion that allows for high-frequency responsiveness while minimizing friction, inertia, and package size.

Muscular and sleek exterior

Even though the Purosangue has larger volumes than Ferrari’s most potent sports cars, the way the height is styled gives the vehicle a sense of overall lightness. At the same time, the Ferrari Styling Centre chose to create audaciously unique shapes to give the Purosangue a forceful posture of its own.

The shape of the Ferrari Purosangue was intended to be a sculpture that highlights and emphasizes its amazing aerodynamic development. This is supported physically by a number of elements, such as the aerobridge’s pontoon effect between the front and flanks. Every single aerodynamic component was seen as a chance to enhance that distinctive sculptural appearance and emphasize the car’s artistic statement.

The idea of lightness and compactness was also applied to the roof, and the prominent rear wings, which give the car’s profile its distinctive proportions, highlight these qualities.

Ferrari Purosangue: the unique and thrillingThe front of the Ferrari SUVe grows on numerous levels, creating a dynamic, horizontal language that flows back fluidly into the sides. The Ferrari Purosangue lacks a front grille in favor of a dihedral hanging from the bottom part, which has a more mechanical appearance. The camera and parking sensors are housed in a slot that is created by two shells, blending them flawlessly into the design of the automobile.

The DLRs are located at each side of the bonnet, sandwiched between two pairs of air intakes that blend into the upper portion of the sides to emphasize the stylistic concept. As a consequence, blown aero vents, rather than headlamps, dominate the Purosangue’s front appearance.

Based on the same aerodynamic principle as those on the SF90 Stradale, particular forged wheels were created for the Purosangue, whose radial features on the outside channel allow hot air evacuation from the wheel arch. These aerodynamic extensions protrude from three-dimensional surfaces and are beautifully accented with a diamond-cut finish.

Comfort and sportiness on the inside

The SF90 Stradale served as an inspiration for the driver’s cockpit, which is almost identical on the passenger side. The front passenger experiences an unprecedented level of emotional involvement, as a result, helped along by a 10.2″ display that gives them all the information they need to participate in the driving experience.

The complete digital user interface used by the rest of the series is included on the Ferrari Purosangue.

Ferrari Purosangue: the unique and thrillingThe dual-cockpit dashboard design, which has been expanded and reproduced in the rear of the Ferrari SUV to create four sections that are distinctly different in terms of their functioning, volumes, materials, and colors, serves as the foundation for Purosangue’s interior architecture.

This idea served as the inspiration for the composition of the cabin, which grows horizontally and smoothly between the furniture to elongate the room and maintain the volumes airy and lively.

The passengers are embraced by the wraparound shapes as they converge towards the center, which also emphasizes the dual cockpit idea at the front and back via a conversation between the upholstered volumes and the functioning technological regions.

A concealed rotary interface in the center of the dashboard houses comfort-related settings, while a second rotary interface in the back of the vehicle gives the backseat passengers access to the same features.

The inside of the car has four distinct, independently adjustable seats for the first time in Ferrari’s history. The Purosangue offers unmatched occupant comfort and a layout that radiates the sportiness and elegance characteristic of Ferrari’s design language thanks to the integration of comfort-focused components, the use of variable density foams, and the innovative suspension system.

The heated rear seats include independent height and reclining controls. They greatly boost the Purosangue’s cargo capacity when completely raked forward.

The Ferrari Purosangue also introduces the Burmester® 3D High-End Surround Sound System as standard hardware. This audio system utilizes cutting-edge technology to give the best performance from low to high frequencies.

The subwoofer is housed in its own closed cabinet for utmost bass clarity, power, and speed along with stunningly low frequencies, while the ribbon tweeter makes its debut appearance in any production vehicle.

An immersive, thrilling, and high-quality audio experience that embodies the car’s distinctive personality and, in turn, the very soul of the automotive masterpieces created in Maranello is provided by 3D sound in addition to extra pre-sets.

The Ferrari Purosangue price will be around $400,000 (390,000 euros).

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