The impressive and exclusive Bentley Batur is ready for production. It’s the end of an era and the start of a new one as Bentley ushers in a new phase in luxury vehicle production with its latest model, the Batur by Mulliner. More than just a car, the Batur represents a culmination of superior engineering, unparalleled craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation.

The vehicle has completed its rigorous development program, marking the commencement of the customer cars’ assembly phase.

The Bentley Batur by Mulliner

Craftsmanship Personified

What sets the Bentley Batur apart is its commitment to an exceptional level of bespoke craftsmanship. Each customer vehicle takes approximately four months to handcraft, a testament to the intricate process that ensures each unit is nothing short of perfection. The production schedule is set to run until the end of 2024, ensuring that every piece rolls off the line as a masterpiece of automotive artistry.

The journey from conception to realization was no easy feat for Bentley Batur. Two development vehicles, Car Zero, and Car Zero-Zero, set the stage for the 18 Batur customer cars. Bentley’s rigorous testing regime is nothing short of remarkable, with the vehicles enduring real-world road conditions, high-speed testing beyond 200 mph, and rough surfaces to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Moreover, the Batur underwent 600 hours of solar loading, equivalent to five years in an Arizona desert. This stringent procedure ensures the sustainability of the materials used in the Batur’s construction, proving their capability to withstand a lifetime’s use.

The Embodiment of Luxury: Car Zero and Car Zero-Zero

The development vehicles, Car Zero and Car Zero-Zero are not your typical prototypes. The craftsmanship levels they showcase match the customer cars, serving as perfect representatives of the final product.

With bespoke finishes like Purple Sector and Marina Teal, these vehicles have undergone thorough durability tests, traversing 2,500 km on a European tour, high-speed trials, and extreme environmental conditions. They embody Bentley’s relentless pursuit of excellence, proving that luxury and performance can coexist beautifully.

A Tribute to Power: The Bentley Batur’s W12 Engine

The heart of the Batur is the impressive W12 engine, tracing its origins back to the Continental GT of 2003. The evolution of this powerhouse has kept pace with Bentley’s ascent to the pinnacle of automotive luxury brands.

The Bentley Batur by MullinerThe Bentley Batur’s W12 represents a celebration and farewell of this incredible engine, generating a remarkable 750 hp peak output. This makes it the most powerful W12 engine, and therefore the most powerful Bentley powertrain ever built.

Paul Williams, Chief Technical Officer for Mulliner, comments: “At the start of the project it was clear that this car had to be the ultimate GT and so every element from the exterior design, engine power and hand-crafted interior has been created without compromise.

There are a number of unique features that bring new challenges. For example, the exterior headlamps are very compact LED units and made to our styling teams challenging proportions, which transforms the exterior appearance of the car but is complex to produce. We’re also working with the most powerful development of the W12 in its 20-year history, which brings an enormous validation program.”

This engine is not only a tribute to power but a marvel of technological advancements. Its air intake system, modified turbochargers, revised intercoolers, and new calibrations have undergone rigorous testing for over 100 weeks. Its performance is matched to the most advanced Bentley chassis specification ever, further cementing the Batur’s place at the pinnacle of grand touring.

A Coachbuilding Revolution

The Batur signifies a new coachbuilding era, offering customers an unparalleled level of individuality. Using advanced technologies and new sustainable materials, Mulliner provides a near-infinite palette for customers to realize their unique vision of the ultimate grand tourer.

The Bentley Batur by MullinerMoreover, meticulous attention to detail ensures every component, including the 18ct yellow gold options for the Charisma Dial and the Organ Stop air vent control, passes the strictest development scrutiny. These parts are made from recycled, 3D-printed gold, proving Bentley’s commitment to sustainability without compromising on luxury.

The Future Starts Now

With all tests cleared and the first 18 examples of Batur reserved, Bentley is ready to embark on the next phase of its journey. Customers can now engage in the co-creation process, guided by Mulliner’s in-house design team. Each vehicle will be handcrafted at Mulliner’s workshop in Bentley’s carbon-neutral factory in Crewe, England, with each unit taking about four months to complete.

The Batur, in all its grandeur, represents a new era of luxury automobiles where power, innovation, and superior craftsmanship coexist. As Bentley ushers in this new era, the Batur stands as a symbol of its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of automotive luxury. Welcome to the future of grand touring. The Batur by Mulliner awaits.

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