The former Frankfurt Motor Show transformed into IAA Mobility in 2021 and Munich is set to take center stage once again, bringing together the brightest minds, groundbreaking innovations, and forward-thinking visions of the mobility industry. At the heart of it all is the IAA Mobility Summit.

A Global Gathering of Mobility Minds

2023 IAA Mobility SummitDubbed as the preeminent industry event for decision-makers, stakeholders, and visionaries, this year’s IAA Mobility promises to be bigger, better, and more expansive. One of the central attractions of the summit will be the IAA Conference, boasting a lineup of over 500 influential speakers ready to offer insights on the next era of mobility.

“IAA MOBILITY is where the entire mobility world comes together in Munich. The focus will be on one particular issue that affects us all: Mobility shapes how we live, work, and experience our world. With our slogan, ‘Experience Connected Mobility’, we will show what the mobility of the future will look like.

This is a herculean task, and the key to doing so lies in the combination of sustainability and digitalization. Moreover, IAA MOBILITY doesn’t only address one means of transport, and instead seeks to interlink the mobility landscape and present solutions that prioritize people,” said the host, VDA President Hildegard Müller for the press.

Diverse Topics, Esteemed Speakers

From global automotive industry giants like Volkswagen’s Oliver Blume and Bosch’s Stefan Hartung, the speaker list also includes young visionaries like Alyssa Carson. At just 22, Carson is already a NASA prodigy, being the first person to complete the coveted “NASA Passport Program”.

Her ambassadorship for “Mars One” symbolizes the boundless potential of what the future of mobility might look like – extending beyond our roads to the red plains of Mars.

2023 IAA Mobility SummitBut it’s not all about cars and space. The summit recognizes the increasing overlap of the automotive and cycling industries. Sandra Wolf, CEO of Riese & Müller, speaks of the immense dynamics in the bicycle sector, with major automotive players like Porsche entering the fray.

There’s also a strong emphasis on sustainability and urban transport solutions. Take, for instance, Meredith Glaser of the Urban Cycling Institute in Amsterdam. Her research promises fresh perspectives, focusing on accelerating the transition to sustainable transport systems.

Mobility’s Unique Intersection

The uniqueness of the IAA Mobility Summit lies in its comprehensive approach. Before its inception in 2021, there was no global platform capturing all facets of mobility – be it cycling, micromobility, digitalization, urban planning, or public transport. It’s this cross-pollination of ideas that stands as the cornerstone of the summit, fostering discussions that will undoubtedly shape our mobile futures.

“The car will be a key component in the future of mobility, but at the same time it will be just one of many dimensions. IAA MOBILITY has changed the nature of mobility conventions. The combination of the IAA SUMMIT on the convention center grounds and the IAA Open Space in downtown Munich provides insight into the future of mobility platforms,” added Hildegard Müller.

A Glimpse into the Future of Mobility

Trade visitors are in for a treat with the “firmenauto test drive” by ETM Verlag. Imagine having the opportunity to experience, firsthand, over 25 different electric vehicle models – all in one place. Brands like Porsche, Kia, Nissan, and Volvo have already confirmed their participation, marking a clear emphasis on the burgeoning e-mobility sector.

Compared to IAA MOBILITY 2021, there will be far more international presenters this year. The number of presenters from abroad has increased by 17%, from 33% in 2021 to 50% this year.

Leading German companies will be joined by many renowned companies from across the globe, including BYD, Google, LG, and Samsung. At the same time, the number of companies making their debut at IAA MOBILITY has never been higher. China, the USA, Austria, South Korea, and France will be the most heavily represented countries aside from Germany.

2023 IAA Mobility SummitThe number of countries present has also increased, with Singapore, Kosovo, Thailand, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Serbia making their first appearances. The ‘Ukrainian Automotive Cluster’, funded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the VDA, will have a stand at the IAA Summit as well.

Asia will also have a greater presence, with 41% of presenters coming from this continent. The number of Chinese companies coming to IAA MOBILITY 2023 has more than doubled. Furthermore, this year’s World New Energy Vehicle Congress (WNEVC) will be held at IAA MOBILITY on September 6, thus leaving China for the very first time.

A World of Innovation

Incorporating a global dimension, numerous country pavilions have been set up. From the Invest in Canada joint stand to the European High-Tech Pavilion, it’s evident that the world sees the IAA Mobility Summit as the quintessential platform for showcasing their advancements in the mobility sector.

The World Cycling Forum (WCF) marks its second year in Munich as part of the IAA Mobility. It aims to bridge the worlds of cycling and automotive, discussing the rapid changes in the market and the opportunities they present. E-bikes, digital futures, and government legislation are set to be hot topics.

2023 IAA Mobility in a Nutshell

The IAA Mobility Summit 2023 isn’t just a conference; it’s a beacon for the future of movement. From cycling to cars, and urban planning to interstellar ambitions, the event promises to be a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and interactions. As Munich prepares to welcome the world, one thing is clear – the journey to the future of mobility has never been this exciting.

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