Audi, the German luxury car manufacturer, has unveiled its latest concept vehicle, the Audi activesphere. This four-door crossover coupé is the fourth model in the company’s sphere series, following the release of the Audi skysphere roadster in 2021 and the Audi grandsphere sedan and the Audi urbansphere space concept earlier in 2022.

Step Inside the Futuristic World of Audi Activesphere

Discover the Audi activesphere: An All-Rounder for Sustainable, High-Tech Mobility

The Audi activesphere is a versatile vehicle, designed to be equally comfortable on-road and off-road. It boasts impressive ground clearance and large 22-inch wheels, as well as a sporty, elegant design that is sure to turn heads. With the touch of a button, the car’s sportback rear transforms into an open cargo bed, making it the perfect choice for transporting recreational equipment such as e-bikes or sports gear.

The car is powered by an electric drive system, with quick-charging technology from Audi’s PPE modular system. With a range of over 600 km, it offers the sustainability, performance and long-distance capability of the latest electric vehicles.

The Audi activesphere is also equipped with advanced autonomous driving technology, allowing drivers to relax and enjoy the ride on suitable terrain. The car’s innovative operating concept, Audi dimensions, combines the physical and virtual worlds through the use of high-tech headsets that display digital content in real-time.

According to Oliver Hoffmann, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development, “The sphere concept vehicles show our vision for the premium mobility of the future.”

The activesphere is the perfect all-rounder for a future-oriented generation of Audi customers who demand sustainability, aesthetics, dynamism and future-oriented technology.

The Audi activesphere was conceived and designed at the Audi Design Studio in Malibu, California, by a team of creative minds led by studio manager Gael Buzyn. It is a fascinating vision of what the future of mobility could look like, crossing the boundaries between individual mobility, sustainability and cutting-edge technology.

Sphere – People-Focused Interiors by Audi

Step Inside the Futuristic World of Audi ActivesphereAudi has introduced its latest line of vehicles, including the skysphere, grandsphere, urbansphere, and the new activesphere, all of which have a common theme: a focus on interiors. Instead of designing cars based on their performance metrics such as speed and power, Audi has chosen to prioritize interior design by putting the needs and desires of the occupants at the forefront.

As a result, the design process has undergone a change, starting with the interior design and then moving on to the exterior package, proportions, and lines. The interior of the Audi activesphere boasts a minimalist design, with a focus on clarity and tidiness. The use of horizontal and vertical surfaces, along with right angles, is dominant in the interior architecture. The interior zones feature horizontal contrasting coloring with a warm lava red color used for the seating surfaces, door, and front paneling. The high, full-length center console acts as the centerpiece, providing a lounge-like atmosphere in the car.

In autonomous mode, the dashboard, steering wheel, and pedals disappear, creating a wide open space in front of the driver, offering a clear view of the road. The dashboard works as both a large soundbar and a smart air vent. If the driver wants to take control of the wheel, the dashboard and steering wheel swivel out from their invisible position. The MMI touchless controls in the doors provide easy access to adjust windows and seat settings.

Step Inside the Futuristic World of Audi ActivesphereThe center console provides ample storage space and can be used as an on-board bar, cooled or heated. The top cover is transparent, offering a view of the stored items. The roof also features a console, where the four AR headsets for the mixed reality system are kept within reach for all passengers.

In conclusion, Audi’s new activesphere has prioritized interiors, providing a minimalist design with a focus on comfort and functionality. The interior architecture and design elements aim to create a lounge-like atmosphere, with a high, full-length center console serving as the centerpiece. With features such as a swiveling dashboard, touchless controls, and a mixed reality system, Audi is pushing the boundaries of in-car technology and comfort.

Experience Next-Level Interaction with the Audi activesphere and Its Innovative Mixed Reality Technology

Audi is taking the interface between the car, its users, and the environment to the next level with its innovative activesphere concept. The concept, which is the first of its kind, uses mixed reality technology to merge physical reality and the digital sphere to create a new world, known as Audi dimensions.

Step Inside the Futuristic World of Audi ActivesphereThe mixed reality headsets, available for each driver and passenger, serve as the centerpiece of the new system. These innovative headsets provide users with access to a comprehensive digital ecosystem while they’re in the Audi activesphere. In the early days, virtual reality (VR) goggles were limited to depicting a virtual reality without any real-world elements. However, technology evolved into augmented reality (AR), where the real world is superimposed with virtual content. With the latest mixed reality technology, virtual content can be displayed with spatial reference to the real world in three dimensions, offering greater flexibility, precision, and displayable content.

The Audi activesphere concept uses a pioneering generation of mixed reality technology that brings the dimension of interaction to the superimposed real and digital worlds. The system offers unprecedented optical precision, highest resolution, and excellent contrast, displaying control surfaces and displays that are invisible to the unaided eye, within the user’s field of vision. Users can view virtual content and if they focus their eyes on the information, the system will display more detailed information. The user can interact with the content using gestures, and the user interface will react in real-time like a conventional instrument. The virtual control moves towards the user, making it comfortable to interact with the user interface, regardless of their sitting position.

The interior of the Audi activesphere is now uncluttered and spacious, without the need for keyboards and scale batteries. The car’s functions appear only when needed and can be operated intuitively, just like in the real world. The diverse functions are located logically in front of the related elements. For example, the AC control hovers in front of the airvent, while the entertainment and sound interactive panel hovers over the speaker.

The mixed reality technology offers limitless possibilities, not just inside the car but also outside it. For instance, navigation routes and vehicle maintenance can be prepared using the mixed reality headset and its technology. Passengers and drivers can receive very individual content depending on their needs and tasks, and control the temperature and air supply for their seating area, as well as browse the music selection of the sound system. The mixed reality headset measures the interior with millimeter precision, allowing virtual content to be superimposed according to personal requirements and used for individual interaction.

The connection between the headset users and the car, along with its ecosystem, offers countless possibilities. Information about the car itself, battery range, and nearest charging stations can be accessed inside and outside the vehicle, along with warnings of low tire pressure and a weather forecast function to help with route selection. The Audi activesphere passenger can even take their headset out of the car and onto the ski slope to help navigate the bike trail or to find the ideal descent when skiing downhill.

800-volt fast charging at fast-charging stations

The core of PPE’s drive technology will feature 800-volt charging technology, allowing for quick battery charging with up to 270 kW, similar to the Audi e-tron GT quattro. This advanced tech will make its debut in the high-volume mid-range and luxury segments with PPE.

The PPE offers charging times that rival a traditional refuel stop for gasoline cars. In just 10 minutes, the battery can be charged for over 300 km of driving.

In under 25 minutes, the 100 kWh battery can be charged from 5 to 80 percent. With a range of over 600 km, the Audi activesphere is suitable for long trips.

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