The extraordinary Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato, the first all-terrain super sports car with a V10 engine and all-wheel drive, was unveiled at Miami Art Basel. The Sterrato is designed for maximum driving pleasure even on loose or dirt surfaces, reinterpreting the concept of sportiness and emphasizing the brand’s principles of being brave, authentic, and unexpected.

Introducing the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato: A game-changer in the super sports car market

“True to our values as a visionary, bold and unconventional brand, with the Sterrato we are breaking new ground in driving sensations. Presenting the car at Art Basel in Miami reflects how, just like an avant-garde work of art, the Sterrato represents a radical and original interpretation of the super sports car concept but, in terms of performance, the Sterrato belongs in the world’s most dynamic and exciting driving environments,” commented Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini Chairman and CEO.

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato 2023

Optimized driving dynamics for perfect control in all environments

The Huracan Sterrato offers optimized driving dynamics for perfect control in all environments, from the highway to dirt roads. Compared with the Huracan EVO, the Sterrato comes with an updated version of the LDVI (Lamborghini Integrated Vehicle Dynamics) system, with specific STRADA and SPORT calibrations, and bringing the RALLY mode for low-grip conditions to the Huracán line for the first time.

“With the high-speed all-terrain concept of the Sterrato, we have uniquely combined the driving experience of a true super sports car and the fun of driving a rally car,” explained Rouven Mohr, Lamborghini Chief Technical Officer. Lamborghini cars always deliver emotion: the Sterrato delivers a new degree of driving thrills.”

The exterior expresses the adventurous spirit of the Sterrato right from first glance. The ground clearance has been increased by 44 mm compared with the Huracan EVO to ensure greater suspension travel, as has the front (+30 mm) and rear (+34 mm) track widths.

Furthermore, in addition to protecting the car’s body, the aluminum front underbody protection, the reinforced sills, the rear diffuser, and the sturdy wheel arches all emphasize its muscularity. The classic air intake located on the rear hood not only enhances the sporting spirit of the model but also helps supply the engine with clean air when driving on dusty tracks.

“The Sterrato is testimony to how the Lamborghini design DNA works perfectly even with unexpected proportions,” stated Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini Head of Design. “The Sterrato’s design translates its super sports car heritage into a new lifeform, reflecting its specific intent to deliver a truly unique and fun driving experience”.

Unmatched performance on unpaved and sandy surfaces

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato 2023The Huracan Sterrato comes with a 5.2-liter V10 engine with a maximum power output of 610 CV and 560 Nm of torque (at 6500 rpm), combined with 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and electronically controlled all-wheel drive with rear mechanical self-locking differential.

Designed to offer optimum performance on unpaved and sandy surfaces, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (ca. 60 mph) in 3.4 seconds and reaches a top speed of 260 km/h (ca. 160 mph).

The car is fitted with brakes with aluminum fixed monoblock calipers with six pistons (front) and four pistons (rear) and ventilated and cross-drilled carbon-ceramic discs with 380 mm diameter and 38 mm thickness at the front and 356 mm diameter and 32 mm thickness at the rear.

It comes with 19” rims fitted exclusively with custom-engineered Bridgestone Dueler AT002 tires, providing maximum versatility and adaptability for any condition and surface. These tires measure 235/40 R19 at the front and 285/40 R19 at the rear, incorporating run-flat technology which, in case of a puncture, guarantees a minimum of 80km at 80kph with 0 pressure.

These bespoke Bridgestone tires have been designed to match 100% with the car’s DNA, including an innovative pattern design to ensure maximum grip and stability on any surface.

Luxurious and sporty interior with state-of-the-art infotainment system

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato 2023Inside, the Sterrato features a sporty yet luxurious interior, with a driver-focused cockpit and premium materials, like leather and Alcantara. The infotainment system is state-of-the-art and features a large touchscreen display, providing easy access to navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings.

The Huracan Sterrato is a true testament to Lamborghini’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what a super sports car can be. It offers a truly unique and fun driving experience, combining the performance of a super sports car with the versatility and thrill of an all-terrain vehicle.

It’s a car that is not only capable of dominating on the highway but also taking on the most challenging off-road conditions with ease. The Huracan Sterrato is truly a game-changer in the super sports car market and is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

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