The Lincoln Star Concept, with its sleek, aerodynamic profile and connected passenger experience, made its worldwide premiere in late April 2022, hinting at the brand’s design language for future electric cars. Inside the cabin, connected technology and a next-generation Lincoln Intelligence System create a real sanctuary.

“This is a shining example of what happens when we combine Lincoln luxury with flexible electrical architecture to create unimaginable experiences for customers. We can truly revolutionize how people engage with the brand and scale it across an exciting lineup of products that catapult Lincoln into the digital, connected age.” said Jim Farley, president and CEO, Ford Motor Company.

A glimpse into the future

The Lincoln Star concept provides fresh design language both inside and out, emphasizing Lincoln’s key concepts of beauty, humanity, gliding, and sanctuary. These principles will drive Lincoln’s future design, and by the middle of the decade, the company intends to launch three new completely electric cars, accounting for more than half of its worldwide volume, and a fourth by the end of 2026.

Lincoln Star concept: an astonishing insight in Lincoln's future from 2025Lincoln is equally intent on keeping its present portfolio relevant and bringing new clientele to the brand as it advances toward an electric future. With the recent releases of the all-new Zephyr in China and the new Navigator in North America, Lincoln recorded its greatest year of worldwide sales in 21 years, up 7% over 2021, and expects to continue on that momentum.

“As Lincoln enters the next chapter in our transition to a zero-emissions future, the Lincoln Star Concept will lead the way for our portfolio of fully electric vehicles. It is an excellent example of how we are redefining luxury for the next generation as we work to transform the vehicle into a third space – a true place of sanctuary – for our clients.” said Joy Falotico, president, Lincoln.

The Lincoln Star concept – sleek design and cutting-edge technology

“Electrification is removing many traditional vehicle design constraints, allowing us to reimagine what a vehicle can be. The Lincoln Star is a study of experiences and themes that push the boundaries of Lincoln design – and it’s just the start,” said Anthony Lo, chief design officer, Ford Motor Company.

On and off the road, careful design elements, linked experiences, and innovative solutions in the Lincoln Star Concept offer the ideal sanctuary for customers, while also providing a more contemporary look and intelligent, intuitive functions.

The shape is sleek and dynamic, and it is stretched to produce a dramatic impact, a tribute to Lincoln’s evolving design language. The idea blends design, light, displays, fragrances, and noises to create an immersive experience for customers, whether stationary or in motion.

Lincoln Star concept: an astonishing insight in Lincoln's future from 2025Throughout, intelligent technology that improves comfort, productivity, and entertainment is used to restore the romance of travel in a distinctly Lincoln manner.

Designers used light in a contemporary new approach to create harmony throughout. Backlit doors, chairs, and outside elements, as well as illuminated crystallines, enhance the architectural space to provide the ideal refuge. The new Lincoln star on the fascia shines like a diamond, welcoming customers as they approach and giving the Lincoln Embrace welcome sequence a whole new meaning.

The Star Concept’s revolutionary design ideas and linked experiences are enabled by the company’s rear- and all-wheel-drive flexible battery electric architecture and next-generation Lincoln Intelligence System. Engineers and designers might reinvent the extra internal space in new and interesting ways to create a unique Lincoln experience because of the flexible architecture.

The new Lincoln Intelligence System expands the meaning of ‘digital assistant’ by allowing next-generation leading driver-assist technologies like Help Me See and Park for Me, as well as networked vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastructure capabilities.

A technologically enhanced oasis on the inside

The interior is divided into first- and second-row parts in both design and color composition. With extra-spacious wraparound seating, reclined lounge posture, individual lounge leg rests and curated storage for devices and slippers, controls for rejuvenation moods, and a luxurious glass beverage chiller integrated between the back seats, the entire cabin experience in the first and second row is premium.

3D-printed metal latticework on the A-pillar along with the windscreen and the D-pillar at the rear window of the Lincoln Star Concept — visible from the inside out – adds to the sensation of spaciousness. These translucent pillars, together with a complete skylight with digital shade, allow natural light to flood the area, enhancing the open, breezy sensation.

Lincoln Star concept: an astonishing insight in Lincoln's future from 2025A digital panorama is created via a coast-to-coast curving horizontal display in which information flows fluidly into an integrated central control panel, then into the second-row screen, giving all passengers a unique experience. New materials, such as leather and chrome alternatives, as well as a variety of distinctive finishes, combine to provide a contemporary, opulent experience.

A new Lincoln Embrace sequence harmonizes music, scenting, and lighting throughout the cabin, with three rejuvenation moods. An immersive digital sanctuary is created by symphonic orchestration and sharp, high-resolution animations on the monitors. The rejuvenating moods give a genuine retreat in a third place, whether delayed in traffic or just enjoying a few peaceful minutes after work.

Coastal Morning recreates a morning walk on the beach with calm marine noises, a scent of sea mist, and the soft, warm glow of the sun with dynamic lighting throughout.

With energizing, cheerful sounds, dynamic abstract artwork, gentle, bright lighting, and a floral aroma throughout, Mindful Vitality is designed to re-energize the senses.

Evening Chill reflects nightfall with soothing night music, a night sky film, and an evergreen scent.

“The Lincoln Star Concept has been a true labor of love for our team and provides us with a platform to share and test our experiences and design philosophy with clients as we evolve our Quiet Flight DNA. Signifying transcendence through both space and time, the concept creates a sense of peace and serenity within an electric experience and previews what is to come from Lincoln.” said Kemal Curic, global design director, Lincoln.

Morning, day, and evening are the three emotions based on the body’s natural circadian cycle. The moods will give content upgrades and options for customers to customize their settings in the future, thanks to linked technology.

Lincoln Star concept: an astonishing insight in Lincoln's future from 2025A front trunk uses the space formerly occupied by a gas engine to provide abundant storage, increasing the sensation of space inside. The front trunk is easily recognized thanks to electro-chromatic glass that transforms from translucent to opaque, letting light in while the car is moving and darkening to conceal hidden valuables when parked.

Illuminated first-row floorboards flow straight into the interior from under the front trunk, producing an airy, open cabin.

A floating instrument panel in the form of a wing, inspired by aircraft ailerons, emphasizes horizontal balance and stability, while the Lincoln one-touch pedal makes operation simple.

Lincoln Attaché, a digital briefcase idea with a concealed compartment in the rear coach door, not only offers secure storage for tablets and laptops but also serves as a charging pad for devices and can detect incoming wifi material for customers.

Finally, a redesigned rear luggage area has a lounge mode that converts into a comfortable, luxurious outside seat to help you get closer to your goal.

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