The Maserati Grecale is a brilliant, bold mix of avant-garde and passion, innovation, and classic design, built in typical Maserati flair. It promises to be an SUV that can be driven at any time, anywhere, by anybody, and make routine travels exceptional.

Grecale is a range inside a range that takes the name of a wind. It meets all needs with a variety of powertrains, including traditional combustion and hybrid engines, as well as the full-electric Grecale Folgore, which is set to become Maserati‘s first 100 percent electric SUV.

Maserati Grecale: exciting brand new 2022 SUV from the TridentThree versions of the Maserati Grecale available at launch

Each version tells the story from a different perspective on the same central issue.

Grecale GT reflects the metropolis and its modern simplicity with its four-cylinder 300-hp mild hybrid. It’s designed for global citizens with their dynamism, curiosity, and fashion awareness, but it’s also on the lookout for a style that’s uniquely their own.

Grecale Modena, with its four-cylinder 330-hp mild hybrid engine, has an intrinsic, timeless elegance that appeals to nature lovers who make the most of their leisure time.

Finally, the Grecale Trofeo, with its 530-hp V6, is pure excitement, with the car’s disruptive performance serving as the ideal weapon for taking on your own particular challenge.

The Grecale Folgore, a 100 percent electric variant with 400V technology, will complete the line will be available at a later date.

Best in class features

Maserati Grecale: exciting brand new 2022 SUV from the TridentThe new SUV is notable for its spaciousness and comfort, as well as a long list of “best-in-class” amenities. It has the greatest interior room, driveability, handling, acceleration (0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds – on the Trofeo), highest speed (285 km/h – on the Trofeo), sound quality, and extensive use of premium materials like as wood, carbon fiber, and leather.

A striking design inside and out

Grecale’s design incorporates Maserati’s new visual insignia, which has been used to designate every new model since the MC20. A low and powerful grille dominates the front. With a very flowing body incorporating meandering, aesthetic shapes and technical components underlined by the use of carbon fibre, the profile stands out for its contrast between purity and expertise.

The boomerang taillights at the back are inspired by the Giugiaro 3200 GT and blend in with the trapezoidal line, which is enhanced by the coupé look of the interior and its sports car-like finish.

Grecale‘s measurements are important in its design: it’s 4,846 mm long with a wheelbase of 2,901 mm, a height of 1,670 mm, a width of 2,163 mm (with wing mirrors), and a rear tire track of 1,948 mm in the GT variant (and even greater in the Trofeo).

Maserati Grecale: exciting brand new 2022 SUV from the TridentThe classic Maserati clockface is one of the outstanding tech specifications within the interior. For the first time, thanks to voice control, it converts into a virtual in-car concierge.

Everything becomes touch-based, with a high level of visual purity. The technology is controlled by three displays: a 12.3-inch center screen, the biggest ever seen in a Maserati, an 8.8-inch display for the supplementary controls, and a third for the rear-seat occupants.

Assist features to enhance the overall experience

Maserati Grecale: exciting brand new 2022 SUV from the TridentThe Maserati Intelligent Assistant (MIA) Multimedia system, as well as the state-of-the-art infotainment and Maserati Connect, control the in-car experience.

An all-round sound experience is provided by the Maserati roar and the immersive Sonus faber 3D sound system, pushing the in-car sound to the utmost boundaries of pleasure. The Sonus faber system comes with 14 speakers as standard at Premium level, or 21 speakers on demand at High Premium level.

Every trip is converted into a one-of-a-kind adventure that blends dynamic comfort and an amazing driving experience, thanks to the new Maserati Vehicle Dynamic Control Module (VDCM) system’s exceptional handling and 360° control over the vehicle. Complete control translates into four DRIVE MODES: COMFORT, GT, SPORT, CORSA (Trofeo only), and OFF-ROAD.

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