With the Maybach EQS concept, Mercedes-Maybach is giving a revealing glimpse of the first completely electric series-production vehicle for the tradition-steeped luxury brand. The SUV concept vehicle is built on Mercedes-Benz’s modular design for premium and executive-class electric cars, and it brings Maybach’s exclusivity to a completely emission-free future. Because of the Executive seats and the Chauffeur Package, the back seat becomes a pleasant area to work or relax.

“Many of our Mercedes-Maybach customers are digitally connected to a high degree and place the highest demands on our digital solutions. They also expect the brand of their choice to stand up for sustainable values and take responsibility for the environment. The Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS fulfills all these points and embodies sophisticated luxury in a more progressive way: the all-electric powertrain not only makes consistently sustainable mobility possible but also enables a new level of calm and relaxation for passengers,” stated Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG.

Mercedes-Maybach EQS takes the exclusivity and luxury signatures of the brand even further

The concept vehicle is immediately recognizable as a member of the Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes-EQ families, and it gives a sneak peek at the luxury segment’s first all-electric SUV. The design is grounded on a fully electric vehicle architecture and adheres to the idea of “purpose design.”

A dynamic profile runs the length of the Maybach EQS, beginning with a low front end and flowing exquisitely across the sloping A-pillar and roof curve, as well as integrating the rear spoiler’s airflow break-away edge. At first sight, the shift to a new technological age is obvious.

The seamless design is defined by continuous transitions with no interruptions or edges. The expressive surface modeling and strong shoulders are further distinguishing characteristics. Moreover, a slew of chrome apps provides brand-specific touches. Power and emotionality are emphasized by the prominent wheel wells with high-gloss black cladding.

Maybach EQS 2021 concept: future technology designed to amaze

The wraparound bonnet and headlights are also perfectly integrated into the upright black panel front. Individual diamond blocks frame the illumination in the LED light units, which are enclosed by a fine-knit mesh of the Maybach logo. The cooler’s unique, revolutionary Black Panel technology is highlighted by the filigree, vertical Maybach pinstripes in an exquisite, three-dimensional appearance.

The air inlet in the bumper also has filigree louvers that are elegantly chrome-plated. This eye-catching design feature reappears in the rear bumper below the license plate holder. The traditional Maybach writing on the front bonnet, the upright Mercedes star, and the longitudinal chrome-plated trim strip in the middle of the bonnet are all a nod to the past.

Distinguished details to accentuate Maybach uniqueness

The label’s distinctive two-tone paint style in obsidian black metallic and zircon red metallic with a thin pinstripe in chrome as a visual separating line is another important differentiating characteristic. Generous chrome surfaces not only cover the front and rear air intakes and diffusers but also frame the side windows in a 3D design with a dynamically flowing chrome surround.

The B-pillars are likewise chrome plated and have a modest brand logo design applied to them. On the D-pillar, the Maybach “M” may also be spotted.

The Maybach logo is inlaid into the aerodynamically optimized side running boards. Maybach branding, as well as 24-inch light-alloy wheels in the Maybach “bowl” form – with five short spokes and a smooth center portion – emphasize the all-electric SUV’s premium look.

The rear lights, with their continuous helix light strip, create a dazzling accent at the back. The animation starts from the outside and works its way inside. The roof spoiler is made of chrome and serves as a stylish, aerodynamic trim piece.

The automated comfort doors in the front and rear offer another unique feature. The door handles emerge first as the user approaches the car. As the driver gets closer, the driver’s door automatically opens. The driver may also open the rear doors remotely using the MBUX system.

The interior is an expressive tribute to technology and freedom

The center console seems to float like a continuous ribbon from the cockpit to the back seats, giving the impression of a light and airy interior with lots of room to maneuver. The sense of space and interior components seem visually lighter and float when numerous indirect and direct ambient lighting elements are used.

Maybach EQS 2021 concept: future technology designed to amaze

The standard vase insert allows you to bring in seasonal flower arrangements and therefore nature into the Maybach’s interior. A spacious storage area under the table provides plenty of room for utensils or unique equipment choices like foldable tables, a box of champagne goblets, or a refrigerated section.

The interior’s opulent and contemporary nature is emphasized by newly designed door panels with floating armrests and controls that have the appearance of beautiful sideboards. The realm of fashion has influenced the idea of colors and materials. Exquisite workmanship, high-quality materials, and remarkable details raise the bar on exclusivity.

The use of white and a deep, dark blue produces a light, airy, and technically sophisticated atmosphere. The white chrome trim piece is a particular standout. Its rosé gold-colored pilaster strips precisely follow the curve. Additional rosé gold details provide a perfect contrast and add considerably to the interior’s luxury atmosphere.

A fashion-inspired, modern cloth of the finest quality adds another surprising contrast to the decor. It’s utilized extensively around the rear-seat region of the Maybach EQS, with flashes of it also appearing in other interior elements. In the roof liner region, a revolutionary design printed on leather shows the ideal marriage of a classic luxury material with contemporary technology.

Maybach characteristics extend to the distinctive displays, additional to the MBUX Hyperscreen

The MBUX Hyperscreen, which features Maybach-specific display designs and information, is another eye-catcher in the interior. This enormous, curved screen unit spans nearly the whole length of the A-pillars. Under a glass cover, three displays seem to merge into one.

Maybach EQS 2021 concept: future technology designed to amaze

The front passenger of the Maybach EQS gets their own display and control area with the 12.3-inch OLED display. In line with country-specific regulatory restrictions, the entertainment features are only accessible when the vehicle is being driven. When the interior camera detects the driver gazing at the passenger display, it is darkened automatically when specific material is shown.

MBUX adjusts fully to its user due to adaptive software powered by artificial intelligence. It provides personalized recommendations for a variety of infotainment, comfort, and vehicle features. The most essential applications are always provided on the top-level inside the field of view with the zero layer, depending on the circumstance and context. It is no longer required to search through submenus.

In the main menu of the infotainment system’s high-resolution display, there is an EQ tile that acts as a central access point to the particular displays and settings. The charging current, departure time, energy flow, and consumption histogram are among them. The media display may also be used to control the navigation and driving programs.

In combination with Mercedes me connect, EV-specific navigation services and functionalities are also available on the Maybach EQS. These include, for example, the display of charging stations, the electric range, and route planning that takes into consideration charging status, weather, and traffic conditions.

In addition, high-gloss chrome circular air vents galvanized trim components, and the VISION EQS multifunction steering wheel with flattened top and bottom parts emphasize the high-quality and elegant appearance. A fashionable environment is also created by the ambient lighting system, which can be modified in a variety of ways.