The Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV, the first all-electric SUV from the performance and sports vehicle brand, was presented as a further milestone in Mercedes AMG’s electrification plan. It is the most adaptable electric car in the Mercedes-AMG lineup with its flexible interior and performance-oriented driving system.

AMG performance and comfort

2023 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV: an exciting new stage toward the electric future of AMGAdditionally, the new model provides plenty of room for goods and guests. The Mercedes-EQ electric platform serves as the foundation for the AMG EQE SUV as well as the AMG EQS and AMG EQE saloons. The completely variable all-wheel drive system and two strong electric motors serve as the foundation for the renowned AMG dynamic driving experience.

Many more characteristics were individually developed by the Mercedes-AMG engineers. These include the rear-axle steering, the AMG ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL roll stabilization system, and the AMG RIDE CONTROL+ air suspension with Adaptive Damping System. The AMG SOUND EXPERIENCE and the external and interior design are further features.

The entry-level Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 4MATIC and the even sportier Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+ are the two possible variations of the new performance SUV.

“The AMG EQE SUV is another milestone in our Future of Driving Performance. The new model is our first all‑electric SUV. And, after the AMG EQS and AMG EQE Saloon models, this is already the third performance model that we have realised as a derivative on the Mercedes-EQ electric platform. With its variable interior and high-performance all-wheel drive, it is Mercedes-AMG’s most versatile electric vehicle. A real all-rounder – a real AMG!” said Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Balanced and brand-specific exterior design

Largely sculpted surfaces, fewer joints, and smooth transitions define the external design. The athletic spirit is emphasized by the dynamic proportions. Numerous distinctive qualities of AMG provide a high level of brand identification and support its growth. These include the “AMG” inscription and Mercedes star incorporated into the black panel radiator grille that is unique to AMG.

A new addition is a brand-specific insignia on the bonnet, which now also adorns a Mercedes-AMG pure-electric car for the first time, replacing the Mercedes star with the AMG symbol. The AMG-specific front apron, which is painted in the body color with the A-wing in high-gloss black and chrome trim, is another front-end highlight.

The high-gloss black front splitter with chrome trim, flics, and fins on the simulated air inlets has the same style. The high-gloss black air diffusers on the left and right enable the AIR CURTAIN effect, which streamlines the airflow around the front wheels. The standard DIGITAL LIGHT headlights have a unique AMG projection when the car is opened and closed.

2023 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV: an exciting new stage toward the electric future of AMGAMG-specific wheel arch claddings in the body color and the completely recessed, flawlessly integrated door handles provide visual emphasis to the side profile. Aerodynamically enhanced 21 or 22-inch AMG light-alloy wheels are furthermore included. The body-colored rear apron with an aerodynamically enhanced diffuser and longitudinal fins, as well as the helix-shaped taillights, complete the dynamic look.

Mercedes-AMG EQE is dynamic and immersive on the inside

AMG elements that define the AMG look also dominate the interior. The new models provide a sporty atmosphere in this area with features such as seat graphics that are unique to each user and distinctive seat coverings made of ARTICO man-made leather with MICROCUT microfibre and red topstitching.

In addition, optional Nappa leather seat upholstery with AMG-specific seat graphics is offered. Additionally, the embossed AMG badges on the front headrests and the AMG insignia on the backrests of the front seats emphasize the brand identity.

The AMG Performance steering wheel blends visual stability with lightness thanks to its eye-catching twin-spoke design and neatly integrated controls. It is an option to heat the Nappa leather-covered steering wheel rim, which is flattened at the bottom. Brilliant displays on the standard AMG steering wheel buttons are impressive.

2023 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV: an exciting new stage toward the electric future of AMGThis enables the driver to operate crucial driving features and drive programs without taking their hands off the wheel. Direct selections may be made for several factors. The left steering wheel button allows for the individual addition, replacement, or reduction of the menus.

For this, there is a list with more than 15 information and configuration choices as a direct selection for the steering wheel buttons in the Multimedia Touch Display or in the optional Hyperscreen.

All-electric power

With two electric motors, the two new Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV models provide a performance-focused driving strategy. Fully variable all-wheel drive is another feature of the potent electric all-wheel drive system (eATS), which delivers drive power to the road as efficiently as possible under all driving circumstances.

The EQE 43 4MATIC’s power output varies from 350 kW (476 hp) to 505 kW (687 hp) whereas the EQE 53 4MATIC+ with optional AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package with Boost function has 505 kW (687 hp). 858 to 1000 Nm is the range of the greatest torque.

The front and rear axles’ AMG-specific electric motors are permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM). The power and torque statistics already show a clear focus on performance. The electric motors also exhibit an ideal balance between power expansion, efficiency, and noise comfort. The EQE 43 4MATIC SUV’s electric motors have been tuned and controlled using AMG-specific technology.

2023 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV: an exciting new stage toward the electric future of AMGThe AMG-exclusive electric motors used in the EQE 53 4MATIC+ SUV include customized windings, unique laminations, increased currents, and customized inverters. Higher motor speeds are made possible by this, which results in even more power. This is especially visible during acceleration and at peak speed.

The six-phase architecture of the electric motor on the back axle, based on two windings with three phases each, gives it a very strong output. A very powerful magnetic field is ensured by the pull-in winding on the stator.

Additionally, the thermal concept that is very durable enables repeated acceleration movements with continuously good performance. The “water lance” in the rotor’s shaft, which cools it, is the focal point of the intricate design. Other AMG-specific cooling components in the cooling circuit include unique ribs on the stator and the high-performance ceramic pin-fin structure on the inverter.

There is also the transmission oil heat exchanger, which preheats the oil during cold starts in addition to cooling it to improve efficiency.

Additional performance and comfort features

Both of the new versions come with a unique MBUX Hyperscreen as an optional feature. The length of this oversized, curved screen unit is measured in A-pillars. Under a single glass cover, three displays are arranged so that they seem to become one.

With adaptable software, MBUX totally customizes itself to the user and provides recommendations for a variety of infotainment, comfort, and vehicle features. The most significant applications are always shown situationally and contextually on the top level in the field of view with zero layers.

MBUX provides a variety of extra AMG features that highlight the performance-oriented nature. This is especially true of the head-turning instrument cluster displays, multimedia screens, and head-up display. The equivalent direct-entry button in the center console provides quick access to the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving programs.

2023 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV: an exciting new stage toward the electric future of AMGActive rear-axle steering is standard on both Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV variants. The 10.9-meter turning radius and up to 9.0 degrees of steering angle encourage nimble handling. When driving in cities or on rural roads, the interplay between the front-axle and rear-axle steering is intended to create an agile reaction with little steering effort.

The rear wheels steer in the opposite direction as the front wheels at speeds below 60 km/h. The Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV is thus quick, fast, and agile. When turning, changing directions fast, or making leisurely turns, the impact is very beneficial. The rear wheels steer in the same direction as the front wheels at speeds greater than 60 km/h.

Increased handling stability and driving safety at high speeds, during quick lane changes, or rapid evasive maneuvers are all made possible by the consequent substantially expanded wheelbase.

The EQE 53 4MATIC+ SUV’s optional AMG DYNAMIC PLUS package combines additional dynamic characteristics, such as the powerful boost for RACE START, a rise in top speed to 240 km/h, and the stirring AMG SOUND EXPERIENCE “Performance.” The AMG experience is completed with sounds that were specifically created for this audio environment, such as those for charging or infotainment functions.

The driving dynamics fulfill what the sound promises: the maximum power and torque for RACE START may be quickly enhanced if the temperature and state of charge are adequate. The Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+ SUV accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.5 seconds.

The onboard bass actuator and speakers make the strength of the electric motors obvious even when the vehicle is motionless and provide rapid acceleration and dramatic musical background. The displays’ AMG-specific graphics visually emphasize the driving performance as well.

Through the multimedia system’s settings, the AMG Sound Experience may also be turned off at any moment, individually for the interior and outdoors.

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