The new Pirelli tires in Formula 1 will be one of the most significant aspects of the most prestigious motorsport competition in the world, in 2022, which will be attached to the new vehicles that were unveiled earlier this year.

With the addition of five inches to the diameter of the rim, which has been in use in Grand Prix since the 1960s, and compact, extremely broad tires with “pot-bellied” sidewalls, which have kept Formula 1 on the track for more than half a century, the wheel size changes.

New 18-inch Pirelli tires in Formula 1 2022

The new Pirelli tires for Formula 1 improve cornering accuracy

It is now necessary to adopt a more contemporary strategy. The brand new P Zero F1 tire has the same tread width as the previous model (305 millimeters at the front and 405 millimeters at the rear), but a slightly larger overall diameter, which increases from 660 millimeters to 720 millimeters. The most notable modification is a decrease in the sidewall dimension, which now matches that of the low-profile Pirelli tires that have been the favored choice of the world’s top-performance road vehicles for many years now.

Because of this revised profile, the Formula 1 vehicles on the circuit will behave differently on the track and will be more accurate when changing direction. The drivers have responded well to the testing that has been conducted so far – in both dry and wet circumstances – and the new tires will contribute to even more competitive races, with cars that are less susceptible to aerodynamic turbulence while following one another.

It is also less likely that the tire would flex, which means that it will have less effect on the overall aerodynamics of the vehicle. All of these factors should work in favor of tight racing. Also entirely new will be the compounds used in the 18-inch tires, in order to guarantee maximum consistency while minimizing overheating. For the FIA Formula One World Championship in 2022, five compound grades will be available, with three of them being selected for each race weekend, exactly as is the case presently in the championship.

Pirelli tires in Formula 1 history

Pirelli is the only tire manufacturer to have raced in Formula 1 with all of the wheel sizes that have been a part of the World Championship’s history, having gone from 13-inch to 18-inch in size throughout the years. Founded in 1950, Pirelli’s first victories and championships came with Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, and other front-engined Formula 1 cars running on long, thin tires. This was the beginning of the company’s illustrious history.

Later, the sport transitioned to 13-inch tires, and in 2011, Pirelli began its present period as the Global Tyre Partner of Formula 1, a position it has held since 2011. Pirelli innovated in 2017 by releasing tires that were 25 percent wider than they had been before, resulting in a larger footprint and more grip, which resulted in lap records being reduced all around the globe as a consequence of this innovation, a legacy for Pirelli tires in Formula 1.

With the introduction of 18-inch tires, a new chapter in the history of Formula 1 is written: a new dimension in which Pirelli is honored to follow the sport into the future.

Watch the video to find out all there is to know regarding the Pirelli tires in Formula 1 2022. Learn the technological challenges and innovative solutions the tire maker came up with. Additionally, the video presents a brief Formula 1 tire technology evolution, beginning with the raw power of the fifties’ mechanical beasts, all the way to the aerodynamic wonders of the present.

All the work that has gone into developing the new 18-inch tire is summed up: new compound, new structure, and, most probably, new strategies for next year’s F1 season.


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