The reputed British performance car maker has proudly announced the launch of its latest masterpiece, the new Aston Martin Vantage. This model stands as a testament to the brand’s enduring commitment to automotive excellence, marking a new era in the 74-year legacy of the Vantage nameplate.

Unveiling of the New Aston Martin VantageRenowned for being the most driver-centric and rapid iteration ever, this vehicle is a celebration of raw power and precision, crafted to provide the ultimate driving experience with unwavering confidence.

Refined Design with a Modern Edge

The Vantage, re-envisioned through a modern design philosophy, embodies the essence of traditional sports cars – a trait becoming rare in contemporary models. It’s a bold statement for those who yearn for the exhilarating combination of formidable power, exceptional handling, and the balanced performance of a meticulously engineered front-engine, rear-wheel-drive chassis.

A New Chapter in Aston Martin’s Legacy

This introduction follows the acclaimed debut of the DB12 Coupe and Volante in 2024, further cementing Aston Martin’s position in the elite sector of luxury sports cars. The new Vantage is a crucial element in the brand’s expanding portfolio, which includes leading positions in the realms of luxury GTs, SUVs, hypercars, and top-tier motorsports.

Vantage’s Storied Lineage

Tracing its roots back to 1950 when it first signified a high-performance engine variant for the DB2, the Vantage name has evolved significantly. It first emerged as a model name in 1964 with the high-performance version of the DB5.

Since the early 1970s, when the Vantage became a standalone model, it has played a pivotal role in Aston Martin’s lineup, synonymous with unmatched style, thrilling performance, and a distinct character.

Dynamism and Heritage in Harmony

The new Vantage reflects Aston Martin’s dynamic journey through its 111-year history. Its formidable presence in the 2023 Formula One season, dominance in international GT racing, and the ambitious goal for the 2025 Le Mans 24 Hours race with the Valkyrie AMR, highlight its racing pedigree and commitment to excellence.

Unveiling of the New Aston Martin VantageAmedeo Felisa, Aston Martin’s CEO, emphasized the importance of staying true to the brand’s foundational qualities during a time of significant change in high-performance automotive engineering.

He noted that the new Vantage, with its class-leading power and speed, is not just about raw statistics but the artful application of cutting-edge technology to its balanced chassis, resulting in a sports car that is both exhilarating and approachable.

Performance Unleashed: A New Benchmark in Power and Speed

The new Vantage sets a record as the fastest in its lineage, thanks to a meticulously refined 4.0 Twin-Turbo V8 engine. This powerhouse delivers an unprecedented 665PS and a staggering 800Nm of torque, marking the most significant leap in performance the Vantage has ever seen.

These enhancements, amounting to 30% and 15% increases in power and torque respectively, redefine the vehicle’s capabilities.

Engineering Mastery Behind the Power

Aston Martin’s engineering team has achieved these remarkable performance figures through extensive tuning. Modifications include revised cam profiles, optimized compression ratios, upscaled turbos, and enhanced cooling mechanisms, all contributing to an engine that’s not just more powerful but also more responsive and expressive.

Unparalleled Transmission and Acceleration

Coupled with an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, the Vantage boasts an exhilarating top speed of 202mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in a mere 3.4 seconds. The revised Final Drive Ratio and transmission shift calibration have been finely tuned to enhance in-gear acceleration and response, offering a driving experience tailored to each dynamic mode.

Unveiling of the New Aston Martin VantageLaunch Control for Precision Starts

The introduction of a new Launch Control system integrates with the powertrain and transmission, ensuring maximum torque deployment in varying conditions.

This system, in concert with the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and engine torque management, maintains optimal wheel slip throughout the launch. The Adjustable Traction Control (ATC) system allows drivers to customize the amount of controlled wheelspin, further enhancing the Vantage’s agility.

Advanced Cooling and Oil Systems

To accommodate the increased engine performance, Aston Martin has redesigned the Vantage’s cooling system. Additional radiators and enhanced thermal airflow ensure stable intake air temperatures under all driving conditions. The oil system has also been upgraded, doubling the face area of the auxiliary outboard engine oil cooler, ensuring optimal engine performance.

Advanced Handling and Dynamics: The Foundation of an Exhilarating Drive

The new Vantage boasts a highly evolved bonded aluminum structure, achieving a perfect 50:50 weight distribution. This foundation, combined with state-of-the-art suspension, lays the groundwork for an unparalleled driving experience.

The body structure has been enhanced for sharper dynamics, featuring underbody stiffening and a re-engineered front cross member, enhancing the stiffness at key mounting points.

Enhanced Rigidity and Refined Suspension

Aston Martin’s focus on rigidity and suspension refinement includes a stiffer, lighter front engine cross brace and increased lateral strengthening between the rear suspension towers. These improvements not only elevate precision and handling balance but also enhance the overall refinement.

Unveiling of the New Aston Martin VantageThe Vantage’s adaptive dampers have undergone a significant upgrade, offering a vast range of control and rapid response, allowing for a finely-tuned driving experience.

Steering and Tyre Innovations for Unmatched Control

The Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) system in the Vantage has been meticulously crafted to provide a direct, uncorrupted connection between the driver and the road. Custom-developed Michelin Pilot Sport S 5 tyres, specifically designed for the Vantage, ensure high grip levels and progressive breakaway characteristics.

These enhancements, along with 21” forged alloy wheels in various designs, contribute to the Vantage’s remarkable handling capabilities.

Braking System: Precision and Power

The Vantage is equipped with high-performance braking systems, featuring cast-iron discs with drilled faces for optimal heat management. For those seeking even greater performance, Carbon Ceramic Brakes (CCB) are available as an option, offering enhanced braking capabilities and contributing to a reduction in unsprung mass.

State-of-the-Art Vehicle Dynamics for Ultimate Control

The Vantage benefits from an advanced vehicle dynamics control system, designed to optimize performance and create a distinct dynamic character. This system, integrating data from various sensors and a 6-axis accelerometer, precisely manages the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) for responsive handling in all conditions.

The result is a sports car that not only captivates experienced drivers but is also accessible and thrilling for all enthusiasts.

Design: A Statement of Power and Elegance

The new generation Vantage makes an immediate impact with its broader, more muscular physique. The front-end design features a larger grille and cooling intakes, complemented by a new splitter for enhanced aerodynamics.

The iconic Aston Martin side strake, frameless door mirrors, and a dramatic rear design with larger exhaust tailpipes all contribute to the Vantage’s striking appearance. Owners have the option to further personalize their Vantage with a selection of core livery designs, available in 21 colors.

Interior Craftsmanship Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

The Vantage’s interior is a blend of sports car ethos and supreme luxury. The new ultra-luxury interior showcases flawless design lines and is adorned with the finest materials. The cockpit is a triumph of functional beauty, offering a clear, tactile, and elegant environment. Comfort is not compromised, with hand-stitched Bridge of Weir hides and ergonomically designed sports seats.

Advanced Infotainment and Sound Systems

Aston Martin has equipped the Vantage with a state-of-the-art infotainment system, featuring a 10.25” touchscreen, integrated with physical switches for intuitive control. The standard Aston Martin audio system is complemented by an optional Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system, providing an audio experience as dynamic as the Vantage itself.

Unveiling of the New Aston Martin VantageConnectivity and Navigation: The Future of Driving Experience

The Vantage boasts full online connectivity and a bespoke Aston Martin app, enhancing the driving and ownership experience. The navigation system and app feature WHAT3WORDS destination input and support for wireless Apple CarPlay, ensuring seamless integration with personal devices.

A Connected Ecosystem for Enhanced Ownership

The Aston Martin Connected Car ecosystem connects the Vantage, the Aston Martin app, and secure data servers, ensuring high standards of cyber security and cloud protection. This system offers a range of subscription packages, allowing owners to monitor, locate, and interact with their vehicle through integrated media feeds.

Production and Availability of the New Aston Martin Vantage

The production of the new Vantage is scheduled to commence in Q1 of 2024, with first deliveries expected in Q2 2024. As the second model in Aston Martin’s Next Generation lineup, the new Vantage sets a benchmark for driving purity and is engineered for those who seek the thrill of a fast sports car.

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