The Genesis GV60 is the brand’s first purely electric car, and it represents the company’s path toward electrification. The GV60 is a high-performance electric vehicle with a streamlined and sporty coupé crossover utility vehicle (CUV) design that extends Genesis’ design identity into the sustainable luxury segment.

“The GV60 is the first dedicated EV model with the most dynamic design, representing Genesis‘ electrification. It will set a new standard for luxury electric vehicles with powerful driving performance and various key features which are emotionally connected to customers,” stated Jay Chang, Global Head of Genesis brand.

The Genesis GV60 features innovative technologies that are not standard with even more famous brands

The GV60 is packed with cutting-edge technology that makes it a one-of-a-kind electric car. Face Connect, Fingerprint Authentication System, an Over-the-Air (OTA) software update, and Digital Key 2 are examples of innovations that allow drivers to stay connected to their vehicles.

Face Connect is a function that recognizes the driver’s face and locks or unlocks the vehicle’s doors without the need for a key. All drivers need to do is touch the door handle and face the camera on the B-pillar. Two faces may be registered using this functionality.

The function makes use of a Near Infrared (NIR) camera to offer accurate face recognition in almost any situation, even in the dark or in cloudy weather. Deep learning technology is also used to enhance accuracy.

Genesis GV60: exciting new electric SUV crossover from South Korea

Face Connect allows the driver to personalize the HUD (Head-up display), driver’s seat, steering wheel, side mirrors, and infotainment settings depending on their preferences. It can be linked to individual user profiles automatically, bringing a new degree of comfort that makes it seem as though the car knows who the driver is.

The Genesis GV60’s Fingerprint Authentication System enables drivers to start and operate the vehicle without using a key, as well as provide identification for in-car purchases and Valet Mode release.

When these technologies are combined, drivers will be able to enjoy a completely new driving experience based only on biometric data.

The OTA Software Update has been extended to cover a number of areas with the GV60.  This capability was formerly used to remotely update elements of the infotainment system, including the navigation, the digital instrument cluster, and the HUD.

The range of the upgrades has been broadened with the GV60, allowing for more software updates on important electronic devices such as the electric vehicle integrated control device, suspension, brakes, steering wheel, airbags, and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

This enables drivers to update the software on their car without having to visit a dealership service, ensuring that their vehicle is constantly up to date with the newest features.

For the first time in a Genesis car, the GV60 will have a Digital Key 2. This is an improved version of the current digital key that allows drivers to unlock the door without having to use their smartphones. Drivers may just touch the door handle to enter and start their vehicle, and the digital key can be shared with up to three users.

High performance in every detail

The GV60 is Genesis’ first car to be constructed on the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), a specialized EV platform that heralds the brand’s transition to electrification. There are three versions to choose from: a basic rear-wheel-drive version, a regular four-wheel-drive model, and a performance four-wheel-drive variant.

The basic RWD model has a maximum driving range of 451km per charge, and each model has a 77.4kWh battery.

The basic RWD variant comes with a motor that produces 168 kW of maximum power and 350 Nm of maximum torque. The basic AWD model has a 160 kW rear-wheel motor and a 74kW front-wheel motor, resulting in a total power of 234 kW, a maximum torque of 605 Nm, and a maximum driving range of 400 km (250 miles) per charge, according to Genesis estimates.

Genesis GV60: exciting new electric SUV crossover from South Korea

Two 160kW motors drive the front and rear wheels, giving a total power of 320 kW, maximum torque of 605 Nm, and a maximum driving range of 368 km (230 miles) per charge in the performance variant.

The Genesis GV60 has a Boost Mode that adds a dynamic and luxury aspect to it. This function enhances the vehicle’s maximum output performance right away, making the driving experience more energetic.

For 10 seconds, the Boost Mode button on the steering wheel enables increased power. This allows the car to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph) in only 4.0 seconds.

The GV60 also has a Drift Mode for those who want a more dynamic driving experience. It optimizes the distribution of driving force and the braking system to enable sporty driving.

The Genesis GV60 offers sophisticated and luxury driving experiences in addition to its powerful performance.  It is the first model with Active Sound Design that is powered by electricity (e-ASD). Based on the driving mode, vehicle speed, and accelerator pedal data, the system plays different simulated driving noises via the speakers.

Customers may select between three sounds: a ‘Futuristic’ sound that represents the future of mobility; a gentle and sporty ‘G-Engine’ sound based on engine noises; and an ‘E-Motor’ sound that reinterprets the vehicle’s motor sounds. In the settings, drivers may explore precise volume adjustments and pedal responses to tailor their driving experience to their tastes.

The Genesis GV60 also has Road Active Noise Control (ANC-R) technology, which reduces noise when driving and makes use of different sound-absorbing materials.

Furthermore, while turning at high speeds, the electronic-Limited Slip Differential (e-LSD) distributes an optimum amount of power to the wheels, enhancing cornering and starting performance. This provides drivers with more steady control on icy roads and in wet or snowy conditions.

The GV60 also has the Preview Electronic Control Suspension (Pre-view ECS), which utilizes data from the front camera and navigation system to anticipate circumstances that may cause the vehicle to lose control, such as speed bumps. It also adjusts the suspension’s damping force based on the road surface to provide passengers with the most comfortable ride possible.

To improve essential performance, such as handling, comfort, and stability, the GV60 has a MacPherson multi-link suspension system for the front wheels, a five-multi-link suspension system for the rear wheels, and R-MDPS (Rack-mounted, motor-driven power steering).

The Disconnector Actuator System (DAS) on the AWD model separates or links the motor and driveshaft based on driving circumstances. This enables drivers to easily switch between RWD and AWD, reducing power loss and improving driving efficiency.

Genesis GV60: exciting new electric SUV crossover from South Korea

Muscular, athletic design, emphasizing the performance

The front design, which features Two Lines lights, perfectly matches the vehicle’s elegant and spacious shape. The Two-Line design is a hallmark of Genesis cars since it is iconic and immediately recognized.

To meet cooling needs unique to the specialized high-performance EV platform, the Genesis trademark Crest Grille lowers to a lower position. Genesis’ journey to the sustainable age is shown in this EV detail.

The Clamshell Hood, a single panel that merges the hood and fenders to create a streamlined appearance, is a first for Genesis. On the hood, the car also has a new wing symbol. The thickness of the emblem has been decreased by almost 80% compared to the old one, which is decorated with the Guilloché pattern often found in luxury watches.

Without undercuts or character lines, the Genesis GV60’s body surface is smooth and simple. Its visual presence is defined by the muscular shapes bursting under the surface, pushing out the broad stance.

With a low overhang and a long wheelbase of 2,900 mm, the coupé shape, streamlined from the bonnet to the spoiler, confirms a more athletic image.

Another design feature that shows the GV60’s energy and anti-conformist character is the chrome Volt DLO (Day Light Opening), which runs from the top of the windshield to the rear in a unique V shape.

The GV60’s cutting-edge appearance is further enhanced with digital side mirrors and electronic door handles. When the driver approaches the vehicle with their smart key, the handles automatically spring up.

The coupé roof shape of the GV60  finishes with a unique fixed-wing spoiler at the back. The rear fender’s shoulder volume accentuates the car’s wide stance, emphasizing its aggressive, high-performance electric vehicle image even more. The Genesis trademark Two Line lights provide the final touch to the GV60’s rear end.

Luxury and functionality at the interior

The GV60’s interior design is inspired by Genesis’ design concept of ‘Beauty of White Space,’ while also attempting to provide a roomy and pleasant environment. At the same time, its floating architecture and one-of-a-kind features combine to give it a distinctive appearance.

One of the most intriguing design features of the Genesis GV60 is the Crystal Sphere. It is not only a decorative feature of the cabin, but it also serves to establish an emotional connection between the driver and the car. The Crystal Sphere becomes the car’s mood lighting when the vehicle is shut off, adding to the beauty of the driving experience. The sphere spins and the Shift By Wire (SBW) emerge when the car is ready to move, providing an interior environment of future mobility.

Genesis GV60: exciting new electric SUV crossover from South Korea

The floating console, which houses the Crystal Sphere, seems to float in mid-air, combining with other distinctive characteristics like the small cockpit and flat floor to provide passengers the most amount of open space possible. Furthermore, the connected vehicle Integrated Cockpit (ccIC), the next-generation entertainment system, combines the cluster and navigation into a panoramic display, providing a high-tech appearance and excellent use.

Various interior components, such as the Crystal Sphere, the horn cover, the door handles, and the side mirror controls, are embellished with circular decorations to provide a really luxury driving experience.

Various components of the GV60 are made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials to make it more sustainable. Plant-based leather is used for the seats, door armrests, console armrests, and crash cushions. Fabrics produced from recycled PET bottles and fishnets are used for the seat coverings and door center trims.