The all-new Ford Mustang promises to be the most thrilling and enjoyable vehicle to drive, over 60 years after its introduction, owing to a fully reinvented driving experience. A fighter jet-inspired immersive digital cockpit and Ford Power-Up software upgrades make ownership an upgradeable experience.

Exciting upgrades for a 7-generation classic

New Ford Mustang: the 2024 edition of the thrilling American iconWith the launch of the brand-new Ford Mustang, Ford has sounded a wake-up call for sports car enthusiasts everywhere. With its fighter jet-inspired digital cockpit, new cutting-edge turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines, and edgier but classic external styling, the seventh generation is the most thrilling and visceral yet.

With the aesthetics, sound, and appeal of one of the world’s best-selling sports coupes for seven years in a row, the new Mustang adds a new chapter to a classic. Mustang offers alternatives at various pricing ranges and performance levels, whether it’s a convertible or a coupe, a V8, or a turbocharged 4-cylinder.

“Investing in another generation of Mustang is a big statement at a time when many of our competitors are exiting the business of internal combustion vehicles. Ford, however, is turbocharging its ICE growth plan, adding connected technology, opinionated derivatives, and hybrid options to our most profitable and popular cars – all in the Ford Blue family – on top of investing $50 billion in electric vehicles through 2026,” said Jim Farley, CEO of Ford Motor Company.

The new Ford Mustang comes with a fresh, but timeless design

The seventh generation’s heritage-inspired design gains contemporary sculpted looks in an effort to appeal to the largest Mustang consumer attitude ever.

It features a low, horizontal brow across the front that draws attention to the breadth of the front as a whole, and the top grille’s form is reminiscent of the original 1960s design. The Tri-Bar LED headlights maintain the iconic lighting design of the new Ford Mustang.

New Ford Mustang: the 2024 edition of the thrilling American iconThe car’s svelte roofline, wide running stance and shorter back overhang all accurately reflect the original generation‘s proportions, while the enlarged rear haunches allude to the power over the wheels in classic Mustang fashion.

The roofline is intended to allow drivers to enter and depart on the track without taking off their helmets, and an enlarged rear deck housing new, sharp tri-bar lighting and a reworked diffuser for better rear aerodynamic balance.

Every model in the series of Mustangs has a distinctive front appearance. The bigger, more aggressive grille apertures on GT versions, which were designed to enable more airflow and represent the boost in power and performance, set them apart from EcoBoost variants. New hood vents and a reworked front splitter are added, substantially improving the car’s aerodynamics.

The history of the Ford Mustang convertible’s drop-top continues to provide the most flexibility to enjoy the outdoors. The completely lined and insulated fabric roof is easily opened and closed with a single-handle central latch. Up to two golf bags may fit in the segment-leading trunk capacity, which is also made possible by the independent rear suspension and the compact roof design.

New Ford Mustang: the 2024 edition of the thrilling American iconThe Mustang Design Series, which is brand-new for the 2024 model year and offers more customization choices from the manufacturer, is available. On EcoBoost and GT versions, with or without the additional Performance Pack, the Bronze Design Series Appearance Package adds a set of sinister bronze alloy wheels with bronze emblems.

Fighter plane-inspired interior

The seventh-generation Mustang’s sculpted external profile conceals the most cutting-edge, driver-focused cockpit yet built for a Mustang. Two curving, flowing screens in the cockpit, which was designed to seem like a fighter aircraft, provide the driver easy access to the data they want or need to view.

The 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster of the automobile may be programmed to show various dynamic graphics and brand-new drive-mode dependant aesthetics.

When selecting customized driving mode settings, the center stack shows real-time graphical depictions of the car’s current configuration based on the same Unreal Engine 3D authoring tool used in contemporary video games. Setting changes may be made by just swiping the image to realistically spin the automobile in a gamified manner.

New Ford Mustang: the 2024 edition of the thrilling American iconThe new Mustang’s standard instrument gauge setting has changed from conventional, cool blue and light grey tones to a very contemporary, copper-look motif that is also shared with the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The interior lighting and practically all of the displays may then be set to certain tones, and the instrument clusters can adjust to the chosen driving mode.

The current configuration of the vehicle is shown as real-time graphical representations on the center stack when selecting customized driving mode settings. In true gamified fashion, settings may be changed by merely swiping the image of the automobile.

Optionally, this digital instrument cluster may be set up to blend perfectly behind a single piece of integrated glass that is tilted toward the driver into a 13.2-inch SYNC 4 center stack.

A brand-new flat-bottomed steering wheel with race-inspired styling gives passengers greater room to sit down.

Drivers are greeted by animated welcome lights outside the car as they approach, and the Mustang’s splash displays come to life as they get inside. Additionally, the new Mustang also offers Remote Rev, which enables users to remotely rev their car’s engine using their key fob, for those who appreciate the sound of revving engines.

All-cloth seats with optional Micro Suede vinyl inserts and black seat belts are standard on the inside of the Mustang, while Premium versions include improved upholstery and accent stitching on the instrument panel and door trim. Ford’s “ActiveX” synthetic leather upholstery is available in a variety of colors on EcoBoost vehicles, while leather seat inserts are added on GT variants.

Higher series versions come with an updated, full-leather steering wheel, as well as a distinctive upholstery perforation across the seat inserts, color-coordinated, asymmetric accent striping on the seat belts, and a choice of accent stitching.

While new overhead USB ports are fitted above the cockpit, ideally located for track cameras and other equipment, helping to eliminate cables from hanging over the cabin, the center console may also feature an accessible wireless mobile phone charging pad.

New Ford Mustang: the 2024 edition of the thrilling American iconThe optional B&O Sound System enhances the inside of the vehicle and adds to the emotional experience of owning a Mustang. Through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, both of which are completely compatible with SYNC 4, users may share the perfect driving music.

With Ford Streaming and Amazon Alexa Built-In, it is possible to stream music and podcasts with simple voice commands. The all-new Mustang is equipped with Ford Power-Up software upgrade capabilities, much like the all-electric Mustang Mach-E SUV.

Two performance-packed engines

Customers are drawn to the Mustang because of the way it looks, feels, and sounds while they are in the driver’s seat. With innovative and cutting-edge engine innovations, the all-new Mustang provides a driving experience that is even more thrilling.

The first is the new Mustang GT, which is now equipped with a cutting-edge 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine. Thanks to an inventive dual air intake box and dual-throttle body design that helps decrease induction loss by permitting greater air flow rates, the fourth-generation 5.0-liter is expected to produce the highest naturally aspirated horsepower of any Mustang GT.

For customers who seek an undiluted link to eight-cylinder power, the 5.0-liter V8 continues to provide a standard six-speed manual gearbox. Ford has conserved the manual transmission for a new generation. Available is Ford’s cutting-edge 10-speed automatic gearbox, which nearly instantly adapts its shift patterns to the specified driving mode.

New Ford Mustang: the 2024 edition of the thrilling American iconCustomers who want the fun-to-drive factor of the Ford Mustang with fuel economy advantages may choose the EcoBoost variant, which is powered by an entirely new, four-cylinder turbocharged 2.3-liter powerplant.

When drivers take charge of the way the automobile acts, they experience the freedom and confidence that the Mustang instills in them to a greater degree.

The driver may instantly alter the steering effort, engine response, gearbox, and electronic stability control settings via the six selectable Drive Modes to create the ideal Mustang at any moment, whether on a winding back road or a weekend track day.

These include Normal, Sport, Slippery, Drag, and Track in addition to a programmable option with up to six distinct profiles, based on the driver’s vision in front of them. High-fidelity visuals on the digital instrument panel bring each setting to life as it is chosen.

The optional Performance Pack is available for both Mustang GT and EcoBoost models, and it adds a number of track-oriented features like a front Tower Brace, a Torsen limited slip differential, an optional MagneRide active suspension, wider rear wheels and tires, and larger 355-millimeter and 390-millimeter Brembo brakes.

For even better cooling, the GT Performance Pack includes brake ducts in addition to the normal auxiliary engine oil cooler. Recaro seats and an active exhaust are additional options with the Performance Pack.

New Ford Mustang: the 2024 edition of the thrilling American iconThe standard rev-matching in the Mustang GT manual gearbox aids in maintaining engine RPM when the clutch is used. Between manual gear changes, the maximum torque is maintained, providing even more accuracy, pleasure, and refinement.

The car’s cornering dynamics are greatly improved with higher straight-line power when the steering ratios are quicker and there is less compliance from the steering wheel to the tire.

The rear-wheel-drive drifting capabilities of the new Mustang are unlocked by a segment-first electronic drift brake, which has the aesthetic appeal and practicality of a conventional, mechanical hand brake. The Performance Electronic Parking Brake is a competition-ready device that comes standard with the Performance Pack on all Mustang models and is designed to help new drivers develop their drifting talents.

Driver assistance features

Ford Co-Pilot360 technologies, such as Speed Sign Recognition, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go, Lane Centering Assist, Evasive Steer Assist, and Reverse Brake Assist, are included with the new Mustang. The Performance Package’s Active Pothole Mitigation is another important feature. It continuously evaluates steering, braking, suspension, and body input and modifies suspension response as necessary.

Using additional free remote capabilities like remote vehicle start and stop, door locking and unlocking, arranging a start time, finding the vehicle, and vehicle health and status checks, owners can remain connected with their car through the FordPass app. Users may access vital vehicle information, such as fuel and oil levels, service records, and warranty details, using the FordPass app.

Beginning in the summer of 2023, the new Ford Mustang will be available in the United States.

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