The 2022 Mini Edition range features several models, all to be launched in March: Resolute Edition for the MINI 3-door, the MINI 5-door and the MINI Convertible, Untold Edition for the MINI Clubman and Untamed Edition for the MINI Countryman. All offering unmistakable personality through unique design and equipment features.

Special MINI Editions include Resolute, Untold and Untamed variants

MINI’s new edition models for spring 2022 take driving excitement, expressive design, high craftsmanship, and distinctive flair to new heights. For the first time, a special edition of all current models from the tradition-steeped British luxury automobile maker will be released at the same time.

The Resolute Edition will be available starting in March 2022 for the MINI 3 door, MINI 5 door, and MINI Convertible. The MINI Cooper SE is also available in this version. The MINI Clubman Untold Edition and MINI Countryman Untamed Edition will be released at the same time.

The limited-edition versions have especially genuine product characteristics, with each having its own specific signature character. The distinctive and meticulously matched design, as well as the equipment features, highlight the distinguishing aspects of each model.

In the top part of this vehicle class, the Resolute Edition clearly emphasizes the original’s originality, historic style, self-confidence, and undeniable charm. The Untold Edition emphasizes the MINI Clubman’s versatility, as well as its elegant style and one-of-a-kind body idea.

The new Mini Edition family 2022: the same fun character with a sharper designThe MINI Countryman sharpens its profile as the ideal partner for impulsively venturing off on excursions outside the city limits in the Untamed Edition. Each special edition has its own set of model-specific features, such as notably appealing body paint finishes and alloy wheels, high-quality interior design, and distinctive external and interior decorative components.

Customers may also customize the new MINI edition automobiles to meet their own wants and specifications. The equipment may be paired with model-specific Comfort, Driver Assistance, and Connected Packages, for example. Individual choices for the distinct edition versions include Steptronic performance gearbox, adaptive chassis, Harman Kardon HiFi sound system, and panoramic glass roof.

Mini Edition Resolute

The MINI, as the pioneer in the premium compact vehicle market, combines a thrilling driving experience with a unique appeal that appeals to a wide range of target groups, thanks to its signature design and contemporary premium character. This is why, in this competitive market, the MINI occupies a distinctive position.

The MINI 3 door, with its traditional body concept, and the MINI 5 door, with its expanded utility, both represent 21st-century experience-oriented urban transportation. Joy de vivre and openness characterize the MINI experience. This holds true in the area of electric transportation as well. The MINI Cooper SE blends the original’s elegance with local emission-free driving enjoyment.

The MINI Convertible also adds to the brand’s recognizable design with a particularly lavish, youthfully fresh appeal.

The MINI Cooper 3 door and MINI Cooper S 3 door, as well as the MINI Cooper 5 door and MINI Cooper S 5 door, are all available in the Resolute Edition. It’s also available with the MINI Cooper SE, which is all-electric.

Customers may experience open-top driving enjoyment in the MINI Cooper Convertible and MINI Cooper S Convertible in special Resolute Edition trim.

The new Mini Edition family 2022: the same fun character with a sharper designFresh design and enhanced features

The Resolute Edition’s special design and equipment features enhance the defining traits of MINI vehicles while combining them with current, high-quality design accents. Exterior design characteristics include a classic color palette and no more chrome accents, which will be standard on future MINI vehicles for environmental reasons.

Hallmark design details are finished in unique Resolute Bronze. This comprises the headlamp surrounds, radiator grille, and rear lights, side scuttles on the front side panels, door and tailgate handles, and, on the MINI Cooper S, the front apron air intakes, as well as the gasoline filling cap.

The inner frame of the radiator grille, the tailpipe trim of the exhaust system, and the horizontal radiator grille strut of the MINI Cooper S in Piano Black offer an appealing contrast, as do the brand emblems and model writing. In the Resolute Edition, a black strip runs along the bottom border of the windows on both the MINI 3 door and MINI 5 door.

Exclusive design elements make up the Resolute Edition’s meticulously constructed package for premium external and interior flair. They also blend in well with MINI’s clean, minimalist design language. The classic sporty flair of the colors and materials are combined with advanced digital technology in the interior.

The current iteration of the MINI operating system optimises the rapid and easy handling of car functions, audio programs, communication, navigation and applications. Live widgets on the center instrument’s 8.8-inch touch display are used to activate the appropriate menu item, which is chosen using a swiping motion similar to that used on a smartphone.

The new Mini Edition family 2022: the same fun character with a sharper designMini Untold Edition

In the premium small sector, the MINI Clubman is a one-of-a-kind sensation. Tradition and understatement are combined with innovative and lifestyle-oriented traits in this new rendition of the traditional shooting-brake design.

The MINI Clubman’s unusual body idea with four doors, a notably long roofline, and split rear doors comprising of two side-opening wings not only gives it a luxurious look, but also provides a high level of utility. It has seating for five people and a large, variable storage capacity that can be expanded from 360 to 1 250 litres.

The MINI Clubman Untold Edition emphasizes the MINI Clubman’s status as a stylish individualist in its class in a unique way. In an innovative fashion, the design’s polished refinement is mixed with a dynamic athletic appeal.

There are five model versions available for the Untold Edition. The MINI Cooper Clubman, MINI Cooper S Clubman, MINI Cooper D Clubman, and MINI Cooper SD Clubman are among the models available. The Untold Edition also includes the 225 kW/306 hp top athlete MINI John Cooper Works Clubman.

Distinctive and sharp with top of the line interior design

The Untold Edition’s distinctive design characteristics emphasize the MINI Clubman’s recognizable look, giving it a captivating presence. The MINI Clubman’s Sage Green metallic paintwork, which is offered for the first time on the MINI, and the unique front and rear aprons, which are inspired by the John Cooper Works Aerodynamic Kit, give it a fashionably athletic appearance.

For the first time, the MINI surrounds on the lower body portions are not black as usual, but a dark shade of green. The Untold Edition’s five slim, parallel sport stripes running centrally over the bonnet and roof are another distinguishing characteristic. The side scuttles feature a unique stripe design that was created utilizing a high-quality 3D printing technology.

This special image may also be seen on the door sill trims and in the logo projected from the door mirrors.

In addition to the special aesthetic characteristics, the MINI Clubman in the Untold Edition comes with extremely high-quality equipment. It contains Adaptive LED Headlights, the MINI Excitement Package, and the MINI Driving Modes, as well as the anthracite-colored roof lining and the Interior Light Package, in addition to the basic equipment of the premium small model.

The new Mini Edition family 2022: the same fun character with a sharper designMini Untamed Edition

The MINI Countryman has established itself as a particularly elegant all-rounder in the premium small market as the company’s largest and most flexible vehicle. A high degree of practicality is ensured with four doors, a large tailgate, five seats, and an impressively changeable interior with a baggage compartment capacity ranging from 450 to 1 390 litres.

In all weather and road conditions, the optional ALL4 all-wheel drive distributes power as needed. The MINI Countryman is as at ease in congested city traffic as it is on off-road adventures. It is also a trailblazer on the road to especially sustainable transportation.

The MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4’s plug-in hybrid powertrain allows for locally emission-free driving enjoyment in city traffic and beyond. It has an electric range of up to 51 kilometers, according to the WLTP test cycle.

The new Untamed Edition for the MINI Countryman emphasizes the spirit of the explorer and adventurer even more. The edition cars’ unique design and equipment features emphasize their rugged appearance and off-road capability.

The MINI Cooper Countryman, MINI Cooper S Countryman, MINI Cooper D Countryman, MINI Cooper SD Countryman, and the plug-in hybrid MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 are all available in the Untamed Edition.

Rugged look with exclusive elements

The MINI Countryman in the Untamed Edition, with its external design focused toward rugged adaptability, inspires you to go out into nature and discover totally new roads and pathways on the spur of the moment.

Not only does the rare Momentum Grey metallic paintwork make this MINI Countryman stand out, but so does the MINI ALL4 exterior style, which has body-colored trim components. The MINI Countryman’s exterior design language is highlighted by the harmonized color palette.

Momentum Grey metallic is used on the lower air intake surround, which includes the proposed underride guard, the air curtain inserts in the front apron, as well as the side skirts, reflector inserts, and the lower insert in the rear apron.

A closer examination of the MINI brand insignia on the bonnet and rear shows that the black wording and graphic parts of the symbol are likewise blended with a body color backdrop.

The MINI Countryman edition model also includes “Untamed” lettering on the seats and the bottom spoke of the Nappa sports leather steering wheel, three-dimensionally embossed landscape pattern on the floor mats in the style of the door sills and decorative trims, and an anthracite-colored roof lining.

The mountain landscape’s signature image is stylized and adorns the subtle pins in the outside region of the seat backs. The Light Package, MINI Excitement Package, and MINI Driving Modes are also included in the Untamed Edition for the MINI Countryman.

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