Embrace the future of electric mobility with the all-new Pirelli Elect tires, specifically designed for the Lotus Eletre, the trailblazing electric hyper-SUV from the iconic British brand. Dive into the depths of cutting-edge tire technology, acoustic comfort, puncture-proof journeys, and how Pirelli and Lotus are reshaping the automotive landscape.

When you combine innovative tire technology with a revolutionary vehicle, the result is bound to be extraordinary. This is exactly what Pirelli and Lotus have teamed up to achieve. Introducing the latest tire innovation, specifically designed for the Lotus Eletre – the British performance brand’s inaugural electric hyper-SUV.

A Partnership Forging New Paths

New Pirelli Elect Tires for the Exciting Lotus EletreThe coming together of two auto-industry powerhouses, Pirelli and Lotus, marks a significant milestone in the evolution of electric cars. As the world pivots towards sustainable mobility, Pirelli has committed itself to producing high-performance tires that accommodate the unique requirements of electric cars, with the Lotus Eletre serving as the perfect platform for their latest endeavors.

Tailor-made for Lotus Eletre: A Plethora of Options

Pirelli has homologated an impressive array of 10 different tires to equip the Eletre, boasting an ensemble of different sizes for both the front and rear. From the P Zero in both 22-inch (275/40R22, 315/35R22) and 23-inch (275/35R23, 315/30R23) sizes available with or without the Seal Inside technology, to a 22-inch P Zero Corsa (275/40R22, 315/35R22), the array of options is vast.

But the offering goes far beyond the sizes. The tire designs meet the dynamic performance, steering feel, range, and comfort requirements that are so critical in all driving conditions for electric vehicles like the Eletre.

A Testament to Dedication: The LTS and Elect Markings

In what can only be described as a nod to their dedicated development program, Pirelli has emblazoned these tires with an ‘LTS’ marking on the sidewalls.

More than mere branding, it symbolizes the meticulous effort and dedication that went into the creation of these tires. The Elect marking, on the other hand, succinctly identifies the advanced technologies encapsulated in the tires, specially devised for electric vehicles.

A Revolutionary Response to Revolutionary Changes

The development of the Pirelli Elect tires didn’t come without its challenges, according to Dario Marrafuschi, Head of Product at Pirelli. The ongoing automotive revolution, driven by electric vehicles, presented a plethora of challenges that needed to be addressed, and these tires are Pirelli’s response.

New Pirelli Elect Tires for the Exciting Lotus Eletre

Under the Hood: Pirelli Elect Technology

For the uninitiated, Pirelli’s Elect tires may seem like any other, but beneath the surface, they pack a punch with an array of attributes crafted specifically for EV’s.

An optimized footprint and specific compounds work together to maximize grip, significantly reducing wheelspin caused by the instantaneous torque that electric motors are known for. Add to this an optimized structure designed to provide outstanding handling performance and steering feel, and you have a tire truly worthy of a hyper-SUV.

Uncompromising on comfort: acoustic excellence and reduced rolling resistance. Pirelli’s efforts weren’t only directed towards handling and grip, though. They understood the importance of comfort in creating a complete driving experience. The Elect tires are designed to reduce rolling resistance significantly, making journeys quieter, and more comfortable.

This fact is validated by the European tire label, which has awarded all sizes of the Elect tires an ‘A’ rating for wet grip, and almost all of them score ‘A’ for noise.

Safer Journeys with Seal Inside Technology

In an industry-first, Pirelli’s Seal Inside technology is being offered on tires of this size. This self-sealing system ensures the tire retains air pressure even after a puncture, allowing journeys to continue without the need for immediate repair. This feature adds another layer of safety and convenience for drivers, enabling uninterrupted journeys.

Virtual Design: The Future of Tire Development

The P Zero and P Zero Corsa tires for the Lotus Eletre aren’t just products of conventional development methods. They’re the result of a state-of-the-art development process using virtual design tools and 3D modeling.

New Pirelli Elect Tires for the Exciting Lotus EletreThis cutting-edge approach allowed Pirelli to define tire specifications before creating any physical prototypes, paving the way for more detailed design cycles and efficient collaboration with the carmaker.


The arrival of the Pirelli Elect tires for the Lotus Eletre is a powerful statement from both Pirelli and Lotus. It represents not only the arrival of high-performance tires for electric vehicles but also marks a significant step forward in the evolution of the entire auto industry.

As we continue to move towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, the demand for such dedicated technology and designs will only grow. Pirelli and Lotus have made their move; it’s now time to watch how the rest of the industry responds.

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