VW released a new version of its Volkswagen ID.3 electric car, two and a half years after the launch of the first model. The upgrade features a new design, a refined interior, and an extended range of colors that includes a new shade of Dark Olivine Green. The company is also showcasing its commitment to sustainability and animal-free materials in the car’s construction.

The New Volkswagen ID.3The new ID.3 will also come with standard features such as Plug & Charge, the Electric Vehicle Route Planner, and the latest software generation with an optional augmented reality head-up display (AR head-up display).

The car also boasts the latest-generation convenience and assistance systems, including the optional Travel Assist with swarm data. This new release is part of Volkswagen’s plan to release ten electric models by 2026.

The Exterior of the Volkswagen ID.3

The new ID.3’s exterior is eye-catching with a fresh and sharpened look. The front is more confident and friendly thanks to optimized air-cooling openings and large painted surfaces. VW has optimized the aerodynamics with improved airflow around the front wheels known as the “air curtain.” At the rear, the two-part tail lights also shine in the rear lid for the first time.

The New Volkswagen ID.3

The Interior

The interior of the new ID.3 combines modern design and sustainable materials. VW uses the microfibre material Artvelours Eco for the door trims and seat covers, a fabric that contains 71 percent recyclate. This is a secondary raw material obtained by recycling plastic that has previously been disposed of as waste at least once. Artvelours Eco has the same characteristics in terms of look and feel and durability as conventional new materials. The interior equipment is also entirely animal-free.

Intelligent Features

The new ID.3 comes with the latest software generation, improving system performance and enabling over-the-air updates. The compact driver display with a screen diagonal of 13.4 centimeters (5.3 inches) is operated on the multifunction steering wheel.

The middle of the console accommodates the now standard 30.5-centimeter (12-inch) touch display for the navigation system, telephone functions, media, assist systems, and vehicle settings. The charging menu is now located on the first level of the touch display, among other customer-requested menu structure improvements.

The New Volkswagen ID.3Charging is easier and even more convenient with the new ID.3 thanks to standard functions such as Plug & Charge and the intelligent Electric Vehicle Route Planner. On longer journeys, the Electric Vehicle Route Planner calculates charging stops so that the destination can be reached as quickly as possible – using current traffic information and forecasts in addition to the battery charge level.

The optional augmented reality head-up display (AR head-up display) projects information such as the vehicle speed and dynamic navigation instructions onto the windscreen. For the driver, this information appears to be 10 meters in front of the vehicle – displayed with the correct perspective and clearly recognizable.

Assist Systems

The new ID.3 comes with the latest-generation assist systems. The optional Travel Assist with swarm data is available in the ID.3, which uses two fully integrated systems for longitudinal and lateral vehicle control, including adaptive cruise control (ACC) and Lane Assist. If swarm data is available, Travel Assist needs just one identified road lane marking to keep the vehicle in the lane when driving on country roads.

The New Volkswagen ID.3


In conclusion, Volkswagen’s new release of the ID.3 electric car showcases the company’s commitment to sustainable materials and technology advancements. With a fresh and modern design, an interior that combines modernity and sustainability, and intelligent features such as Plug & Charge and Electric Vehicle Route Planner, the new ID.3 is an impressive addition to Volkswagen’s electric car line.

The optional augmented reality head-up display and latest-generation assist systems further enhance the driving experience. As Volkswagen plans to release ten electric models by 2026, the new ID.3 sets the bar high for the company’s future innovations in the electric car industry.

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