Pininfarina PURA Vision: The world of luxury automobiles has seen its fair share of revolutions, but only a few have the potential to redefine the sector. The PURA Vision from Automobili Pininfarina doesn’t just promise to do so; it begins a captivating narrative of its own.

Embarking on the Electric Odyssey

In the ever-evolving tapestry of automotive innovation, Automobili Pininfarina stands as a maestro with its latest offering, the PURA Vision. This vehicle is more than an amalgamation of metal, carbon fiber, and software.

Pininfarina PURA VisionIt’s a time machine that marries the rich history of iconic designs with a future-forward electric luxury. And what does this future look like? Imagine a Luxury Utility Vehicle (e-LUV) that is as efficient as it is elegant.

Paolo Dellachà, Chief Executive Officer for Automobili Pininfarina, said: “PURA Vision is the bridge from our present to an exciting new chapter in the history of Automobili Pininfarina. In our fifth year, we have already celebrated our unique heritage with the introduction of the Battista Edizione Nino Farina. PURA Vision previews an exciting future and shows what can be achieved if we apply our PURA design principles to an entirely new kind of vehicle.”

Roots of Pininfarina PURA Philosophy: A Classic Renaissance

With a legacy stretching back 94 years, Pininfarina’s commitment to timeless design is nothing short of legendary. The PURA Vision is no exception, delivering that hallmark beauty with a unique blend of classic proportions intertwined with modern detailing.

The vehicle’s aesthetics take inspiration from the iconic 1947 Cisitalia, a timeless marvel that graced the Museum of Modern Art’s collection in New York. This marriage of classic and contemporary manifests itself in every curve, edge, and silhouette of the PURA Vision.

A Mesmerizing Exterior: Beyond First Impressions

Every aspect of the PURA Vision, from its narrow glasshouse to the signature L.E.S.S. nanofibre lighting technology, has been meticulously crafted. This avant-garde lighting, boasting fibers measuring less than 1mm thick, not only provides a unique daytime running light signature but also epitomizes the blend of design flexibility and energy efficiency—the hallmarks of a genuinely visionary electric LUV.

Pininfarina PURA VisionThe exterior paints a story of contrasts. The ethereal Bianco Sestriere Gloss body juxtaposes against the raw beauty of the exposed carbon fiber elements, punctuated by a gloss black floating roof. The panoramic roof, however, might just be PURA Vision’s crowning jewel. It’s more than a window to the skies; it’s a design marvel that pays homage to the legacy of Pininfarina’s founder.

This is especially seen in the Lounge Doors—inspired by the Lancia Florida saloon— which is a nod to designs of yesteryears.

An Interior That Redefines Luxury

Inside the PURA Vision is a universe of opulence that mirrors the vastness and grandeur of luxury sailing yachts. Elements like floating seats and a sail-like center console transport occupants to a realm of nautical elegance. The expansive dashboard, appearing to flow seamlessly into the exterior, blurs the lines between the inside and the outside, offering a holistic driving experience.

Technology, too, plays a pivotal role in accentuating this luxury. From intuitive touchscreens to advanced digital instrumentation and a head-up display, every journey in the PURA Vision promises to be as convenient as it is luxurious. The car also emphasizes personalization, allowing drivers to tailor the car’s technological interface to their unique preferences.

Sustainability: The Cornerstone of Modern Luxury

The PURA Vision, while a pinnacle of luxury, doesn’t compromise on sustainability. Its interior, with seats that radiate in a crisp white finish, juxtaposes against charcoal leather elements that provide a rich texture and depth. The innovative blend of 30% Nativa wool and 70% recycled polyester isn’t just a sustainable choice but also meets the brand’s rigorous durability standards.

Pininfarina PURA VisionEven the most minor details, like the use of waste aluminum from the vehicle’s wheels for crafting bespoke kickplates, underscore Automobili Pininfarina’s commitment to sustainable luxury.

Sara Campagnolo, Colour and Materials Design Director, Automobili Pininfarina, said: “Materials are more than just a cover – they represent the very fabric of our vehicles. In keeping with our PURA design philosophy, PURA Vision uses the fewest and highest quality materials possible, as efficiently as possible, to create a highly tailored, timeless and sustainable finish.”

A Global Vision Rooted in Italian Craftsmanship

The PURA Vision is not just a manifestation of Pininfarina’s storied legacy; it is also a beacon of its commitment to futuristic innovation. Born from Italian craftsmanship, shaped by decades of experience, and supported by cutting-edge technology from Germany, the PURA Vision signals a new era for electric luxury vehicles.

In the end, the PURA Vision stands as a testament to Automobili Pininfarina’s visionary zeal. As the world stands poised at the threshold of electric luxury, this design concept offers a tantalizing glimpse of what’s possible, making the line between luxury vehicles and artistry even more seamless.

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