Acting on an exceptional idea, Airbus and BMW Group have jointly initiated a groundbreaking competition known as “The Quantum Mobility Quest.” This competition aims to leverage quantum computing’s vast capabilities to address longstanding challenges in the aviation and automotive sectors that conventional computing technology has yet to solve.

By uniting the strengths of two industry giants, the competition sets a new benchmark for utilizing quantum technologies in practical industrial scenarios, potentially leading to advancements in transportation efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

Quantum Computing Airbus and BMW Group

Searching for the best minds in quantum computing

The launch of “The Quantum Mobility Quest” marks a significant milestone in the exploration of quantum computing’s applications, signifying an opportune moment to explore the technology’s transformative impact on society.

“This is the perfect time to shine a spotlight on quantum technology and its potential impact on our society. Partnering with an industry leader like BMW Group enables us to mature the technology as we need to bridge the gap between scientific exploration and its potential applications. We’re seeking the best-in-class students, PhDs, academics, researchers, start-ups, companies, or professionals in the field, worldwide to join our challenge to create a massive paradigm shift in the way aircraft are built and flown,” stated Isabell Gradert, Vice President Central Research and Technology at Airbus.

Echoing the sentiment of collaboration and innovation, Dr. Peter Lehnert, Vice-President of Research Technologies at BMW Group, highlighted the endeavor’s potential to catalyze a new era of innovation.

Dr. Peter Lehnert, BMW Group, added: “Following the success of previous editions of Quantum Computing Challenges by BMW Group and Airbus, we are gearing up for a new wave of innovation, exploring the technology capabilities for sustainability and operational excellence. The BMW Group is clearly aiming at positioning itself at the crossroads of quantum technology, the global ecosystem, and cutting-edge solutions. By doing so, we strongly believe in major advances when it comes to sustainable materials for batteries and fuel cells, to generate unique and efficient designs, or to enhance the overall user experience in the BMW Group Products.”

A new era in transportation

Quantum computing holds the promise of surpassing current computational limits, enabling solutions to complex problems that challenge today’s most advanced computers. This technology is especially relevant for data-intensive industries like transportation, where it could revolutionize the simulation of industrial processes and operational challenges, thus shaping the future of mobility products and services.

Quantum Computing Airbus and BMW GroupParticipants in the Quantum Mobility Quest are encouraged to address one or more specified challenges: enhancing aerodynamic design with quantum solvers, advancing automated mobility through quantum machine learning, creating a more sustainable supply chain with quantum optimization, or improving corrosion inhibition via quantum simulation.

Furthermore, the competition welcomes innovative proposals for quantum technologies capable of pioneering new applications within the transportation industry.

Organized by The Quantum Insider (TQI), the competition is structured in two phases: an initial four-month theoretical development period followed by a phase where finalists will implement and evaluate their solutions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) supports the challenge by offering participants access to its Amazon Braket quantum computing service to execute their algorithms.

Competition submissions and prize

A distinguished panel comprising leading quantum technology experts, alongside specialists from Airbus, BMW Group, and AWS, will assess the submissions. The winning team in each of the five challenge categories will be awarded a €30,000 prize by the end of 2024.

Registration for the Quantum Mobility Quest commenced on December 6, 2023, with the submission window open from mid-January until April 30, 2024. Interested parties can find more information and submit their applications at

Innovation from the best and brightest

As the curtain rises on “The Quantum Mobility Quest,” Airbus and BMW Group beckon the brightest minds across the globe to usher in a new era of transportation. This challenge is not merely a competition; it is a call to arms for those poised at the edge of technological innovation, ready to solve the puzzles that have long eluded the grasp of conventional computing.

Quantum Computing Airbus and BMW GroupThe quest for quantum solutions in mobility opens up a vista of possibilities – from transforming the skies above us to revolutionizing the roads beneath our wheels. By inviting a fusion of creativity, expertise, and quantum technology, Airbus and BMW Group are setting the stage for a future where transportation is not only more efficient and sustainable but also fundamentally reimagined.

Participants have the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of this exciting journey, contributing to pivotal advancements that could redefine the very fabric of mobility. As the deadline approaches, the anticipation builds, promising a venture filled with discovery, innovation, and the potential to drive society toward a quantum leap in transportation.

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