The first complete production model of the Rimac Nevera has left Rimac’s new manufacturing line after five years of development and testing, three generations of powertrain technology, 18 prototypes, 45 actual crash tests, and more than 1.6 million total hours of research and development. The Nevera will be hand-built at a pace of up to 50 units annually, supplied to clients all over the globe.

The first Rimac Nevera will not be sold

This inaugural vehicle was shown at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed in a series of full-throttle sideways laps up the renowned Hillclimb. It was finished in a beautiful iridescent shade of Callisto Green with Painted Graphite Vertex wheels and Sand Alcantara inside.

It will continue to be owned by Bugatti Rimac as a marketing and demonstration vehicle under the designation “car #000” and with a numbered plate on the outside.

Rimac Nevera: the1,900 horsepower ultimate hyper EV is ready to hit the streetsThe first vehicles that will be delivered to consumers are now being put together. The final assembly line for each Rimac Nevera takes five weeks, although many of its components and systems are created at Rimac factories months in advance.

They will soon be sent all over the globe by means of the 25 official dealer partners of Rimac Automobili’s international network, which spans the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Customers anxious to drive the world’s first all-electric hypercar have already sold out the first year of Nevera manufacturing.

Attention to detail in every stage of development

The Nevera was created entirely in-house, with Rimac developing and manufacturing most of its essential systems themselves. All main components have to be custom designed in order for the Nevera to meet the exceptionally high-performance goals that the team has set for it.

For the Rimac Nevera, a brand-new generation battery system, inverter, gearbox, motor, control systems, infotainment, and many other components were created. Over the course of the development process, the powerplant underwent three redesigns, each of which pushed the performance boundaries even further. The process took more than two years.

Nevera has already won several awards, including Best Hypercar by Robb Report, Hypercar of the Year by GQ, and Best Electric Performance Car by Top Gear, recognizing its unmatched attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Rimac Nevera: the1,900 horsepower ultimate hyper EV is ready to hit the streetsThis first production vehicle displays the range of customization choices that Nevera clients have access to in addition to its unparalleled performance. A vast variety of vibrant leathers, Alcantara, contrasting accents, and metal finishes are available for the interior, along with 36 pre-defined paint colors and the option to go bespoke.

There are also three levels of exposed carbon fiber, including a full bare carbon body, and a selection of in-house designed liveries. Each of the 150 finished Neveras will be completely unique, according to the guarantee.

Rigorous testing and customer service

Rimac has been improving its customer service and after-sales programs along with the development of the automobile. To track and maintain automobiles during their lifetimes, specialized computerized diagnostic tools have been created from the ground up.

Every dealer partner will get specialized training and comprehensive service and repair information, and a committed crew called the Rimac Service Team has been assembled to be able to fly anywhere in the globe to identify possible issues. The goal is for the Rimac Nevera ownership experience to rival its amazing driving qualities.

For the whole crew, the development and homologation procedure was a remarkable adventure. No fewer than 18 prototype examples of the Nevera were painstakingly tested in every imaginable environment and measurable aspect, from the freezing Arctic Circle to a high humidity 48°C climatic chamber.

Rimac Nevera: the1,900 horsepower ultimate hyper EV is ready to hit the streetsTesting began with initial experimental prototypes, progressed to validation prototypes, and then pre-series cars. Nine vehicles were destroyed in 45 different crash tests over the course of a rigorous four-year crash testing program, yet the Rimac Nevera passed every test with flying colors, enabling buyers to experience and own Rimac’s flagship model in all key markets.

Mate Rimac, CEO of the Rimac Group, said: “At the beginning of the Nevera journey, we ran thousands of virtual simulations and experimented with countless designs before eventually, the time came to create the very first working prototypes. At this time, around 300 people were working in the company, and now as we enter full production, our company has grown five-fold to have over 1,500 colleagues and construction is well underway for our new 100.000 m² Rimac Campus.

The Campus will eventually become the site for Nevera production when construction is complete, making it the fourth place where Nevera cars will have been assembled, following earlier production sites for the prototype phases and the current production facility in Zagreb, Croatia. In tandem with developing the car, Rimac has been rapidly expanding as a business, always looking to find more space.

The Rimac Nevera was developed with the intention to become the cutting-edge electric hypercar it is today, ready to thrill drivers and passengers in a way they have never experienced before. I’m very much looking forward to customers taking delivery of their brand-new, highly customized cars and hearing their stories of fun behind the wheel.”

Incredible performance

The Rimac Nevera unlocks the performance potential of the next generation of vehicles. Its four electric motors generate 1,914 horsepower, which allows it to reach speeds of 100 mph in 4.3 seconds after reaching 0-60 mph in only 1.85 seconds.

Rimac Nevera: the1,900 horsepower ultimate hyper EV is ready to hit the streetsNevera means an unforeseen Mediterranean summer storm, therefore the car proudly bears a name characteristic of its native country, Croatia. As a result, the Nevera can switch in an instant from a cozy, skillful grand tourer to a razor-sharp performance machine.

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