The British luxury car brand unveiled new enhancements for the Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II expression. Light-touch visual and aesthetic changes have been made to the eighth-generation Phantom in response to customer requests and feedback.

Customers asked for the slightest of changes

Rolls-Royce Phantom: receives subtle new improvements from 2022Phantom’s eighth generation was unveiled in 2017. Rolls-Royce designers and engineers were directed in developing the new expression by customer requirements, which asked the company not to make any dramatic alterations to an already legendary automobile.

Only the lightest design tweaks, embellishments, and alterations have been made to respond to these customer needs. It’s not so much about what should be altered as it is about what should be kept and safeguarded.

“Phantom occupies an unrivalled position at the very apex of the luxury world. As our pinnacle product, it represents the very best of Rolls-Royce design, engineering and craftsmanship – a perfect blend of vision, creativity, the finest materials, skill, patience and precision. With Phantom Series II, we have retained and carefully protected everything our clients love about this superlative and luxurious item; subtle, yet meaningful enhancements reflect their evolving tastes and requirements,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Rolls-Royce Phantom’s new interpretation

Phantom’s dominating presence is the most evident and vital trait to be preserved. A new polished horizontal line between the daytime running lights and the Pantheon Grille has been added to this. This gives the Phantom fresh, aggressive modernism that reflects its driver-centric nature.

When seen from the front, a modest geometric alteration to the Pantheon Grille makes the ‘RR’ Badge of Honour and Spirit of Ecstasy mascot more noticeable.

The grille is now lit, a feature that was first introduced and popularized in Ghost. Phantom’s nighttime presence is further enhanced with delicate laser-cut bezel starlights, which create a visual link with the Starlight Headliner inside and provide more surprise and excitement.

The side profile of the Phantom maintains Rolls-distinctive Royce’s short front and long rear overhangs, long wheelbase, and wide c-pillar, the latter providing more privacy for passengers. The beautiful main lines flowing from the Spirit of Ecstasy to the tapering rear tail are preserved in the profile.

Rolls-Royce Phantom: receives subtle new improvements from 2022The ‘split-belt’ line starts at the front fender and softly bends towards the back door, emphasizing the car’s lengthy dash-to-axle proportions before gently descending into the lantern-like rear lights. The marque’s unrivaled ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ is aesthetically signaled by the sharply undercut ‘waft line,’ which casts a dramatic shadow.

A fresh set of wheels improves the side profile even further. An entirely or partially polished 3D machined stainless steel wheel with triangular facets is available to request.

Phantom might also be fitted with a genuinely exquisite disc wheel, evoking the romanticism of 1920s Rolls-Royce automobiles. This disc wheel is made of polished stainless steel and black lacquer, and it wonderfully captures the sensation of flying on earth.

Phantom customers who previously requested a darker chrome grille surround, black bonnet reins, windshield surround, and side frame finishers may now get them. Rolls-Royce can now turn Phantom into the lightest of light or the deepest of dark looks thanks to this style.

The exquisite interior of the Phantom has hardly changed: the steering wheel has been thickened slightly to provide the owner-driver a more linked and direct point of touch.

Rolls-Royce Phantom: receives subtle new improvements from 2022Phantom and Phantom Extended are two separate figures that symbolize two different power centers. Phantom is currently preferred by a growing number of consumers who want to be in control of their own destiny. Phantom Extended is the ultimate super-luxurious chauffeur-driven experience for individuals who wish to dominate the road from the back seat.

The Whispers app and Rolls-Royce Connected

‘Rolls-Royce Connected’ is now available on the Phantom. This allows the owner to transmit an address to the vehicle straight via Whispers, the Rolls-Royce private members application, allowing for smooth navigation to an event, restaurant, dealership, or even the Rolls-Royce Home.

On Whispers, ‘Rolls-Royce Connected’ also shows the motor vehicle’s location, security status, and current ‘health’ condition; the owner may contact a selected dealership for any service needs or information on the automobile at the press of a button.

Exquisite textiles for the Rolls-Royce Platino

The subtle changes we have made for the new Phantom Series II have all been minutely considered and meticulously executed. As Sir Henry Royce himself said: ‘Small things make perfection, but perfection is no small thing’,” added Torsten Müller-Ötvös

Phantom Platino continues Rolls-Royce’s fabric interior study, which started in 2015 with the introduction of Serenity, a genuinely Bespoke Phantom with hand-painted, hand-embroidered silk inside.

Rolls-Royce Phantom: receives subtle new improvements from 2022Phantom Platino marks the next stage in this momentous journey by introducing materials other than leather, a new field of investigation for Rolls-Royce, and an indication of increased acceptance of alternate interior upholsteries.

The front seats of the Phantom Platino are covered in superb Rolls-Royce leather, while the rear seats are upholstered in fabric, harkening back to the marque’s early days.

The lovely tone-on-tone of Platino’s interior is accomplished by blending two different fabrics: one made in an Italian mill for its robust but sumptuous look, and the other made from bamboo fibers for its shiny finish.

An innovative repeating pattern based on an abstract interpretation of the Spirit of Ecstasy may be found in both materials. The motif is smaller and woven into the silken material to give a more visually exciting finish. It also appears in Phantom’s Gallery, directly in front of the occupant’s eyes, and on critical touch points like the armrest and center console.

The bamboo fabric is embroidered with bigger motifs, giving it a tufted look that is popular in interior design. This more robust material is used on the interior’s lower parts, which will be subjected to the greatest touch.

Phantom’s dashboard timepiece likewise has the same style. The surround is constructed of 3D-printed ceramic, which is a very modern take on a classic material. The tonal qualities of the interior, placed within an iced finish wood set, elevate Phantom to a new degree of grandeur.

The Starlight Headliner is the biggest canvas in Phantom. The stars are arranged to lead the eye backward in a unique design developed specifically for Rolls-Royce Platino, with playful shooting stars following the sweeping arc of the pattern.

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