Meet the MINI Aceman, the latest innovation from MINI, which marks a groundbreaking entry into the electric crossover market. This vehicle is a game-changer in the premium small car segment, offering a unique blend of compact efficiency and spacious luxury.

Introducing the MINI AcemanWith its all-electric engine and visionary design, the MINI Aceman redefines city driving, marrying the iconic MINI go-kart sensation with the demands of modern, eco-friendly transportation. Read on to discover how this exceptional new model continues MINI’s legacy of innovative, space-efficient design while steering us towards a greener, more thrilling automotive future.

A Fresh Take on Compact Luxury

The MINI brand celebrates the launch of its first-ever crossover model specifically tailored for the premium small car segment—the MINI Aceman. This vehicle expertly blends compact dimensions with a spacious interior, accommodating passengers comfortably while maintaining a minimal environmental footprint.

At the heart of the Aceman is its all-electric drive, representing a modern take on Sir Alec Issigonis’ vision of maximizing space efficiency within a compact structure.

Design and Dimensions: Compact Yet Spacious

The MINI Aceman marks a significant step in MINI’s design evolution, introducing the “Charismatic Simplicity” style that echoes throughout the new MINI family. This design philosophy focuses on clear, minimalist aesthetics that convey a contemporary, assured look.

Introducing the MINI AcemanWith a vehicle length slightly over four meters, the Aceman provides ample space for five, merging MINI’s traditional “Clever Use of Space” concept with the latest technological enhancements to offer a user-friendly, immersive digital experience.

Stefanie Wurst, Head of MINI, highlights the Aceman’s appeal: “The MINI Aceman brings a new level of excitement to our all-electric lineup, packed with a truly enjoyable immersive digital experience,” she explains. “It’s ideal for city navigation without sacrificing the versatility and functionality expected from a crossover.”

Exterior Features: Robust and Agile

The Aceman’s exterior embodies a sporty agility and a bold presence. Its structure is supported by a fully electric drive concept that allows for innovative use of space and design elements. The vehicle measures just under four meters, featuring a versatile cargo area and a dynamic range of up to 406 kilometers on a single charge, as per WLTP standards.

Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design, notes, “The MINI Aceman has a strong character and youthful personality that stands out in the urban environment thanks to its compact and agile design.”

The front of the Aceman is particularly striking, with redesigned LED headlights and a distinct octagonal grille that reinforces MINI’s iconic design language. The body design integrates smooth, continuous surfaces with expressive color options, underscored by functional details like roof rails and underride protection, enhancing both aesthetics and utility.

Interior Innovation: Sleek and Functional

Inside, the Aceman continues the theme of “Charismatic Simplicity” with a focus on reduced interior design and innovative material use. The central feature is a large OLED display, part of MINI’s next-generation user interface, which supports intuitive operation through touch or voice commands.

Introducing the MINI AcemanThe interior combines practicality with comfort, offering adjustable ambient lighting and extensive use of recycled materials.

“The interior design of the Aceman focuses on simplicity and functionality, aligning with MINI’s core design principles while introducing new technologies to enhance user experience,” says Heilmer.

Performance and Safety: Electrifying MINI Go-Kart Feel

The Aceman’s all-electric powertrain is designed to deliver an exhilarating driving experience, typical of MINI’s “go-kart” feel, but with zero emissions. Available in multiple power configurations, the Aceman can achieve impressive acceleration and range, ensuring it is as fun as it is functional.

Safety and Assistance Systems: Advanced and Comprehensive. MINI has equipped the Aceman with an array of advanced driver-assistance systems, including a new parking assistant that can be controlled via smartphone, a digital key, and a comprehensive suite of safety features that enhance the driving experience while ensuring maximum protection.

Introducing the MINI Aceman

MINI Aceman: Setting the Stage for the Future

The MINI Aceman is more than just a new model; it’s a forward-looking approach that redefines what a compact electric crossover can be. It’s designed to appeal to those who value innovation, efficiency, and style. With its debut, MINI not only expands its electric lineup but also reinforces its commitment to sustainable, enjoyable urban mobility.

By maintaining MINI’s core values while introducing innovative features and an electrifying drive, the Aceman is set to make a significant impact in the premium small car segment. As MINI continues to embrace an all-electric future, the Aceman stands as a testament to the brand’s enduring appeal and progressive vision.

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