There are a lot of great vehicles to go through when trying to find the best Mercedes cars of all time. The three-pointed star has a long history of making some of the world’s most popular and costly automobiles. Its reputation as a luxury carmaker, earned early in the 20th century, is today one of strong engineering and top-tier design.

Finding the 5 best Mercedes cars

Many elements may be considered while determining what makes an automobile outstanding. Is it the most efficient? Is it the most opulent? Which is the most popular? All of these questions must be addressed and answered in order to identify which models are exceptional, and picking the best of the best is no simple feat, especially given Mercedes’ long history.

Here are the 5 best Mercedes cars of all time, in no particular order, taking into account the many qualities that people appreciate in any automobile and focusing solely on those made available for purchase to the general public, not the company’s often-successful race cars, trucks, and other heavy equipment.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

Top 10 best Mercedes cars of all timeThe Mercedes-Benz 300SL is a legend among famous vehicles. It is one of the most famous and sought automobiles due to its stunning sculpted curves and gullwing doors. Its roots may be traced back to the racetrack since it was Mercedes’ first post-war racing vehicle. The car’s gullwing doors are a striking and distinctive feature, yet they were created out of necessity.

According to Mercedes, the tube frame was designed to provide maximum torsional stiffness while remaining under 50 kilos in weight (110 pounds). Cutouts for doors were not feasible owing to the design of the frame, necessitating a creative solution, which led to the development of gullwing doors.

The SL’s appearance alone made it a desirable and iconic vehicle, but its racing history guaranteed that performance was as important. Mercedes-Benz already had an excellent inline 6 cylinder engine that had been adjusted to generate 220 horsepower using mechanical direct fuel injection.

It was the first production automobile with a fuel-injected engine, and it was strong enough to make such a light car quick for its day.

The 300SL is still one of the most sought-after automobiles today. Its spectacular beauty and aging grandeur make it one of the greatest Mercedes automobiles, with current versions selling for millions when they come up for auction.

Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR AMG

Top 5 best Mercedes cars of all timeAMG became Mercedes-in-house Benz’s tuner for all kinds of racing projects after gaining expertise in creating race-ready engines before to officially joining the business. The CLK GTR, for example, was a race-winning champion that only a select few were able to drive and claim as their own.

The CLK GTR was designed for the GIA GT Championship and was intended to be a racing vehicle first and a road car second. The vehicle’s specifications (via AutoEvolution) are as spectacular as one could expect for a racing car, with a mid-mounted 6.9 liter naturally aspirated V12 producing over 600 horsepower.

While that kind of power is now pretty standard on supercars, it was a mind-boggling level of power in 1997.

Everything on the vehicle is engineered for speed, with aluminum and composite materials utilized liberally to produce a body and chassis that is as light and stiff as possible to complement the tremendous power output. The inside is tiny and lacking in amenities, thus creature comforts are non-existent.

It is, however, quick. It’s also rather costly. Only 25 of the cars were manufactured, and now, auctions for the automobile – such as this one with Sotheby’s – may fetch millions of dollars. If the best automobile from a manufacturer is judged only on speed, this one is far and away from the greatest.

Mercedes-Benz SSK

Top 5 best Mercedes cars of all timeMercedes is most often associated with the superb luxury vehicles it produces now, but it is a corporation with a long history and numerous cars from the past that are deserving of such discussion. The SSK is one of those automobiles, a super sports car that existed before anybody knew what it was called.

According to the Revs Institute, before doing his renowned work on the people’s automobile for the most unpleasant figure of contemporary times, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche created cars for Mercedes-Benz. The SSK, built in the late 1920s, is one of the most spectacular of these constructions.

The 1931 SSKL, powered by a supercharged 7-liter inline six-cylinder engine with a roots-type supercharger, is the best of this range of automobiles (via Mercedes-Benz). In 1931, this automobile generated 300 horsepower with this engine. A regular automobile had roughly 30 horsepower at the time, therefore the SSK was quite remarkable.

The design of a Porsche is as attractive to the eye as it is forceful. According to Mercedes, the SSK performed well on the track and delivered its drivers several wins, demonstrating early on the potential of a Mercedes-Benz automobile.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SD

Top 5 best Mercedes cars of all timeMercedes-Benz is a forerunner in the automobile industry, with patents on hundreds of unique innovations. As a result, several of its automobiles established standards that other manufacturers would later follow in their own models.

While Mercedes had been making diesel automobiles since the 1930s, the 1978 300SD was the first time a turbocharged diesel engine was offered by a manufacturer (via AutoWeek). Prior to this model, diesel automobiles were most typically defined by one characteristic: they are sluggish.

They’re also abysmally slow, but according to MotorTrend, the addition of the turbo meant the new engine provided enough power for the vehicle to have tolerable, if not acceptable, performance.

The 5-cylinder turbodiesel engine generated about 120 horsepower, which may seem little by today’s standards, but sports vehicles battled to surpass 200 horsepower in the late 1970s.

Aside from that, the automobile was typical of Mercedes cars at the time, with renowned dependability and the strongest and best build quality, meaning well-kept specimens of these cars are known to have driven hundreds of thousands of kilometers and still run strong.

For example, AutoBlog located a 1980 300SD in a junkyard that had logged more than 300,000 miles before it died, and that’s probably on the low end. The 300SD is still regarded as the automobile that will outlive all of us.

Benz Patent – Motorwagen

Top 5 best Mercedes cars of all timeThe Benz Patent-Motorwagen must be included at least once in every discussion of the finest Mercedes-Benz automobiles. To be honest, it isn’t a Mercedes-Benz, but without it, there would be no Mercedes and maybe no automobile. Perhaps it is an exaggeration, but the Patent-Motorwagen is undeniably significant.

The Motorwagen, designed and manufactured by Carl Benz, is widely regarded as the first operational vehicle, as shown by the patent date of 1886.

According to Mercedes-official Benz’s website, the first automobile was powered by a single-cylinder engine designed by Carl Benz with a total power output of roughly 23 horsepower.

While it proved to be a feasible self-propelled vehicle, Carl’s wife Bertha Benz put it to the ultimate test when she took it on the first-ever road trip with her teenage kids, making the 66-mile route from Heidelberg to Wiesloch. Bertha set off on the voyage with Carl completely unconscious of what she was doing, knowing that the automobile would need exposure to attract purchasers.

Due to the lack of gas stations and the car’s short fuel tank, Bertha found herself stopping at several pharmacies along the trip to replenish her gasoline supplies. While the automobile was not the most beautiful nor the quickest, its position as the first places it among the best.

This list is not, by far, complete, as Mercedes represents automotive history since its beginning. It is, however recognition of the importance of some of the most iconic MBs.

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