Since its introduction in 1967, the Toyota Century has always been a symbol of unmatched luxury, a shining example of Japanese craftsmanship, and a benchmark for chauffeur-driven vehicles. This year, Toyota has unveiled a new model that promises to carry forward the legacy while adapting to the needs of the modern world.

Here’s a deep dive into the latest offering from Toyota – the all-new Century SUV.

The Toyota Century Evolution

A Legacy Continued

“Today marks a special moment for a car at the very pinnacle of the Toyota portfolio―Century. Century is a singular automobile representing the height of Japanese sensibilities. Born as the pride of Toyota, Century has become the pride of Japan.” Simon Humphries, Member of the Toyota Board of Directors, Operating Officer, at the launch of the Century.

Before we jump into the new, let’s acknowledge the old. The Century’s inception was revolutionary. At a time when the Japanese chauffeur car market was predominantly occupied by Western luxury brands, Toyota set out with an ambitious aim: to introduce a luxury vehicle that was Japanese at heart but global in spirit.

The first-generation Century wasn’t just any car; it was the embodiment of Japan’s best technologies of the time. A perfect blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics and cutting-edge innovation aimed to offer an unparalleled quiet and comfortable ride. The car represented the spirit of omotenashi – the Japanese principle of wholehearted hospitality.

Fast forward five decades and the Century still remains Japan’s chauffeur car of choice. But with changing times come changing demands. The modern chauffeur-driven experience is no longer just about reaching one’s destination; it’s about utilizing travel time effectively.

Whether it’s relaxing after a long day, attending virtual meetings, or just enjoying the journey, the Century’s development team has recognized these shifting dynamics.

“The Chauffeur” – Toyota Century’s Future Vision

The new model, themed “The Chauffeur,” is not just another addition to the lineup. It’s a culmination of extensive deliberations on how the Century can stay ahead of evolving customer needs. The Century SUV aims to deliver freedom in motion – a bespoke experience that gives users the “ultimate freedom of movement.”

The Toyota Century EvolutionOne of the most significant advancements is the global customization option. Toyota is ready to listen to each customer’s unique requirements, ensuring the vehicle is tailored perfectly to individual needs.

Aesthetic Elegance – Outside and In

The Century SUV’s design speaks for itself. Its theme of “stately grandeur” is evident throughout, showcasing an amalgamation of Japanese design elements. The car features majestic body proportions, reminiscent of the unique Century worldview, inspired by a loom shuttle motif.

Master craftsmen have ensured the exterior is immaculately finished, with intricate details like the phoenix emblem and a luxurious mirror finish.

Ryota Nakai, member of the exterior design team, said: “What should a next generation chauffeur car be like? The design concept was “awe-inspiring” and as a team, we pushed ourselves to embody a Japanese aesthetic and express the “Century-ness” passed down for generations in this car. Teamwork and the power of design are at the core of this car’s strength.”

Inside, the Century SUV provides a haven of luxury. The rear of the car boasts fully reclining seats and an audio system developed with the expertise of a musical instrument manufacturing master, ensuring passengers feel the essence of a live performance. For easy entry and exit, the rear doors open to a generous 75-degree angle, complemented by automatic retractable power steps and C-pillar grips.

Performance Par Excellence

Under the hood, the Century SUV houses a 3.5-liter V6 plug-in hybrid system. This hybrid system is intelligently designed, functioning as a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) for daily commutes and a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) for longer journeys. Not only does this car promise a quiet, chauffeur-worthy drive, but it’s also designed for the owner-driver who loves to take the wheel for a thrilling ride.

The Toyota Century EvolutionTo ensure optimal driving experience, the Century SUV comes with a Dynamic Rear Steering system, guaranteeing easy handling at various speeds. The vehicle also introduces a Rear Comfort mode, focusing on providing a smooth ride for rear passengers, from acceleration to a halt.

The Ultimate Luxury Experience at $170,000

All these features and advancements come with a starting Toyota Century price of $170,000. This might seem steep, but considering the unparalleled luxury, cutting-edge technology, and the legacy of the Century brand, it seems like a justified investment for those seeking the epitome of comfort and class on the road.

Final Thoughts

Toyota’s new Century SUV is more than just a car; it’s a statement. It stands as a testament to Toyota’s commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and upholding a legacy that has spanned over half a century. For those looking to experience luxury, comfort, and performance in one package, the Century SUV is the answer.

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