From every angle, Vision AMG makes an emotive statement. This stunning Mercedes-AMG exhibition vehicle provides a look into AMG Driving Performance’s all-electric future. The unique AMG.EA platform, which is presently being developed for all-electric performance cars, sits under the four-door coupé’s beautiful external appearance.

Extraordinary design features, wonderfully sculpted surfaces characterize the concept automobile. The back and side windows are painted in the same Alubeam silver as the automobile, and the joints and shut lines are kept to a minimum. As a consequence, the overall image of a monolithic sculpture is reinforced.

The technical layout defines the sporty proportions, which include a long wheelbase, a steeply slanted A-pillar positioned far forward, a short front overhang, and a somewhat larger, aerodynamically optimized back overhang. With unique sports car elements like large flared wheel arches and broad, muscular shoulders at the back, it clearly displays the design language of Sensual Purity.

The beautiful greenhouse is easily incorporated into the low-lying profile and flows with the overall design. The roof tapers as it descends gracefully to the back, flowing right into the spoiler. The total outcome is an aesthetically appealing and aerodynamically beneficial teardrop shape, similar to the VISION EQXX.

The sensuous surface and sharply defined sculpting are typical of Mercedes’ design language. Similarly, the extreme proportions and finely chiseled shark snout express the brand’s desire for the remarkable. The Vision AMG is therefore a striking illustration of the brand’s dual polarity design approach, which embraces “Beauty & the Extraordinary.”

The rear’s steeply pointed tear-off edge contains an active spoiler, which elongates the side view while enhancing aerodynamics. It is framed by a finely cut strip of light that enables a number of alternative light installations and creates a striking contrast with the huge black AMG insignia on the back of the vehicle.

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Mercedes-Benz Group AG said: “The Vision AMG shows in spectacular style what electrification could look like at Mercedes-AMG, while staying true to the brand aesthetic.

The study’s extreme proportions create fascination and passion for performance – that’s what AMG is all about. The Vision AMG is an impressive embodiment of the brand’s dual polarity – the interplay of beauty and the extraordinary.

At the same time, elements from the future, such as the light signatures with the illuminated high-tech grille, underscore the progressive evolution of our design language of Sensual Purity.

With its contrasting modern surfacing and radical proportions, this car showcases the next design step, building on the VISION EQXX and moving further towards performance luxury. The seamless flow of beautifully formed surfaces and the monolithic sculpture complete the powerful aesthetic of the Vision AMG.

The result is an electric supercar, a style icon that stimulates desire – and that’s exactly what sets a luxury sports car apart.”

Groundbreaking technology for ultimate performance

In many respects, Vision AMG’s technology pays homage to the outstanding design. All of the AMG.EA’s drivetrain components were created from the ground up, including the unique high-performance high-voltage battery and the groundbreaking drive system.

The Vision AMG’s unique Axial Flux Motor, created by Mercedes-Benz’s fully owned subsidiary YASA, is its strong heart. It generates much more power than traditional electric motors due to its small and lightweight construction.

Closed grill for an emphasized EV look

Despite the fact that an all-electric powertrain does not need a traditional radiator at the front, the AMG-specific grille with vertical bars is kept as a distinguishing brand characteristic. As a result, the grille’s high-tech development is closed off, painted in body color, and entirely incorporated into the front end.

The grille, with its lighted bars and three-dimensional outer shape, serves as the vehicle’s visual focal point, emphasizing the Vision AMG’s futuristic appearance. The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE’s three-pointed star is prominently displayed on the bonnet.

The light signature of the headlamps shines straight forward. Three LED components create a stylized, three-dimensional Mercedes star, guaranteeing that the Mercedes and AMG logo is visible at all times of the day and night.

The horizontal ribbon of light above the grille aesthetically connects the two headlights. From a welcoming signature to continual illumination, this light band may show a number of animations. spherical lights at the back have a fresh yet recognizable light style. Three LED rings are positioned in cylindrical tubes on either side. Small stars refer to the Mercedes trademark here as well. The expressive rear diffuser, on the other hand, is painted a deep black.

“AMG is reinventing itself. As was once the case with our founding fathers, there has been an amazing feeling of new beginnings here in Affalterbach for quite some time now. The course has been well and truly set for an electrified future, and we’ve set the bar high.

That’s because our customers expect something very special from all-electric cars. We have already well and truly proven our expertise in this regard with the SLS AMG Electric Drive, our own E PERFORMANCE hybrid technology and the first Mercedes-EQ derivatives.

With this study, we are now offering a first glimpse of how we are transferring the AMG DNA into the all‑electric future, starting in 2025. Gorden and his team are pointing the way from a visual perspective with this extraordinary design.

At AMG, we have always stood for that extra shot of emotion, driving fun, handling, ingenious aerodynamic features and other innovative solutions. And that’s what we continue to stand for with our first BEV developed entirely in Affalterbach.

We’re developing everything from scratch, from the dedicated AMG.EA platform to the revolutionary drivetrain technology with which we will take performance electric mobility to a whole new level,” says Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

The Vision AMG hints at Mercedes’ F1 tradition

Further graphic elements reveal a clear link to the successful Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team. These include the silver paintwork with a large-format star pattern over the shoulders and rear wings, exposed carbon-fiber functional parts, the aerodynamic design of the 22-inch wheels with aero claddings, the AMG badge, and Petronas-colored accents on the sills and diffuser. Vision AMG has a futuristic look thanks to its dynamic high-tech seamless design and jaw-dropping dimensions. The exhibition vehicle’s four-door layout also demonstrates that it is a practical all-electric sports automobile of the future.

Despite the battery pack being on the car’s floor between the axles, the study sits lower than the EQS and has plenty of room for four people because of its well-built internal floor.

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