The ID. Buzz connectivity solutions are one of the signs that VW is heading into the future in a sustainable and efficient manner, relying on the outstanding characteristics that Volkswagen buses have long provided. The ID. Buzz’s interior is an Open Space with a lot of space, a lot of adjustabilities, and a lot of comforts.

At the same time, the model is a trailblazing digital companion. Its totally digital operational philosophy and smart infotainment system provide the finest possible connection. Technical features like USB-C connections are also available on board, enabling passengers to charge their smartphones, laptops, and other devices quickly with a capacity of up to 45 watts.

2022 Volkswagen ID. Buzz connectivity for ultimate digital enjoymentThe ID. Buzz becomes a “digital living room” when combined with the straightforward design and fresh two-tone appeal, and therefore opens up a new level in electric mobility.

Jozef Kabaň, Head of Volkswagen Design, explains: “We have developed a vehicle layout with a logical and intuitive interior concept and variable use of space. The interior becomes a digital living room or office – just like our customers are familiar with from their own homes.”

A maximum of eight USB ports are available

Customers may now use their mobile devices in the ID in an even greater variety of ways. Buzz – the electric bus serves as a digital living room as well as a mobile home office. Small folding tables for computers or tablets are available as an option on the front seat backrests, with the latter being housed in specifically constructed recesses.

Three USB-C connections are included as standard for charging cellphones, gaming consoles, laptops, and tablets utilized by ID. Buzz inhabitants. Two of them are on the right side of the steering wheel, adjacent to the data transfer port, while the third is in the front passenger door.

Customers may also purchase three more ports: one in the inside mirror base and one in each of the two sliding doors. Two additional apertures on the load compartment’s walls will be added shortly.

2022 Volkswagen ID. Buzz connectivity for ultimate digital enjoymentExcept for the connector on the mirror, almost all USB-C ports support the current USB Power Delivery charging standard (USB-PD). This enables quick charging with a capacity of up to 45 watts, depending on the connected device – three times the previous charging capability.

In around half an hour, a suitable business laptop with an empty battery may be charged to 50% capacity. The new USB-PD standard is supported by the majority of modern consumer electronics products.

All digital displays control ID. Buzz connectivity functions

All of the ID. Buzz’s displays are digital. The driver may use the Digital Cockpit’s 5.3-inch display with the multifunction steering wheel touch controls. This, like the huge touch display in the center of the dash panel, is free-standing.

The screen on the basic Ready 2 Discover radio system spans 10 inches diagonally, and it comes with a navigation feature that may be engaged later. When the optional Discover Pro system is installed, this feature is already enabled; the touchscreen is 12 inches in size.

Under the touch display, there are two touch panels: sliders for adjusting the music level and temperature, and digital buttons underneath these controls for accessing menus for parking, air conditioning, driver aid systems, and running gear modes.

Voice control with Hello ID

Along with the multifunction steering wheel and the touch display, the Hello ID. natural voice control is the third control level. This rapidly and accurately recognizes inquiries and commands. The system recognizes free formulations, asks questions when appropriate, and accepts interruptions. Answers are given immediately and in two formats: offline from the vehicle’s information and online from the Cloud.

Intuitive ID. Light

The ID. Buzz – the narrow light strip that runs under the windscreen in the car interior – may also be found in the ID. Using distinct light pulses gives intuitively understood information. It may, for example, show if the car is being charged or the direction in which the navigation system requires a turn. This signifies “Caution! Brake!” if the ID. light is totally red.

2022 Volkswagen ID. Buzz connectivity for ultimate digital enjoymentWe Connect for a continuous online presence

For a limited time, the online services We Connect and We Connect Plus are optionally accessible for all ID. Buzz variations and come as standard. They link the car to the smartphones of those utilizing the services as well as the outside world as soon as they are turned on.

In addition to Online Voice Control, the service portfolio includes navigation with Online Traffic Information, Internet Radio, media streaming with the Wi-Fi hotspot, and Spotify – the free over-the-air upgrades require an activated We Connect subscription.

Controlled with a remote

Another facet of the We Connect universe is vehicle-related services. ID. Buzz owners may remotely regulate charging and the electric stationary air conditioning (standard), as well as monitor the battery charge level using the We Connect ID. app on their smartphone.

Smart gadget on the wheels

The ID. Buzz is a smart gadget on wheels, with several entertainment and connection features. For smartphone integration, App-Connect wireless is included as standard. This enables the wireless integration of chosen smartphone applications into the ID.Buzz’s native environment, can then be accessed effortlessly through the infotainment system or voice control.

Volkswagen gives customers the option of using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay for this. There’s also a smartphone storage space with inductive charging capability. Optionally available is the Comfort mobile phone interface, which has a charging station built into the dash panel.

2022 Volkswagen ID. Buzz connectivity for ultimate digital enjoymentGear lever with an ergonomic design

ID. Buzz has a high dash panel, which is a common Volkswagen bus design, to match the raised seat posture of the driver and front passenger. It is only one example of the contemporary interpretation of the Volkswagen bus interior, with its rigorous horizontal geometry and multiple floors layered on top of each other.

The position selection rotary switch is placed on the right side of the steering column. To get the car rolling, the driver just has to flick the switch to “D” from the neutral position “N.” Reverse gear is activated by pressing the “R” key.

The wiper control, as well as an operational panel for the lights, windshield and rear window heating, and the windscreen defrost function, are all placed to the left of the steering wheel.

High position captain’s seats

The front seats of the ID. Buzz has a somewhat high seating posture, which is typical of Volkswagen buses. This, along with the big windows, gives excellent all-around sight. Entry-level ID already has armrests on the inside edges of the chairs.

Buzz Pro is a program that allows you to create a They are also put on the exterior edges of the upper equipment lines. The seats in the flagship model, which will be released later, have been certified by the AGR (German Campaign for Healthier Backs) and are also electrically adjustable.

Versatility and storage with Buzz Box

The ID. Buzz may be ordered with or without the practical and innovative Buzz Box. In just one easy action, this may be fitted between the front seats and removed again. In the top half, there is a spacious storage box.

An ice scraper and a bottle opener are included for convenient access at all times. A 1.4-liter hinged container is located on the front of the Buzz Box (e. g. for a water bottle). A 5.0-liter drawer for all sorts of utensils is located on the other side.

MEB offers optimum packaging solutions

With a length of 4.71 meters, a wheelbase of 2.99 meters, a width of 1.99 meters, and a height of 1.94 meters, the ID. Buzz has small proportions but considerable internal space. It will come off the manufacturing line with five seats when it goes on the market. Two wide-opening sliding doors, with electric operation as an option, provide easy access to the Open Space.

The backrest angle of the chairs may be modified and the three-seater bench can be shifted longitudinally. In the medium future, six- and seven-seater variants will be available, with the latter having a larger wheelbase. The baggage compartment has a maximum load capacity of 2,205 liters and has a basic capacity of 1.121 liters.

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