The second generation of the celebrated BMW M2 excites and delights with all the elements of a classic high-performance sports car, with fresh intensity and cutting-edge technology.

Built with driving pleasure in mind

The new M2 encapsulates the sheer joy of driving; compact dimensions, an inline 6-cylinder engine, a manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive, and advanced technology are all central to its appeal.

The fresh BMW M2: enhanced winning formula from BavariaFleet-footed agility and handling that remains easily controllable even as the driver explores the limits are qualities essential to the emotional experience of the 2023 BMW M2. Its expressive character is reflected in a visually powerful design that makes no secret of the car’s capability before it even turns a wheel.

The expressive styling of the new BMW M2 is a clear indication of its mission to deliver sporty driving pleasure and stems from its powerful proportions within its compact dimensions. At 180.3 inches long, 74.3 inches wide, and 55.2 inches tall, the new M2 is 4.1 inches longer than its predecessor, 1.3 inches wider, and 0.3 inches lower.

The 108.1-inch wheelbase of the new BMW M2 is a critical factor in its agility. It is 4.3 inches shorter than that of the BMW M4 but 2.1 inches longer than the previous M2, benefitting legroom front and rear. Track widths have increased by 1.5 inches (to 63.7) at the front and .16 inches (to 63.2) at the rear, matching the M4.

Powerful design elements define the new BMW M2

A large, frameless BMW double kidney grille with pronounced horizontal components dominates the front of the new BMW M2. The practically rectangular shapes of the M-typical three-section lower air intakes maximize cooling of the brakes and powertrain parts.

The distinctively BMW M and motorsport-inspired side skirts merge into large, muscular wheel arches to create this look. The M2’s tall hood, small overhangs, and far-rear passenger compartment give it a distinctive profile. A small BMW coupe with obvious high-performance capabilities has a roofline that slopes down from the B-pillar and a short deck lid that ends in a prominent lip spoiler.

The fresh BMW M2: enhanced winning formula from BavariaCustomers have the option to order the new BMW M2 with an M Carbon roof. By using this thin material for the roof, you can lighten the car and lower the center of gravity, which improves handling.

The structure of the rear of the new BMW M2 is provided by distinct horizontal surfaces. The vertically oriented reflectors embedded deeply into the outer margins of the rear apron and the rear spoiler lip intended to increase downforce at the rear axle are iconic features of M design. The prominent diffuser insert is the component of the rear end that stands out the most.

This air-directing component follows a clean, racing aesthetic and features distinctive M quad tailpipes. The rear perspective is made more forcefully compressed by the tailpipes, which are situated slightly inward from the borders of the back bumper.

Driver-oriented interior elements

The M Sport seats in the 2023 M2 have a revised design with stronger side bolsters. You may choose them in Black or Cognac and they have perforated areas on their Vernasca leather upholstery. An illuminated M logo is present on their built-in head restraints. Electrical adjustments are also available for the M Sport seats, including for the head restraint height.

The track-ready M Carbon bucket seat, part of the optional Carbon Package, is an option for the first time on the M2. They include integrated head restraints and LED M2 insignia immediately above the backrest, and they are entirely motorized and heated.

About 24 pounds are saved over the conventional M Sport seats thanks to the use of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the structural components of the seat bottom and backrest as well as the cut-outs in the side bolsters and below the head restraints.

The fresh BMW M2: enhanced winning formula from BavariaCustomers may choose M interior trim in Aluminum Rhombicle anthracite instead of the usual Black high-gloss to give the new BMW M2’s interior a more sporty feel. If the optional Carbon Fiber trim is chosen, the dashboard, center console, shift paddles (for cars with automatic transmissions), and trim on the M leather steering wheel will all be trimmed in carbon fiber.

There are two different roof options for the new BMW M2: a standard feature is an electrically controlled glass slide/tilt moonroof with a glass surface that is over 20% bigger than the previous model’s. The moonroof may be replaced with an optional, weight-cutting M Carbon roof panel.

The M Shadowline lights and black tailpipe tips are added when the optional Shadowline Package is selected. The Carbon Package, which includes the previously mentioned M Carbon roof and M Carbon bucket seats in Black, is furthermore available.

Around the backrests and headrests of the front seats, full Merino leather with distinctive contour lines finished in the BMW M tricolors, and carbon fiber inside trim are used.

Engine and transmission

The new BMW M2’s engine technology offers a thrilling driving experience reminiscent of a vintage high-performance sports vehicle while bringing outstanding performance to the premium compact sector. The M2 is the only vehicle in its class with an inline 6-cylinder engine, which dazzles with both its outstanding power and well-balanced performance characteristics.

Either a responsive 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic or a 6-speed manual transmission may be used with the engine. In either scenario, the engine’s power is conventionally transferred to the road via the rear wheels.

The S58 engine in the new M2 outperforms the one in the model it replaces by 48 horsepower at 6,250 rpm. The newest M TwinPower Turbo technology is combined with the high-revving character that motorists have come to expect from an M vehicle. The engine runs at a maximum speed of 406 lb-ft between 2,650 and 5,870 rpm.

The performance experience in the 2023 BMW M2 is characterized by immediate responsiveness, a voracious hunger for rpm, and linear power delivery into the upper regions of the engine speed range. Maximum engine revs are 7,200 rpm.

The fresh BMW M2: enhanced winning formula from BavariaThe engine’s design philosophy and technical specifications are the results of years of racing expertise accumulated by BMW M GmbH. The efficiency, power development, and high-revving characteristics of the engine are improved by a highly robust crankcase, friction-optimized cylinder bores, a crankshaft drive with high torsional rigidity, and a forged crankshaft with a lightweight design.

A lighter cylinder head and better coolant duct routing are made possible by the 3D printing of the cylinder head’s core.

The combustion chambers get compressed air from two mono-scroll turbochargers. A wastegate with electronic control as well as an indirect intercooler are included in the turbocharging system. High Precision Injection with a maximum pressure of over 5,000 psi, VALVETRONIC variable valve timing and Double-VANOS completely variable camshaft timing are other features of M TwinPower Turbo technology.

BMW-specific dynamics and agility

The new BMW M2 follows the conventional method for translating engine output into dynamic performance by only delivering power to the rear wheels. When driving aggressively on the track, the driver may utilize the M models’ linear buildup of cornering forces to perfectly direct the vehicle through turns.

The standard Active M Differential is another factor in the BMW M2’s exceptional performance. When necessary, it may halt the rotational speed correction between the rear wheels and provide a smooth, variable locking effect of up to 100%. As a result, traction is improved on terrain with varying degrees of adhesion at the left and right rear wheels.

The fresh BMW M2: enhanced winning formula from BavariaBy preventing driving power from slipping at either one or both rear wheels, the differential lock enables drivers to accelerate more rapidly. The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system is networked with the Active M Differential, which adjusts its locking effect according to the current driving circumstances as determined by a number of sensors.

Drive torque, wheel speed, vehicle speed, lateral acceleration, the car’s steering angle, and yaw rate are a few of the variables taken into account. As a result, the driver may control the level of lock with extreme precision and predictability.

Drivers can accurately gauge the amount of grip at the rear wheels by accelerating hard out of bends, for instance, and may then use the appropriate amount of throttle.

The new M2 has the tools necessary to transform the power of its straight-six engine into spectacular straight-line and lateral performance, both in daily driving and on the track, thanks to sophisticated chassis technology that was previously developed for the M3 and M4.

The combination of the small size, short wheelbase, exceptional longitudinal and torsional rigidity of the body and chassis mountings, and a weight distribution that is almost 50:50 results in handling that is very accurate and responsive. A driving sensation of unparalleled purity is produced by adding a traditional rear-wheel drive to the mix.

Special features for track and road performance

The M Mode button, which unlocks a performance experience ideally tailored to each driver’s preferences, is also found in the center console’s control panel. The breadth of driver assistance system features is drastically reduced in SPORT mode.

Drivers may choose TRACK mode since M Drive Professional is standard equipment on the new BMW M2. TRACK mode completely disables the assistance systems, making it only suitable for driving on racetracks.

The information shown in the information display and Head-Up Display is condensed to just that which is pertinent to sporty driving in the SPORT and TRACK modes. On the left side of the information display, a number of readouts may be accessed, such as boost pressure and coolant temperature, tire pressure and tire temperature, or longitudinal and lateral acceleration.

M Drive Professional has M Laptimer and M Drift Analyzer in addition to M Traction Control and TRACK mode. The M Laptimer keeps track of both the current lap time and the time difference from the session’s fastest lap around the circuit.

The M Drift Analyzer records the time, distance, and angle of the driver’s most recent drift and assists the driver in honing their high-speed cornering abilities via purposeful oversteer and accurate counter-steering.

The new BMW M2 price is MSRP $62,200 (base price).

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