The brand new 2022 Lexus LX600 is the supreme sport-utility flagship in the premium brand’s expanding and broad model range, having been completely rebuilt from the bottom up – inside and out.

With its completely re-engineered body-on-frame chassis, avant-garde styling, and sumptuous interior, the full-size luxury SUV exemplifies Lexus‘ dedication to addressing the changing requirements and lifestyles of clients. It will be available for purchase in the United States in the first quarter of 2022.

Smooth yet powerful, the perfect combination for a luxurious feel: V6 and a 10 speed automatic

The 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine is smaller than the previous normally aspirated V8 and uses turbocharging to boost power and torque. The powerplant generates 409 horsepower (415 PS) and maximum torque of 479 lb.-ft. and maintains maximum torque across a broad range up to approximately 3,600 rpm, making it simpler to operate not just on the road but also off-road, where frequent usage of the low-speed range is required.

2022 Lexus LX600: smooth, luxurious and powerful

By engaging lockup in nearly its full range of operation, the Direct Shift-10AT provides a smooth start that only a torque converter can offer, as well as manual transmission-like direct acceleration, except when the car starts from a dead stop.

The cross gear ratio option, which puts the gear ratios of each stage closer together, and the fast gear shift time result in snappy gear changing at regular intervals, producing a driving rhythm in sync with the engine sound.

For excellent starting comfort as well as high-speed driving, a broad variety of gear ratios is used. When starting at low speeds, the low first gear enhances the driving force, resulting in a smooth start and strong low-speed off-road performance.

The high gearing in the 10th gear, on the other hand, keeps the engine speed low when traveling at high speeds, resulting in a quieter ride and reduced fuel usage.

An oil pan protection is placed on the lower body of the automatic gearbox, which is intended for off-road performance, to assist in minimizing the possibility of oil pan damage caused by unexpected impacts to the underfloor that may occur while navigating rough terrain.

The Lexus LX600 features the new GA-F platform to increase body rigidity and improve comfort

According to Lexus Driving Signature, engineers revised the LX’s essential properties and lowered its center of gravity and weight while increasing body rigidity to achieve a smooth composure and greater comfort level by adopting a new GA-F platform and redesigning the entire framework of the vehicle from the ground up.

The new Lexus LX600 is 441 pounds lighter than its predecessor, resulting in a more predictable, balanced ride during turning, accelerating, and deceleration movements, as well as improved off-road stability.

2022 Lexus LX600: smooth, luxurious and powerful

The front high-mounted double wishbone suspension, suspension geometry, and tuned coil springs provide outstanding vehicle stability and ride comfort to provide both a high degree of off-road driving performance and on-road handling stability.

With 100 mm/3.93 in. of bound and 145 mm/5.7 in. of rebound, the suspension stroke, which is an essential element for off-road driving performance, is made long enough to assist in achieving both outstanding on and off-road driving performance.

The Lexus Driving Signature is further enhanced by the high-output, high-torque twin-turbocharged engine, Electronically Controlled Brake (ECB), and Electric Power Steering (EPS), which deliver driving performance that seamlessly connects deceleration, steering, and acceleration in all situations.

Alternatively, the use of a new Active Height Control (AHC) system and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) helps provide improved grip, traction, and control, as well as a sense of strength and security.

The interior has been upgraded to Lexus 2022 standards

The instrument panel houses Lexus’ first Lexus Interface dual display, which includes a 12.3-inch top screen and a 7-inch lower screen that is intended to inform rather than distract. During off-road driving, the top 12.3-inch display displays navigation, audio settings, and the Multi-Terrain Monitor.

2022 Lexus LX600: smooth, luxurious and powerful

The temperature control panel is shown on the bottom 7-inch touch display, which also acts as a driving-assistance screen for Multi-Terrain Select. The driver may monitor off-road driving situations more securely by showing the camera picture on the top screen while concurrently displaying the real-time vehicle status on the bottom screen.

The LX range is enhanced with the Lexus’ first four-seat Ultra Luxury grade, which pays particular attention to the rear passenger space and enjoyment. The front seat may slide forward and the seat reclining angle can be adjusted up to 48 degrees to assist create an unmatched level of relaxation.

The rear seat display, which is located behind the front passenger seat, can also be folded down to allow for forward visibility, providing an airy VIP sitting experience with maximum legroom of 1,100 mm/43 in. With the press of a single rear control panel button, you may effortlessly attain this sitting position.

A footrest may be erected behind the front passenger seat to offer optimum comfort from head to toe.

Sunshades on the side and quarter windows, reading lamps, and a back seat display are all included as standard. Unique overhead ceiling vents provide a whole-body comfort breeze sensation, thanks to an Ultra Luxury-exclusive air conditioning technology.

Lexus LX600 has been designed with a new generation in mind

The inside and external design of the all-new Lexus next-generation vehicle combines outstanding functionality with a beautiful appearance. A strong midsection and 22-inch wheels convey a powerful driving image, while the front A-pillars are pushed back to produce a cab-backward appearance.

A three-dimensional form consisting of seven sets of floating bars provides a smooth and frame-free framework for the spindle grille. It’s a design with a purpose: fine-tuning the thickness of each bar to the millimeter ensures not only a fresh appearance but also the high-level cooling performance needed by the twin-turbo engine.

The side radiator grilles are likewise designed to offer a high-level rectifying effect and feature wide apertures to guarantee cooling performance.

The L-shaped clearing lights (with daytime running lighting function) in the headlamps have developed into a three-dimensional form, with each inner lens having a distinct level to provide a feeling of depth and vary depending on the viewing angle.

A broad, horizontal torso runs the length of the profile, merging into the muscular rear wheel arches, giving the sides a strong feeling of unity and bulk. From the roof to the back window, the Lexus LX600’s quarter pillars are thin, and a chiseled flow from the bottom of the car flows up from the lower border of the rocker panels to behind the rear tires.

The new rear LEXUS emblem, as shown on the 2022 NX, represents the next generation of Lexus. Taillights with an L-shape and a continuous axial flow from the front to the shoulders and then to the rear profile have been chosen for the rear combo lighting.

The strong contrast of black and machined brilliance on new 22-inch forged aluminum wheels emphasizes their largest-ever sizing for Lexus. High-gloss paint creates a rich three-dimensional appearance for the Ultra Luxury grade, giving the tires and wheels a presence suitable for the LX’s size.

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